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As a leading Web and Mobile app development company, we deliver next-gen app design and development solutions using the powerful UI software development framework by Google. We come up with top-quality native app interfaces for feature-rich and functional apps on multiple platforms. Through our comprehensive flutter app development services, we help our clients streamline the mode of digital communication effectively.

Flutter Benefits Go Beyond Cost-Saving

Flutter Application Development Benefits for Your Business

At Inventcolabs, our flutter app developers will help you design platform-independent, high-end digital experiences.

Fast Development

The innovative ‘hot reload’ feature of Flutter allows developers to go through the existing changes almost instantly –without losing the ongoing application state.

Single Codebase

Flutter allows sharing of codebase amongst the target platforms. Additionally, it also allows sharing of both the UX and the UI code itself.

Expressive & Flexible UI

One of the major advantages of Flutter app development is the design of customized & real-time UI Iteration. With Flutter, you can design interactive UI for seamless experiences.

Dart Advantages

Flutter offers an easy way of setting up communication between platform-native code & Dart through interactive platform channels.

Easy Integration

When it comes to delivering the ease of integration, there is nothing that beats the performance offered by Flutter.

Scalable & User-friendly

As Flutter is easy to access and integrate, it delivers improved flexibility and scalability for app development.


Let Us Help You Refine Your Flutter-Related App Idea And Create A Custom Flutter App Solution That Will Allow You To Stand Out In Today's Competitive Market.

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Why Choose Inventcolabs for Flutter app development?

At Inventcolabs, our team of experienced Flutter app developers makes use of the platform for coding once and delivering a highly consistent experience across multiple devices. Being a leading flutter development company, Inventcolabs helps you build scalable, feature-rich, and user-friendly apps.

100% customer satisfaction
Agile Procedure
Dedicated Teams of Flutter experts
Unwavering integrity and transparency
Flexible Engagement Models
Competitive and fair pricing
Our React Native App Development Services

Our Comprehensive Flutter App Development Services

At Inventcolabs, we design and build interactive cross-platform apps through our Flutter app development services. Our Flutter developers make use of the high-end expressive UI to deliver highly appealing apps that run and perform seamlessly.

Flutter App Ideation & Consulting

Since its inception, Flutter has come a long way with respect to use cases and flutter framework maturity. As a pioneering Flutter app development agency, we ensure validation of your app idea while making sure that the framework serves to be the best technical solution for your app idea.

Flutter App Integration

To satisfy the specific needs of your product, our experienced Flutter app development team can help you in designing and deploying REST APIs. With the help of simple HTTP requests, we are capable of implementing server-side API integration. We create unique dependencies to ensure API integration in Flutter.

Flutter Migration Services

We can help you in migrating iOS and Android app development with the help of Flutter. Our team of Flutter experts specializes in taking your current application across operating systems and different platforms. We are a leading flutter development company for making robust Flutter applications.

Flutter App Development

Our innovative Flutter development services are designed to help you ensure multi-platform presence. Right from the process of coming across the best market fit for your product to deploying the application seamlessly across multiple platforms, our Flutter developers can help you in designing, developing, and launching feature-rich Flutter apps.

Flutter Support & Maintenance

Our Flutter team continuously offers regular and unparalleled technical support for ensuring the overall smooth functioning of the mobile apps. Our experienced team will help you with issues of all complexity levels by delivering innovative workarounds and auditing application enhancements.

Frequently asked questions

To start with, you should install Flutter as a module or a library. The module remains in charge of reflecting the user interface of the application. The Create-t module command of Flutter is used for creating the module. This will commence a new project featuring a unique structure. You can then divide the main code from the respective Flutter code through the creation of a module. It serves to be the third-party dependence.
In some cases, it might not be practical to rewrite the entire application using Flutter at the same time. In the given scenario, you can consider integrating Flutter in the current application –in the form of a module or a library. Then, you can import the module into the iOS or Android (platforms that are currently supported) app for rendering a portion of the UI of your app in Flutter.
Flutter serves to be a perfect web and mobile development tool. Flutter serves to be highly compatible with the modern web content. Current form of web content is mostly created with the help of standard online technologies including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can consider compiling the existing Flutter code into a dedicated client experience for quick embedding into the browser while deploying to any given web server with relevant web support by Flutter.
Some of the leading brands like Google Ads, Watermaniac, Birch Finance, Hamilton, and Alibaba make use of Flutter for interactive app development.
With Flutter, app developers are given the freedom to make use of a single codebase while building both iOS and Android apps. Both the apps are capable of delivering native experiences to the end users. To top it all, you get access to two apps at the total cost of developing a single app.
As you are using a single codebase, there is no requirement of testing two separate apps. You can consider saving several hours on project management as you predict whether or not a specific functionality will work with a particular app. With Flutter, you can look forward to saving hours on resource development, testing, and the overall management –ultimately reducing costs of the development project.

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