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Real Estate Mobile App Development Solutions

We build software solutions that help our clients to ease their property management issues and allow them to enjoy a thoroughly smooth and organized process. Add the required filters to ease the process of renting properties for both landlords and tenants. At Inventcolabs, we streamline real estate operations by creating a customized real estate app that not only strengthens the various vectors of growth for your business but also assists you in staying ahead of the competition.

Real Estate App

Our revolutionary real estate app development services prepare realtors for real estate's future. So, deliver your clients a smooth property management experience and a home search like no other. Our outstanding features are made to simplify your real estate transaction:

  • Secure Document Management
  • Advanced Property Search
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Virtual Property Tours
  • Real-time Notifications

Vacation Rental App

Have your own Airbnb-like app built from scratch! Inventcolabs helps you develop a bespoke app that perfectly encapsulates the core qualities of the Airbnb app. So, propel your business to new heights. With our service, your app will stand out, draw users, and transform how visitors book housing.

  • Secure Booking and Payments
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Real-time Messaging
  • Review and Rating System

Agent and Broker App

You must have our creative agent and broker app development services if you envision growing yourself in the real estate market! With our cutting-edge solutions, we are opening up a world of opportunities and streamlining your business processes with our innovative applications.

  • Robust Property Search
  • CRM Integration
  • Secure Data Handling
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • User-Friendly Interface
Why Choose Inventcolabs for Fitness App Development?

Online Property Booking Solutions

Inventcolabs specializes in providing online property booking solutions for your rental apartments, resorts, hotels, and bed & breakfasts. We use rich multimedia content to display your properties for your potential clients. Multiple payment channels are also integrated in your app for secure, no-hassle, cashless transactions.

  • Online payments
  • Quality images
  • Online bookings in real time
  • Multiple properties


Let us help you refine your Real Estate-related app idea and create a custom property finder solution that will allow you to stand out in today's competitive market.

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Real Estate App Development Services

Empower your real estate business with high-end technology, and scale with top-class real estate app development solutions. At Inventcolabs, we create some of the most innovative and functional real estate and housing app solutions to offer you an edge over competitors.

Real Estate App Development
Real Estate App Development
Property Management Application
Property Management Application
Online Property Booking Solutions
Online Property Booking Solutions
Real Estate Website Development
Real Estate Website Development
Lead Management Solutions
Lead Management Solutions
Property Web Development
Auction/Property Web Development
Property Listing Selection
Property Listing Selection
Real Estate Portal Development
Real Estate Portal Development
Real Estate App Development Services

Property Management System Feature Insights

Innovation and technology work together to benefit both users and administrators. Following this note, here are the advantages of the real estate app for the admin and the users.

Why Choose Inventcolabs for Real Estate App Development?

In the field of IT services, Inventcolabs continuously pushes the limits of what's possible in the business of real estate app development. Our 8+ years of industry presence and portfolio of more than 200 happy clients worldwide demonstrate that we have access to a large talent pool and the most qualified developers. Our devotion to aligning IT capabilities with your goals sets us apart from the competition. We provide everything from project management to full-stack development. So, choose Inventcolabs to embark on a revolutionary real estate technology journey.

Why Choose Inventcolabs for Fitness App Development

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Frequently asked questions

It is not possible to share the overall estimate of the cost of developing a real estate app. It can be only possible after having the complete understanding of the entire scope of the project. Therefore, we have put forth a detail of the estimation of MVP cost of real estate application development. The cost of developing a fully-fledged real estate app depends on several factors like features to be included, scope of the project, target audience you are catering to, and your specific requirements.
Some important features that real estate app developers should focus on include dashboard, user onboarding, currency converter, virtual tours, map integration, search & filter, messenger & forums, and apartment details.
There are some primary ways in which real estate app owners can consider earning money through the application. Here are some to know about;
  • Selling ad slots to property management companies
  • Premium service offering to real estate agents
  • Selling ad slots to mortgage lenders and same types of businesses
There are several benefits that are available with the process of real estate application development. One of the major ones is that you get to become a part of the rapidly rising market share. The market for real estate app development is increasingly becoming profitable. Additionally, the total number of users who are frequently using the applications are also increasing day by day. Along with bringing your business on the devices of potential leads, real estate applications are capable of making your agency open to queries while arranging property visits at the same time.
Real estate is an ever-rising industry. The major technological advancement in the industry has made it necessary for agents to ensure app development. Select the best real estate app development company like Inventcolabs to get desired outcomes. Communicate and share your project’s requirements with the company to provide your customers with the best-ever mobile app experience.
Presently, you can come across a myriad of real estate apps in the market. However, in the modern real estate industry, the ventures that truly stand out are Zillow and Trulia.
The process of real estate application development is gaining huge impetus in the modern era. As a matter of fact, a majority of millennials prefer searching for properties online. Therefore, you can invest in real estate app development to remain profitable in the ever-growing industry.

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