Types of Cloud Services We Offer

At Inventcolabs, our expertise in different types of cloud computing services is the foundation of our comprehensive range of cloud computing solutions.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Accelerate your journey to the cloud through the adoption, deployment, and integration of the right Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) to become an integral part of the cloud-first strategy of your business. As we connect your high-end enterprise applications, Inventcolabs facilitates improved data sharing. At the same time, we also empower your in-house team to automate core business processes.


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

In the modern era, the accelerated pace of industry seeks enterprise to be highly scalable, flexible, and agile. Inventcolabs supports partnering advanced PaaS solutions or designing, building, and managing PaaS platforms. We help in transforming your capability of developing software, making use of micro-service architecture, DevOps, BDD (Business-Driven Development), and agile development.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

We deliver the assistance of enterprise-grade, feature-rich platform for hosting and protecting your data. At Inventcolabs, our team of cloud computing experts also offers best uptime for your business with the help of a robust network. Whether it is a storage, server, OS, or network through secure IP connectivity, our IaaS services help clients in building robust infrastructure for your business.

Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing Services

Inventcolabs helps companies transform the IT environment with the help of the best-in-class Cloud Computing consulting services. Our team of cloud computing experts delivers reliable and effective cloud computing solutions offering your business a competitive edge. Our revolutionary cloud-based solutions allow organizations to reduce IT resource specifications while improving productivity and minimizing costs. We offer assistance to our clients with the help of on-demand cloud computing solutions, applications, and tools.

Data Security

Ensure higher levels of security as well as privacy as resources on the cloud do not get shared. With us, you can look forward to complying with stringent security guidelines as we execute protocols and configurations depending on workload specifications.

Better Mobility

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is improved mobility for connecting better with information and other people. Cloud technology enables people to access objective-critical software and data from anywhere.

Doing More with Less

Be assured of near-constant uptime and reliability with advanced infrastructure by the cloud computing consulting solutions provider. We offer protection against potential failure with a full spectrum of servers.

Flexible Costs

Leverage the cost-effectiveness of public cloud and private cloud security. With us, you can avoid trade-offs between flexibility and scalability along with top-notch IT management.

Cloud Computing Services


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Cloud Computing Services

Why Choose Inventcolabs for Cloud Computing Services?

As one of the leading players in the field of cloud computing, we deliver effective solutions for ample support and maintenance for helping our global clients with the help of cloud storage. From infrastructure designing to implementation, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS development, our comprehensive services cater to diverse specifications for our clients.

Technology Competence

We have vast technological ability and competence to deliver advanced cloud solutions. We have gained high-end expertise in the field with the help of in-depth experimentation and learning through research, application, and development of advanced cloud computing services.

Customer Satisfaction

Inventcolabs enables customers to experience consistent results and high performance from the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services. As such, we boost the overall adoption rates and operational productivity for our client businesses.

Dedicated Teams

With Inventcolabs, you can be convinced of the expertise of our cloud computing experts. We have a team of dedicated cloud computing specialists to deliver excellence through their specialized services.

Faster Delivery, Reduced Costs

Our team delivers the assurance of faster cloud computing solutions to help you achieve long-term results. We offer high-end cloud computing solutions in a highly cost-effective manner.

Quality of Code

With us, you can be assured of the overall quality of code with comprehensive google cloud computing solutions. Our developers have ample industry knowledge and several years of expertise to deliver optimized solutions.

Flexible Engagement Models

You can hire the best team of cloud computing experts through our flexible engagement models. Based on your project specifications, you can choose the right engagement model for your project.

Cloud Computing Services

Boost your business growth with our comprehensive cloud computing services. Leverage the benefits of this high-end technology to enrich your business values. We have a team of IT professionals having ample experience in operational management and IT infrastructure management to provide top-notch cloud computing consulting solutions.

Cloud App Development

Our cloud app development incorporates development of applications to run in the cloud. Our high-end applications also leverage cloud-based services and features by lucrative cloud vendors.

Cloud Configuration

We have certified cloud computing experts to set up cloud infrastructure for your business. We help in setting software as well as hardware elements of the cloud environment.

Cloud Integration

Our cloud integration services allow seamless flow of data and transactions between systems in high-end hybrid environments. We improve the capability of hybrid cloud-based ecosystems for top-notch business services.

Cloud Security

Our cloud security services include enterprise-grade security management and cloud consulting solutions to protect your hybrid multi-cloud and cloud environments. We accelerate resilience in the public cloud through expertise of our cloud security strategists.

Cloud Server Solutions

With our innovative cloud server services, you can look forward to scaling your website seamlessly with the help of just a few steps. We also help you improve website performance with a faster website loading speed.

IoT Cloud Platform

Rapidly accelerate applications that leverage advanced data & analytics with the help of IoT-enabled cloud platforms that we develop. Unveil meaningful insights from the global device network with the help of our intelligent IoT platforms.

IoT Maintenance Services

Our digitally-transformed services, powered by cloud and analytics, assist enterprises understand the full value of the IoT investments. We allow you to scale the device fleets while reducing the overall cost of operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud computing is the solution enabling technology that is highly convenient and offers on-demand network access to the large pool of shared and configurable computing resources and data. Our comprehensive cloud computing solutions include high-end services for databases, cloud storage, clouding software, software solutions, and networking.
Cloud computing helps in lowering the overall IT operational costs when you hire services from the experts. The managed components are usually more secure and reliable in comparison to the standard corporate data center. These benefits will free your IT teams for focusing on the work that benefits your business.
Public clouds will charge on the per-use basis. Therefore, the costs will vary significantly depending on different variables like the size of the environment, the region in which you operate, the service provider, the amount of data, and the services availed. The cloud can help in modernizing your enterprise and its IT department as you transition IT from the typical role to the core participant in the decision-making process.
Cloud architecture is the wide range of components with respect to software capabilities, databases, and applications. We engineer our cloud architecture services to harness the power of advanced cloud resources for solving business problems.

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