Innovative Healthcare Solutions for the New-Age Health Operatives

We enable fast-paced adoption of the healthcare system with robust digital advancements. From reduced operational costs to clinic management to a highly effective patient treatment solution, We are a pioneering healthcare mobile app development company delivering optimum results. With top-class healthcare software development services, we scale telemedicine for supporting healthcare infrastructure amidst the pandemic.

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Innovative Healthcare Solutions for the New-Age Health Operatives
Important Considerations for Optimized Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Important Considerations for Optimized Mobile Healthcare Solutions

At Inventcolabs, our team of medical app developers is capable of building innovative and advanced digital solutions for connecting with patients safely and conveniently. With immense expertise in the modern healthcare industry, we have the unique capability to ensure a fluid shift in your healthcare strategy through mHealth app development solutions.

Robust strategy development

We understand the importance of a well-strategized mHealth app development architecture in making mobile healthcare solutions secure. Our healthcare mobility solutions are a sign of how important your goals are for our teams.

Compliance with Health Standards & Regulations

Our team of healthcare software developers builds robust HIPAA-compliant mobile healthcare solutions with advanced features including EHR syncing, wearable connectivity, eConsultation, IoT-enabled activity tracking, and secure payments.

Idea Validation and Implementation

Our team of healthcare experts ensures successful technology implementation -right from idea conceptualization to validation, app development, healthcare CRM, cloud migration, legacy system modernization, process automation, and on demand app development services.

Confidential and Security

Through our innovative healthcare mobility solutions, we make sure that the mobile apps we design are secure and HIPAA-compliant. This ensured that our apps deliver utmost confidentiality and security. We maximize security of the confidential information of patients through our dedicated solutions.

Secure and Seamless Connection

Our revolutionary mHealth app development solutions ensure seamless and secure connections of patients with healthcare experts as per the needs of the industry. With this assurance, our healthcare experts deliver maximum functionality to the mHealth app.

API Integration

Using advanced APIs like Apple Healthkit and Google Health Cloud API, we deliver maximum control back to the patients with our advanced healthcare app development services. Our mHealth app solutions focus on delivering patients comprehensive access to bills and health-related information.

Software Integration

We design feature-rich mobile prescription apps for storing patient’s information like prescription data, biometrics, medical history, and allergies. Our perceptively designed apps help in the simplification of prescription management while lowering medication errors.

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Hire Medical Software Developers for Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

Implement digitalization into your company’s system by hiring medical software developers from Inventcolabs Software. We offer the finest resource hiring and engagement options to help you build the most advanced healthcare solutions meeting your budget and timeline requirements.

Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine Software Development

Our telemedicine software development services allow healthcare providers to offer remote consultations and patient monitoring. It not only improves care accessibility but also automates the entire care management system.

MHealth Solutions

Our professionals know how important it is to integrate MHealth solutions into a healthcare platform. It allows providers to develop lasting rapport with their patients and let them reach doctors quickly to solve any queries.

MHealth Solutions
Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

We focus on improving patient interactions by delivering personalized experiences using various patient engagement solutions. Inventcolabs customizes digital experiences for each patient to improve outcomes.

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

Our team creates efficient EMR software with PMS and HIE functionalities for effectively managing the communication gap. Our team is all-equipped to build interoperable EHR software for managing a range of tasks, like electronic documents, patient profiles, clinical dashboards, etc.

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions
E-Prescription (ERx) Software

E-Prescription (ERx) Software

Hire experienced professionals to build an E-prescription software that eliminates medication errors and streamlines the entire prescribing process across the ends. In addition to that, healthcare professionals can enjoy valuable insights into drug interactions to improve patient outcomes.

IoT/IoMT/IoHT Software Development

Our team has always used the opportunity to partner with healthcare providers and medical practitioners to develop IoT-enabled solutions that optimize complete operational process and enhance patients’ experiences.

IoT/IoMT/IoHT Software Development
Doctor Appointment Booking Systems

Doctor Appointment Booking Systems

Our doctor appointment booking systems have worked with many clients to improve their efficiency and keep patients well-attended and served. It gives patients the liberty to schedule or reschedule their appointments 24X7 at their fingertips.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Our remote patient monitoring solutions allow healthcare professionals to interact virtually with patients and provide them with medical prescriptions in the comfort of their homes. This makes the relationship between patients and doctors stronger.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

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Frequently asked questions

There are several ways in which custom mHealth apps have the capability of transforming the healthcare industry. Some of the common instances are:
  • Ensuring real-time and on-demand care
  • Establishing a direct connection between the stakeholders
  • Improved cost-efficiency and time effectiveness
It will entirely depend on the purpose of the mHealth app development. In case you are only searching for a platform for enabling communication between the professional and the team you have, you can go with an Android application. However, if you wish to design a platform for them to share medical records and encrypted data, then you can go with the iOS platform that turns out to be highly secure.
Obtaining the estimate of the cost of a healthcare app is not a simple task. Therefore, a proper understanding of the application is required. You should also know about information including the features it would entail and the overall level of security required. Only after getting the complete understanding of the scope of the healthcare app development project and the essential technology set, one can get the overall estimate of the cost of mHealth mobile app development.
It will entirely depend on the type of the mHealth app you plan for investing. Additionally, there are some more features that can be added in such app types. Here are some features to look out for:
  • Medical upload
  • Contact option
  • Appointment booking
  • In-app messaging
  • In-app payment
One of the major challenges that most healthcare and medical app developers tend to face is ensuring that multiple compliances like HL7 and HIPAA are met. The requirements that the given regulations come with make the development and design of medical health apps more complicated.
In the healthcare industry, you can mostly come across two types of apps -user side apps and institution-side apps. These are then further categorized into the following:
  • Fitness apps
  • Doctor or patient apps
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Apps for monitoring chronic conditions like blood pressure or diabetes
  • Mental health apps
  • IoT solutions
HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act. It is responsible for setting the standards for confidential data protection in the medical and healthcare domain. In case you wish to develop a healthcare app, the information should be encrypted in all cases with respect to the HIPAA regulations. Successful health app development companies like Inventcolabs are aware of the HIPAA and PHI compliance regulations for guiding you through the entire process and scenarios.

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