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Our fantasy app development services by an efficient team of developers will provide you with trend-facing fantasy app development solutions to help your business create top fantasy sports apps targeting your audiences. Being a well-recognized fantasy sports app development company with experience in building applications, we will provide you with the best fantasy Sports app development services to assist you in building the finest fantasy sports apps.

Our Fantasy Sports Development Services

The fantasy sports mobile app developers have created several engaging sports fantasy apps.

Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy Cricket App Development

As a fantasy sports app and website development company, we can help you create fantasy cricket apps that will allow cricket fans to have an engrossing experience with playing fantasy cricket on their smartphones. Users can select the players, teams, and options to play along in a real-life match. Our fantasy Sports app programmers are known to create the best fantasy cricket applications with most immersive functionality and trending features. With these applications users can dynamically engage and earn money based on their real-time bets.

Fantasy Soccer App Development

Our company develops fantasy soccer applications that enable enthusiasts to engage in fantasy games, choosing players according to their own analyses and preferences. We are a fantasy sports web app development company that provides fantasy Sports Mobile App development services for various sports categories. The users can register themselves and create soccer teams and make predictions. Our fantasy sports app services are designed to allow users to earn rewards against real-time play. One of the primary things we keep in mind while designing these applications for you is their user-friendliness.

Fantasy Soccer App Development
Fantasy NBA App Development

Fantasy NBA App Development

The NBA Fantasy app we would create can attract many basketball fans to make fantasy sports teams. We will provide a fantasy sports platform where the users can make fantasy NBA teams and participate in different types of leagues. We design these apps with features like reviewing player performance, creating teams, track live match scores, earning points, and winning money. This may include weekly contests and gamification features for NBA tournaments to make the platform more engaging.

Fantasy Tennis App Development

The fantasy tennis app that our developers create can attract huge participation from tennis fans who wish to place bets on the various playing formats with an application on their mobile phones. The fantasy applications we create for tennis allow users to make predictions picking up from speculative odds. If the users are successful in making predictions, then they get different rewards and cash prizes. You can also come up with your unique idea of fantasy sports app solutions to augment the gamification and engagement format of the game.

Fantasy Tennis App Development
Fantasy Football App Development

Fantasy Football App Development

Our fantasy football app is for regular international football leagues in which the fans can create their fantasy teams. As a trend-leading fantasy sports app development company we can help you develop football fantasy applications that have the most advanced features and offer engrossing gaming experiences. With us, you can build a platform that the users will use to create a varied combination of teams and play across various gaming formats. With Inventcolabs, you can expect the most empowering fantasy football app development solution for your unique sports application idea!

Key Features of Fantasy Sports App Development By Inventcolabs

As a top-rated fantasy app development company, we build extensive platforms to deliver great user experiences.

User Panel

User Features

Each time we develop an app, we ensure that it is easy to use. Through our fantasy sports mobile app development solutions, we ensure that the best features are added to your application and that it is also easier to play around and navigate.

  • Registration/Sign Up

    Users can register or sign up to be able to get a personalized experience. Our fantasy sports app developers provide an easy onboarding and go-along experience.

  • Live Scores and Updates

    Users can use the application to get live scores on their favorite games besides making fantasy teams and predictions. This feature proves to be extremely helpful for those who will stay updated about the game.

  • Selection of Team

    While making a fantasy team, users can select their favorite players playing a particular match. The selection process is easy, and we make fantasy sports platforms that are very effective.

  • Achievement Badges

    If users regularly select a player performing well and win the fantasy league regularly, they will receive achievement badges. This adds to their excitement and hence helps keep them engaged in the game for long.

  • Push Notifications

    If users allow notifications on the application, they will get regular updates regarding the fantasy leagues. Furthermore, they can also choose to display the scores of the game they want to see.

  • Analytics and Stats

    The app has a feature where they can view your performance. Users can also check the players' performance before choosing them and who might be a perfect choice for them in a given scenario.

Admin Panel

Admin Features

The apps we design also encompass administrative functionalities for platform management, allowing users to oversee permissions, as well as customize the application to align with their specific needs.

  • Sign-up/Login

    The admin controlling the application can also sign up or log in with the credentials we will provide and use the application effectively to track necessary updates and application details.

  • Player Stats

    The admins can also track the players' statistics in the application and see which player is more effective in the fantasy leagues. They can access all the information on the app.

  • Reward Management

    The admin can easily manage the rewards the application users are supposed to earn and receive. The admin can determine the scores and weights of rewards.

  • Notification

    The notification management feature will also be available in the admin account. Which notification has to be displayed to which user is entirely in the hands of the admin.

  • Analytics Report

    The admin can assess user reports and individual performance within the application. This includes evaluating performance across various Fantasy leagues and utilizing the data for insights.

Why Choose Inventcolabs for Fantasy Sports App and Software Development?

We are a well-known fantasy sports app development company and are extensively experienced in building fantasy sports mobile apps as per the requirements and preferences of our clients. We have a proven track record of creating high-end applications and are able to deliver it with fast turnaround time with a high-performing team of fantasy sports web app developers on board.

Here are the top reasons why you must choose Inventcolabs for all your app and software development needs:

Quality Assurance

Talented Workforce

The team of fantasy Sports app programmers at Inventcolabs is highly efficient and talented. They are devoted to learning new technology and creating high-quality applications of great impact. Moreover, most of our developers have on average five years of experience doing their job.



We provide fantasy sports web app development services at a practicable rate and we offer many budget-friendly engagement options for you to choose from. We help increase the performing efficiency of your applications and strive hard to fulfill your requirements at a reasonable price.

Reliable Fulfillment

Reliable Fulfillment

Clients across various industries have relied on Inventcolabs for years for providing them with the best services when it comes to development. Moreover, we are extremely punctual, hence you can rest assured that your project will be delivered as per the decided deadline.

Help & Sustainment

Help and Sustainability

We are a sustainable company and will help you in all situations by providing smooth facilities, regular upgrades, and convenient payment methods. We give effective value to our customers best sufficing their needs.

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Frequently asked questions

At Inventcolabs, we­ specialize in providing our customers with e­xceptional fantasy sports apps and website de­velopment service­s. Our goal is to assist them in creating a successful application as they have envisioned. Our compre­hensive range of se­rvices includes product consultation, application development, application integrations, as well as the­ ongoing maintenance and enhance­ment of solutions.
The cost to develop a fantasy sports app may range anywhere from USD 25,000 to USD 80,000 spending on the size and complexity of the application. You can reach out to our business analysis team to get a custom quote for your application idea.
The global fantasy sports market was valued at 24 billion US dollars in 2021. It is also predicted that the value of the fantasy sports market will increase to 78.5 billion US dollars within 2030, and there will be a 14% forecast growth in this decade.
There are a massive number of active users of fantasy sports applications already. With time more people are getting attracted to fantasy sports. Investing in a fantasy sports business will be very profitable as it opens avenues to a growing base of revenue.
Fantasy sports involve both luck and skill. It would be wrong to say that fantasy sports involve a lot of involvement of skills and do not follow any luck. Selecting the best players for a Fantasy league will be skillful, but their performance depends a bit on your luck.
As a fantasy sports app development company, we provide our clients with end-to-end fantasy sports web app development solutions that will help you forge your way through the growing fantasy sports market. It will ensure you an effective business format to help you build a sustainable revenue base.
Yes, you can get help with a fantasy sports app and website development company like Inventcolabs to get help with integrating leading payment processing systems and gateways, to facilitate payments within the application. We offer services of diverse payment getaways and provide flexible payment to credit cards, mobile wallets, UPI, and more.

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