Real Estate App Development Services

Empower your real estate business with high-end technology, and scale with top-class real estate app development solutions. At Inventcolabs, we create some of the most innovative and functional real estate and housing app solutions to offer you an edge over competitors.

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Real Estate App Development Services

PMS System Feature Insights

Innovation and technology work together to benefit both users and administrators. Following this note, here are the advantages of the real estate app for the admin and the users.

Admin Panel

Real Estate User

Users of real estate are observed to be more precise and analytical when making capital-related decisions. In order to help you decide whether we are the right choice for your venture, here are some features that will surely sway you.

  • Authorized Sign In And Sign Up
  • Provide location-based filters
  • Currency Converter
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Invite And Earn
  • Notification Alert
  • Notification Modes for SMS And Mail
  • User-friendly interface
Store Manager

Real Estate Admin

It takes a lot of effort to be an admin. We understand your data management difficulty and provide the best solution to manage your records.

  • User Control Panel
  • Transaction and Currency Panel
  • Check Onboard Status
  • Insights Into Business Analyses
  • Management of coupons and offers
  • View Client History
  • Easy Data Analytics Portal
  • Feature for Analysing Profits
Real Estate and Housing App Innovative Features

Real Estate and Housing App Innovative Features

Inventcolabs has a team of dedicated real estate mobile app developers delivering actionable insights with the help of our apps with the help of tools and features to analyze user sentiments. Ensure a successful digital footprint for your real estate business with our customized range of real estate mobile app development solutions. We deliver a comprehensive range of solutions and features for real estate app development solutions.

Interest Rate Calculators

Our innovative apps calculate interest rates that are set by different banks. The interest is calculated on the total EMI amount taken in the form of loan from any bank.

Virtual Tours

The implementation of the latest technology allows users to ensure a virtual tour of the properties. With our cutting-edge app technologies, potential customers can get a feel of the overall property digitally.

Discussion Forums

Using our innovative app development solutions, users can offer respective opinions on discussion forums while voting on a particular property from the comfort of their homes.

GPS Integration

The users should get a proper idea of the location of the property. Therefore, we include this vital tool or feature in our apps to assist the customers throughout the journey.

Push Notifications

It is a leading marketing strategy that we include in our revolutionary real estate apps. It allows your users to be loyal while being updated about all that is happening in the app.

Currency Converters

With our revolutionary currency converter feature in real estate app development, users can easily analyze the exact amount for a real estate transaction. This allows them to plan ahead.

Property Estimate

Inventcolabs delivers reliable real estate web portal development solutions that allow potential property owners to estimate the prices of different properties in advance.

Advanced Search Criteria

The specific details and filters that we use on the listed properties in the real estate app help in making the entire customer experience worthwhile. With advanced search capabilities, our app truly serves its purpose.

Global Buyers Access

Through our cutting-edge real estate app development services, we allow you to connect with agents and clients from any part of the world. The connection with international clients widens the overall exposure while boosting your portfolio.

Real Estate Mobile App Solutions

  • Customize Real Estate App

    We streamline real estate operations by creating a customized real estate app that not only strengthens the various vectors of growth for your business but also assists you in staying ahead of the competition.

  • Online Property Booking Solutions

    Save tons of time by coordinating bookings using phone calls and emails with a highly efficient appointment software. Discover the real power of online bookings with a top-class business management system and automated payments.

  • Rental Property Management Software

    We build software solutions that help our clients to ease their property management issues and allow them to enjoy a thoroughly smooth and organized process. Add the required filters to ease the process of renting properties for both landlords and tenants.

  • 24X7 Support

    Our round the clock prompt support always ensures clients can get answers to their queries as soon as possible. We are always available through live chat, chatbots, a knowledge base, and messaging service.

  • Real Estate CRM/ERP

    We build enterprise systems that streamline the real estate processes by developing CRM or ERP software. It primarily helps eliminating issues related to budgeting, project planning, and execution while booking or renting a property.

  • Real Estate Lead Management

    We believe in providing real estate lead management allowing real estate professionals, property builders, and businesses to enjoy higher sales and marketing authority. It gives access to performance reports, campaign tracking, and many more.

  • Property Management Software

    We understand the value of property management software in attracting, screening, and managing tenants. Also, it assists in responding for maintenance requests and tracking expenses and revenue.

  • Tenant Management Software

    We help real estate businesses attain a higher level of process endurance through tenant management software through integrated and secure documentation. These software solutions ensure most effective and failsafe storage for each tenant and property owner.

  • Auction Portals

    An auction portal is an incredible choice for assisting buyers and sellers in finding items of their requirement and fulfilling needs for various categories. Having such a platform makes the bid searching process convenient for customers.

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Frequently asked questions

It is not possible to share the overall estimate of the cost of developing a real estate app. It can be only possible after having the complete understanding of the entire scope of the project. Therefore, we have put forth a detail of the estimation of MVP cost of real estate application development. The cost of developing a fully-fledged real estate app depends on several factors like features to be included, scope of the project, target audience you are catering to, and your specific requirements.
Some important features that real estate app developers should focus on include dashboard, user onboarding, currency converter, virtual tours, map integration, search & filter, messenger & forums, and apartment details.
There are some primary ways in which real estate app owners can consider earning money through the application. Here are some to know about;
  • Selling ad slots to property management companies
  • Premium service offering to real estate agents
  • Selling ad slots to mortgage lenders and same types of businesses
There are several benefits that are available with the process of real estate application development. One of the major ones is that you get to become a part of the rapidly rising market share. The market for real estate app development is increasingly becoming profitable. Additionally, the total number of users who are frequently using the applications are also increasing day by day. Along with bringing your business on the devices of potential leads, real estate applications are capable of making your agency open to queries while arranging property visits at the same time.
Real estate is an ever-rising industry. The major technological advancement in the industry has made it necessary for agents to ensure app development. Select the best real estate app development company like Inventcolabs to get desired outcomes. Communicate and share your project’s requirements with the company to provide your customers with the best-ever mobile app experience.
Presently, you can come across a myriad of real estate apps in the market. However, in the modern real estate industry, the ventures that truly stand out are Zillow and Trulia.
The process of real estate application development is gaining huge impetus in the modern era. As a matter of fact, a majority of millennials prefer searching for properties online. Therefore, you can invest in real estate app development to remain profitable in the ever-growing industry.

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