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In the modern era, e-wallet applications have been successful in changing the overall scenario of cash transfers and transactions while benefitting a number of businesses on the go. At Inventcolabs, we offer a comprehensive range of fully-protected and feature-rich e-Wallet app development services for iOS, Android, and wearable devices.

We, at Inventcolabs, have enabled entrepreneurs and institutions of the world get access to high-end digital wallets leading the respective niche markets. We are a leading mobile app development company owing to our attention to detail, immense expertise in the industry, and technical skills.

Our research teams and experts are working continuously to observe and monitor the real-world experience of e-wallets in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C environments. Our high-end e-Wallet development services help in deriving essential data to help us improve the entire experience of sending and receiving online payments through integrated or individual e-wallet applications.

Comprehensive e-Wallet App Development Services

We deliver access to on-demand and customized e-Wallet app solutions that are functional with the latest industry trends. We strive to make use of the best technologies and tools in the existing marketplace.

  • Mobile Wallet Application Development
    Mobile Wallet Application Development

    We design custom-made mobile wallet solutions with high-end features ease of managing debit & credit cards, handling multiple cryptocurrencies, prepaid gift cards, and offering direct access to banks. Our team of skilled developers comes up with dedicated mobile wallet app services for facilitating payments near NFC (Near Field Communication), MST (Magnetic Secure Transmissions), and QR (Quick Response).

  • Custom Mobile Wallet Programming
    Custom Mobile Wallet Programming

    Our team of e-wallet app development specialists is capable of developing and integrating mobile wallet applications with top-class features for receipt archiving and generation, loyalty card tracking, reward points, and management of digital ID. Our advanced security features include fingerprint scanning and protect from fraud transaction.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    At Inventcolabs, we develop Bitcoin (along with other cryptocurrency) wallet apps for purchasing, trading, and liquidating. We also design bespoke hardware wallets for the storage of cryptocurrencies offline. Some of the features for our cryptocurrency apps include private and public key management, mapping apps, and exchange platform access.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
    Mobile Wallets for Merchants

    Our custom-designed, business-centric mobile wallet solutions are professionally programmed for ensuring consistency between mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Our team integrates high-end features like time-tracking for contractors and freelancers, invoice generation, and cost-splitting allowance.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
    Mobile Wallet Integration Services

    Our experienced team makes use of open-source APIs to deliver mobile wallet solutions to websites and apps. Our third-party mobile-based wallet integrations span Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, and Samsung Pay. We help with the integration of interactive digital wallets with third-party POS software solutions.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
    Cross-platform Mobile Wallet Services

    We help in the creation of native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform apps with superior UI/UX designs. Our mobile wallet app development solutions feature messaging functionality, social media management, multi-card management, and push notifications for NFC transactions without any tap.


Let Us Help You Refine Your E-Wallet-Related App Idea And Create A Custom E-Wallet app Solution That Will Allow You To Stand Out In Today's Competitive Market.

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How Does A E-Wallet App Work?

At Inventcolabs, we offer the assurance of unmatched security with advanced e-Wallet mobile application design. We are committed to developing solutions that are highly customized and secure. To ensure the same, we make use of the latest tools and technologies to cater to businesses of all sizes and scales.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite

Upon the development of a feature-rich e-wallet app, we make use of comprehensive Burp Suite to ensure seamless security checks. The mobile-based wallet applications that we design have passed the professional testing levels of the Burp Suite.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

We offer in-depth vulnerability management solutions to keep the application secure throughout. Business owners can know about potential vulnerabilities with the e-Wallet app and resolve the same beforehand.

SOAP or REST Protocols

SOAP or REST Protocols

Our experienced app developers ensure that all applications that we design are compliant with the SOAP or REST protocols. This delivers the assurance of improved speed and security.


Information Security Management System (ISMS)

For improved security and confidentiality of the e-Wallet apps that we design, our industry-leading e-Wallet app development company makes use of ISMS for all applications. We deliver top-notch security for your applications.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

All e-Wallet applications that we build leverage penetration testing mechanisms to prevent payment tampering. Penetration testing also helps in minimizing security breaches.

AML (Anti-money Laundering)

AML (Anti-money Laundering)

We can help users and business owners identify suspicious activities with respect to app usage or transactions to help them restrain money laundering activities.

Application Security

Application Security

We strive to maximize the overall customer experience with every app that we design and build. Therefore, we make use of the latest technology and tools to make the apps foolproof.

Application Security

Third party integration

Seamlessly integrate third-party services into your E-Wallet app for enhanced functionality. Streamline transactions and provide a comprehensive user experience effortlessly.

Application Security

Data security

E-Wallet App Development with robust data security measures imbedding encrypted transactions, secure user profiles, and fraud prevention features.

Dynamic Panel for E-wallet Mobile App

e-Wallet App Development Core Features

There are specific core features of a digital wallet application. The development of e-wallets for mobile requires the implementation of specialized features that would set your application apart from the existing ones.

Registration & Login Screen of ewallet app

Registration & Login

Ease of sign-up procedure and instant sign-in through fingerprint, social media, and even retina scan can help in saving the time of the end users and providing them with a flawless experience. Best e-Wallet apps link the debit and credit cards of users with the application to ensure the management of bank accounts and multiple cards in a single application.

Easy & Quick Online Payments

The vital feature allows users to ensure quick and easy online payments. The e-Wallet app that we design features an interactive and user-friendly dashboard that enables users to transfer payments without any hassle. The interactive dashboard of the application ensures payments without the involvement of any third-party.

Easy & Quick Online Payments screen of ewallet app
Wallet To Bank Transfer & Online Payments screen of ewallet app

Wallet to Bank Transfer

The wallet to bank option of the e-wallet application that we design enables users to transfer money from the app account to either their own or to any other any bank account. The wallet to bank transfer option allows users to transfer money with the help of debit card as well.

Online Payments

The main objective of e-wallet applications is providing users with time-saving. It is one of the easiest methods to secure multi-platform payments. Therefore, it is a must-have feature. The feature also enables users to select the preferred method authenticating transaction -entering features like retina scanning, fingerprint, and PIN.

Transaction History

It is a must-have feature to allow users to check all the previous transactions while observing details as the amount value of the transaction, the data of the sender or recipient, data of payments, and so more. It enables users to effectively track as well as manage the overall personal expenses.

Checking Wallet Balance

The e-wallet application that we create can help in displaying wallet balance in real time. We also display the bank account balance within the application. It is easier to check the wallet balance seamlessly as the entire dashboard is highly organized and full of advanced features.

Transaction History & Checking Wallet Balance Screen of ewallet app
Invite & Earn & QR Code Screen of Ewallet App

Invite & Earn

E-wallet applications can be used to invite others and earn offers and rewards for the same. Therefore, e-wallet applications can also be great for monetary benefits. The invite and earn capability of the e-wallet applications ensure seamless transactions and improved traffic throughout the platform.

QR Code

It is now possible to send as well as receive money through the QR code feature of the e-wallet app. Sending money is possible by entering the phone number of the recipient or scanning the QR Code of the app account of the recipients. Receiving money is also possible with the same options.

Features for Admin Panel in e-Wallet App Development

As a leading e-Wallet mobile app development company, Inventcolabs focuses on the development of a dedicated admin panel with proper rights to deliver the overall ease of use while keeping the app secure and spam-free. Our team of e-wallet app experts caters to the specific business needs for designing and developing seamless e-Wallet applications.

Intuitive Interface

We personalize the entire admin dashboard to offer the administrator an customized interface of the entire online payment and transaction activities that businesses need to take up in routine.

Intuitive Interface
New Offers

With this feature, admin can introduce new offers to the respective application users. It is also possible to notify users about upcoming offers with the help of SMS and push notification.

Intuitive Interface
User management

The admin can go through the list of available users that are currently using the application. Admin can also impose restrictions on the users from specific services or features.

Intuitive Interface
Reporting & Analytics

To ensure seamless reporting that the admin is capable of interpreting easily, the admin panel of the e-wallet application delivers access to advanced reporting & analytics feature.

Intuitive Interface
Static page management funds

It is possible for the admin to manage pages -including terms & conditions, privacy policy, and About Us seamlessly. It is a core feature of the e-wallet application for iOS and Android.

Intuitive Interface
Merchant Management

The system admin is capable of introducing new services and merchants. The panel enables the admin to integrate specialized offers to the dedicated merchant services.

Intuitive Interface
Tracking Payments

To make sure that the payments are transferred successfully, admins can observe the transactions and get comprehensive updates and reports of the activities to effectively track everything around payments.

Intuitive Interface
Live Support

The admin panel of the e-Wallet app is also available with an instant support system. Here, the admin can monitor as well as answer requests, attend user queries, and resolve complaints.

Advanced Features of e-Wallet App Development

The professional team at Inventcolabs is extremely skilled and talented to come up with customized e-Wallet app development solutions possessing advanced features to enhance the entire user experience.

e-Wallet App Features
User-friendly Interface
User-friendly Interface

The e-wallet applications that we design are user-friendly and interactive to enhance user experiences. Users can leverage the availability of high-end features to ensure seamless payments.

Smooth Payments
Smooth Payments

The presence of top-end features in the e-Wallet application delivers the ease of payments with just a few clicks. Both senders and recipient of payments can avail smooth payments to expect greater results.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The mobile or web application that we design for e-wallets are immensely simpler to use and integrate. Users can come across a host of features to make transactions simpler and hassle-free all across the line of action.

Secure Transactions
Secure Transactions

With our e-wallet mobile app, you can be assured of the security of transactions. We embed high-end security features to ensure that the transactions are carried out in a protected and fraud-free manner.

Effective Time Management
Effective Time Management

With Inventcolabs, you can look forward to saving time while transferring money online with the help of the interactive mobile applications. Advanced application features delivers seamless time management to both businesses and users.

QR Code
QR Code

Users can leverage the revolutionary feature of QR code to send or receive payments. Our e-Wallet mobile apps are available with a dedicated QR code to enhance the usability and ease of transferring money online.

Digital Receipt
Digital Receipt

As a sender, you can receive a proper digital receipt of the given transaction. You can use our interactive e-Wallet mobile application to access a detailed report and receipt of the payments made.

Transaction History
Transaction History

Users can go through the list of previous transactions made with the help of the e-Wallet app. In the history section, users can know about the date of payments, the transaction amount, and recipient’s details.

Rewards & Points
Rewards & Points

Upon executing a transaction successfully, the e-Wallet application may offer lucrative discounts and points for the users. With this, users get a gamified experience of sending money with the app.

How does a e-Wallet App Work?

As one of the pioneering e-Wallet app development companies, Inventcolabs follows a well-organized and planned development process for e-Wallet solutions. We follow a thorough process of e-wallet application development to enhance user experiences and deliver performance breakthroughs.

  • User Registration

    The users of the app can register themselves by entering basic information like name, email address, contact number, and social media details.

  • Adding Money

    Users can start using the e-Wallet application by adding money to the wallet to ensure the ease of transactions.

  • Transferring Funds

    After adding money to the wallet, you can send money, receive money, transfer it to the account, or send money to someone else.

  • Adding Bank Account

    You can also add your bank account to the e-Wallet app. The account can then be used to receive or transfer funds.

  • Checking Balance

    Our e-Wallet mobile app also allows you to go through the detailed balance and history of transactions made using the app.

  • Mobile Recharge

    Using the app, you can also perform additional activities like recharging the mobile number, paying bills, and DTH recharge.


e-Wallet App Development Cost Estimation

Analyze the exact cost of developing the e-Wallet application depends on many aspects and scenarios combined. There are several factors involved in estimating the cost of a e-Wallet app development project.

Technology Stack

It is the set of technologies utilized in the development process. Different technology stacks will depict different development costs.

UI/UX Components

There is no denying the importance of UI/UX for any mobile application. The more complex design your app will feature, the more it will cost for development.

App Platform

Whether you opt for iOS app development or Android app development, or even hybrid mobile app development, costs will vary depending on your selection.

Inclusion of Features

Features can either make or break an application. The more complicated and advanced features you will include, the more expensive the development process will be.


Large-sized mobile applications will require more storage. The amount of storage needed for your app also affects the overall costs.

Service Type

There are various types of applications depending on the services they provide. Depending on your choice, the development costs can vary.

App testing

Some of the tools and technologies used for app testing can be expensive. Therefore, the testing process also affects the development costs.

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What Makes Your e-Wallet Successful?

Secure Payments

As an e-Wallet application, it is expected to ensure security of transactions. The transactions on the app should be seamless and protected for both the business and users. We design highly secure e-Wallet apps.

Ease of Use

Users get confused with a myriad of features on a e-Wallet app. Therefore, it is imperative to design an application that is easy to use and integrate. Our developers pay attention to the overall ease of use of e-Wallet applications.

Superior UI/UX

The UI/UX features of any application can either make or break its success. Therefore, we pay attention to high-end UI/UX design of e-Wallet applications to enhance user experiences.

User Engagement

With our e-wallet mobile app, you can be assured of the security of transactions. We embed high-end security features to ensure that the transactions are carried out in a protected and fraud-free manner.

High Discoverability

Mobile application development is just the beginning of the process. It is equally important to make the application easily discoverable for the app users. At Inventcolabs, our developers come up with solutions that are fully optimized.

Want to Create an e-Wallet app for Your Business?

Our e-Wallet App Development Process

Analysis and planning

We perform in-depth analysis and planning of the e-Wallet app development project to deliver great results.

UI/UX design

Our experienced UI/UX designers create interactive and engaging front-end design for the mobile application.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced e-Wallet mobile app developers implements the right strategies and coding to develop the app.


We also perform in-depth QA and testing of the mobile app that we develop to make it bug-free.

Maintenance & Support

We also offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for the apps that we design.

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What technology stack we use for e-Wallet app development?

At Inventcolabs, we are committed to designing the topmost standard of e-Wallet mobile applications that deliver superior functional traits and utility value. To ensure the same, our developers make use of the latest technologies and tools that have the most authoritative and cohesive value to deliver.

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Why Choose Inventcolabs for e-Wallet Mobile App Development?

We, at Inventcolabs, offer access to a fully customized and scalable e-Wallet mobile application to streamline financial operations. With the help of the latest technology stack, we help in the development of feature-rich, reliable, and secure digital wallet solutions at the best available rates.

Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface

Our team is committed to creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface to deliver top-level user experiences.

Intuitive Interface
Hassle-free Payments

Our interactive application delivers the ease of payments. Our feature-rich mobile application streamlines financial operations on the go.

Intuitive Interface

Through our mobile app development solutions, we deliver maximum transparency in the code of work and pricing.

Intuitive Interface
Secure Transactions

With the help of our interactive and feature-rich mobile applications, users can execute secure transactions in a hassle-free manner.

Intuitive Interface
Effective Time management

Our team delivers immense expertise in designing intuitive apps that help in saving time and efforts.

Intuitive Interface
NDA Guaranteed

When we start project, we always sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to avoid any miscommunication later on.

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Frequently asked questions

e-Wallets make payments and transfers easy. Whether it is B2B or B2C or C2B or P2P transactions, e-Wallets ensure quick processing. So, if you are in the retail, logistics, transport, telecommunication, or financial services industry, e-Wallets can be highly beneficial.
Yes, Our digital wallet app development company can efficiently build e-Wallets that can run on the web and mobiles as well. This improves customer convenience and engages more customers.
Yes, We, at Inventcolabs, can develop cross-platform e-Wallets that are compatible with different mobile platforms. This can cut development expenses which can increase if you want dedicated apps for all mobile platforms.
The cost of developing an e-Wallet varies depending on your requirements, the complexity of the project, advanced features necessary, and more. App development experts at a process-oriented mobile wallet app development company like Inventcolabs will give you an estimate after discussing the details and doing a thorough time and scope analysis of the project.
We take security very seriously. And follow app security measures and apply data safeguarding protocols at all levels. That’s why we rigorously check all our apps for flaws and loopholes. All apps that we build are tested under stringent rules to make sure they are fail-safe.

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