Custom Fleet Management Software Development Company

Inventcolabs offers fleet management software development based on your custom requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your requisite and incorporate them into software. With us, you can acquire a fleet tracking app, fleet management app, and more to achieve your goals.

Custom Fleet Management Software Development Company
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Fleet Management Software Development Services

Inventcolabs fleet management software solutions can help you upgrade monitoring, optimize workflows, and boost operational ROIs. Our software development solutions include a range of services and attributes in fleet apps. These include fleet tracking, GPS, maintenance, action analytics, process documentation, and performance reporting. There are a range of fleet monitoring app features beside these to be included to build the fleet management tracking systems to best support and serve the requirements of our client businesses. We offer valuable array of fleet management software specialized in different aspects:

Taxi or Ridesharing Businesses
Fleet Tracking and Telematics Solutions

We design and develop custom tracking and fleet management systems in fleet management software to facilitate asset locations using features like GPS, hours of services, vehicle management, duty record status, and more. We can help you provide telematics and tracking in fleet apps.

Car Rental
Vehicle Tracking and Maintenance Apps

The vehicle fleet management system in the fleet maintenance app can help with real-time tracking using complex technologies. The truck fleet management software may have custom attributes like details of the vehicle, tracking facility, caution alerts, or maintenance reminders of fuel systems, ignition system, and power system via emails or SMS.

Corporate taxi business
Fleet Fuel Management System

The fleet management software can be built to offer comprehensive management solutions which include tracking, monitoring, integrating fleet card data, monitoring fuel fluctuations, and recording at the point of purchase. The fuel management software system will keep track of vehicle fuel at every step to offer you real-time data.

Fleet Management
Fleet Maintenance software

Fleet management or fleet maintenance software provides you with a platform to ensure your vehicles are well-maintained and that will ensure the safety of your drivers. The maintenance software includes features like systematic maintenance reminders for fuel, electrical, and power systems, and the need for maintenance directly to dispatchers and drivers via SMS or email.

Limousine Service
Fleet Asset Management App

Fleet management software can also assist you with fleet inventory and asset management. The asset management system can help you organize asset records and also with managing vehicle movement and inventory with attributes like push notifications and geo-fencing alerts.

Air taxi
Fleet Management Integration

The fleet management software will provide you with more control and integration of characteristics like accounting and billing. With our software, you can keep track of expenses, transactions, and the flow of money to manage and control unnecessary costs.

Air taxi
Driver Management and Security App

The fleet management app development services provide driver management solutions for logistics and transportation. The driver or vehicle management system offers interactive dashboards, driver behavior tracking that will create opportunities to improve skills, driver scoreboard that will check performance, and keep track of output.

Air taxi
Custom Dispatch Software Solutions

The fleet management software can provide you with custom dispatch features. You can set dispatch location, track in transit, location, GPS, inventory management, performance, and more. Our team acknowledges your requirements and incorporates these into unique features.

Air taxi
Data Analytics & Reporting

Fleet tracking management app may provide unique attributes that will give you real-time insights on the driver’s status, route maps, capacity utilization, and everything around fleet operations. App will provide you with data analytics & reporting for overall performance. The management can monitor and analyze to amplify efficiency and growth.


Let Us Help You Refine Your Fleet Management Software-Related Idea And Create A Custom Fleet Management Software Solution That Will Allow You To Stand Out In Today's Competitive Market.

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Custom Fleet Management Software Development Solutions

Our fleet management development services fuse with high-end data resources and market trends to get you a perfect operational fit suiting your business requirements. From truck management, vehicle management, and tracking management to data analysis, asset management, and more, we can customize attributes that will help you take your resource efficiency to the next level.

GPS Tracking and Communication
GPS Tracking and Communication
Fleet Telematics Software
Fleet Telematics Software
Fuel Management
Fuel Management
Management Integration
Management Integration
Fleet Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance
Asset Management
Asset Management
Full Stack

Fleet Management App Development Features

Fleet management app development can provide you with strong core features that will make your process and business operations easier. Our team incorporates features that enhance your workflow. Check out unique features for fleet management app:

Rider’s App

Driver Panel

The driver panel or dashboard in fleet management software will provide all the information that drivers need to analyze and improve their performance. Here are some of the driver panel features of the solutions we have offered:

  • Drivers' Online Assistance
  • Driver Scoreboard
  • Tracking the Route
  • Insurance Services
  • Tracking Driver Behavior
  • GPS Tracking in Real Time
Driver’s App

Admin Panel

Admin panel in fleet management software allows the administrators to take control of workflow as well as manage overall business side of operations including process inventory, transportation schedules, duty rosters, and other fleet functionaries. Check out these features on admin panel:

  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service Availability
  • Driver Management
  • Customized Solutions
  • Vehicle Management
  • Performance Analysis

Why Choosing Inventcolabs For Fleet Management Software Development?

Planning to optimize your business and unlock another level of efficiency with vehicle tracking and fleet management systems? We offer a range of valuable options, but if you are contemplating why us, we are listing few reasons for you:

Deep Business Insights

Our software solutions will help you get real-time insights and analyze the overall performance of your business so that you can improvise, grow, and benefit with time.

Analytics & Reporting

We will help you with building solutions that will help you analyze and provide real-time reports on your fleet output, driver performance, and more. The solution will allow you to access advanced fleet operations reports and performance metrics.

Improve Productivity

With fleet management app development software solution by Inventcolabs, you can get more control over your enterprise action and workflow, improve functional accuracy and enhance overall productivity of your business.

On-time delivery

We provide software solutions as scheduled and needed, our team will create a timeline for a custom app and provide on-time delivery with high customer satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

The best Fleet management software can vary as per app features and range of complexity. However, in general, it can range from $8,000 to $30,000.
Anyone who has a business or organization of commercial vehicles and engages in some form of fleet management needs fleet management software to maintain performance and productivity.
API is an intermediary to share data between systems when you connect a GPS or tracking system with other data through API.
Yes! Fleet management software can be customized with different features depending on your business requirements.
Fleet management software can be used for fuel and emissions, vehicles, equipment, assets, parts & inventory, drivers, scheduling, and monitoring.
Our team will connect with you for your requirements, we will create a custom software package for you. After your approval, we will proceed with development and provide a progress report regularly till delivery.
Depending on software complexity, it can take as long as 2 months to as long as 1 year or more. The timeline of fleet management software development can vary as per your requirements.

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