Influencer Marketing App Features

We have created plenty of influencer marketing apps to assist brands in doing justice to their potential. While influencers get access to an incredible gateway for selecting projects of their choice, brands enjoy enhanced visibility through these solutions.

Influencer Marketing App Features
Profile Management
Influencer Search Engine

There should be an interactive search option using which brands can find the desired influencers. On the other hand, influencers should be able to use the app to connect with brands.

Media Uploading & Sharing
Communication Management

Our influential marketing software is created in such a way that communication gets streamlined all the time. The solutions are developed with proper filters and details to make things easier for both parties.

Real-Time chat
Audience Analysis

Influencer marketing software created by our team will bring great value to the targeted audience after proper analysis. There are insightful graphics, videos, and posts shared by influencers for analyzing the audience.

Photo/Video editing
Campaign Content Management

Hire top influencer marketing mobile app developers to measure the impact of a campaign. We have tools for helping brands in assessing the ROI of influencer campaigns.

Online polling
Performance Analytics and Reporting

We have highly professional influencer marketing app developers with desired tools for tracking performance and reporting the low areas. It helps the brands to find whether their marketing campaign is a success or not.

Instant Messaging
Influencer Compensation

An influencer compensation structure gives any marketer top results and that’s why, stays an important part of our strategy. At Inventcolabs, you will get an influencer marketing app development solution that allows us to set the compensation according to various factors, ranging from followers to performance and campaign length.

Community building
Impress with Strong Portfolio

An impressive and impactful portfolio is an important part of our strategy while building an influencer marketing platform. Brands can conveniently find influencers and know what kind of verticals they cover.

Content management
Well Defined Filters & Content Approval and Posting

We understand the concerns of both brands & influencers by adding filters and analytics for a perfect collaboration. Furthermore, we always create influential marketing software with content that can be approved more quickly.

Reporting and analytics
Track Campaigns

At Inventcolabs, our professionals create a system for tracking ongoing campaigns to access previous records and information to ensure solutions' reliability.

Influencer Marketing App Development with Inventcolabs

Let’s check a few samples to know what we can do for our clients

Flutter App Development

Famous Influencers and Brands

Check out the famous influencers and companies in the vertical for assisting in selecting & following the right one.

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Flutter App Development

Engagement Reports

Proper reports about the followers and engagement level use various filters on the content.

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Flutter App Development

Famous Influencers

Identify your industry's top influencers and know what kind of posts they make and who follows them.

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Flutter App Development

Companies Profile

Look into companies' detailed profiles and learn who they represent and their running campaigns.

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Flutter App Development

Influencer Profile

Access complete information about the influencers that only not include influencers, but also their followed brands.

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Flutter App Development

Sponsors Profile

Learn about top companies and get essential information about their brand ambassadors, campaigns, and products.

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Let Us Help You Refine Your Influencer Marketing-Related App Idea And Create A Custom Influencer Marketing App Solution That Will Allow You To Stand Out In Today's Competitive Market.

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How Influencer Marketing Platform Changes the Way World Advertise?

Let’s know how influencers have created a strong impact on the world through the advertisement below:

Generating Greater ROI for brands

Generating Greater ROI for brands

Influential marketing tools are exceptional choices for giving a boost to ROI and making sales better. The brands can even feel an increase in engagement level and adequately track performance.

Marketing that Goes Beyond Boundaries

Marketing that Goes Beyond Boundaries

The use of influencer marketing app solutions unlocks the real potential for an influencer marketing agency by providing efficient methods to connect the audience with potential customers.

Create Leads for Better Engagement

Create Leads for Better Engagement

As a professional influencer marketing app development company, we know how to create an influencer platform that offers quality leads for better consumer engagement. They benefit the brand to a pretty greater extent.

Wonderful Long-Term Effects on the Business

Wonderful Long-Term Effects on the Business

A long-term relationship with an influential marketing solution can create a seamless brand experience in the long run. Additionally, it can be greatly beneficial for building customer loyalty.

Bring Authenticity to Brand Message

Bring Authenticity to Brand Message

No matter the company's slogan, an influencer marketing solution can help brands recover from digital ad fatigue and bring authenticity to them building effective influencer program mechanisms. It has become a new-age marketing tool for letting brands recognize the power of social media.

Influencer Marketing App Solution

As an influencer marketing app development company, we believe in creating tools and providing solutions to fulfill the core requirements of both influencers and brands. A proficient team of agency experts work in tandem with allied resources to build solutions that best respond to the trends and ideas in the domain to deliver time-relevant solutions.

Waiter Panel

User Panel (Businesses and Influencers)

  • Sign in/ up
  • Editing & Updating Profiles
  • Running Campaigns
  • Previous Campaigns
  • Push Notifications
  • Sharing Profile
Kitchen Dashboard

Admin Panel (Dashboard)

  • Activating Campaigns with brief information
  • Campaign Management
  • Influencer Verification
  • Authenticating Companies
  • Bookkeeping

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, authentic marketing software suggests the right influencers to the brands while it assists influencers in getting the same. Our solutions are equipped with advanced AI technology embedded with online influencer marketing features, allowing the application to serve users with great efficiency and convenience.
No, it isn’t always the case as campaign costs according to influencers' reach, quality, and goals. It also fluctuates according to the performing niche, number of followers, and engagement rate.
A professional influencer marketing platform always targets key channels like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
A quality influencer marketing app can cost anywhere between US$ 25,000 & US$ 40,000, depending on the features, integrations, and technology used.

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