Why Should Develop Live Video Streaming Apps: Check Market Share

Why Should Develop Live Video Streaming Apps

As of 2021, the worldwide video streaming market was estimated at USD 372.07 billion. Analysts expect the market to increase by 19.9% CAGR between 2022 and 2029, from USD 473.39 billion to USD 1,690.35 billion over that time period. The enormous and overwhelming demand for video streaming in all parts of the world during the COVID-19 epidemic is a testament to the worldwide pandemic's impact on the industry. The worldwide market grew by 5.7% more in 2021 than it did in 2019.

On-Demand Video Streaming App Development Services

Formulating a Video Development Strategy

Our video strategy team at Inventcolabs examines your objectives and aims to assist you in identifying what the optimum outcome of an effective video streaming application deployment would be. We assess the existing infrastructure and the potential of live streaming for your application.

Designing a Video Solution

Inventcolabs creates a deployment strategy that takes into consideration your aims and objectives, regardless of whether we're constructing a brand-new video streaming application or working with some of your current video infrastructure components. It's our job to make sure the UI of your livestream video app is exactly what you want it to be.

Integrating and Migrating OTT Applications

We augment the existing performance and capabilities of your OTT application by combining it with exclusive plugins and third-party functionality. With our OTT application migration services, your app's data is smoothly moved from its current tech stack to AWS or other popular cloud platforms.

Enabling Real-Time Interactions

Apps developed by Inventcolabs allow the prioritization of live streaming for events such as sporting events, or seminars. Live streaming app development may be useful for a variety of business purposes, including auctions and product demos. When necessary, we'll ensure that your streaming app prompts users to authenticate themselves before they can see the live feed.

Using eCommerce Video Apps for Marketing

At Inventcolabs, we're aware of the many eCommerce video functions, therefore we often develop a simple application for this purpose and add features to accommodate a variety of circumstances. You can count on our live streaming app development services to entice customers and ultimately increase your bottom line revenue and profit margins. Your consumers will enjoy and benefit from our videos when they buy on your eCommerce website.

Revamping Existing Video Applications

In some cases, businesses already have video apps that were sufficient for their needs in the past but now appear outdated and obsolete. In addition to lagging behind in terms of functionality, older versions of apps are becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Our video engineers can assess your streaming apps and components to determine the best course of action. We may retain the portions of your tech that make sense while updating or replacing the rest.

Incorporating VOD As A Learning Tool

VOD makes it possible for students and employees to learn at their own pace and in their own time. In contrast to the restricted reach of live streaming events like lectures, the recorded lecture available on VOD may reach a far larger number of people over a longer period of time. Although Inventcolabs produces both live and on-demand video solutions, on-demand video demands a distinct strategy.

Providing Technical Assistance and Upkeep

Inventcolabs will design, develop, and deploy your video streaming application, as well as provide ongoing maintenance. It's important to maintain your apps up-to-date with regular maintenance, updates, and upgrades. With our expertise in video streaming app creation, we'll help you maintain your unique selling point while also ensuring that your videos run seamlessly.

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How Does On-Demand Video Streaming App Works?


User On-boarding

The video streaming application has a variety of ways to log in or sign up. Users can log in using their social media IDs.


Subscription Plan

Users can select a subscription plan after logging in. Movies and programs as well as other features of on-demand video streaming apps may be accessed through this service.


Search & Save The Choice

For those who want to keep track of their favorite genres, a robust search feature makes it possible.



For uninterrupted viewing of one's favorite episodes or movies, one can create a Watchlist.


Picture in picture

The user may move between applications while watching a video without having to quit the player.


Help Centre

In-app chat makes it easy for customers to get in touch with service providers.

Video Streaming App Development Features

Developers at Inventcolabs aim to develop a powerful application that intends to provide a seamless experience to the user.

Admin Panel

User Panel

  • Streaming of Video

    Users may watch their favorite TV episodes, movies, sports, and other video content online with an online streaming video service.

  • Creating a playlist

    Users of the video-streaming application may also make playlists of their preferred clips. This playlist can be edited later to include or exclude items.

  • Push Notification

    Users are notified when new content, such as videos, subscriptions, and special deals, becomes available on the website. It can be delivered through SMS, email, or push notification on the phone.

  • Video downloading and Offline Streaming

    This functionality enables users to download their favorite shows, episodes, and movies. These movies can be accessed in offline mode at a later point in time.

  • User Profile Management

    There are a variety of ways for users to register or log into the application. Users have the ability to edit or add information later on to their profiles.

  • Subscription Plans

    There is no one-size-fits-all option. The application will offer a variety of subscription options to the viewer and they may choose the most appropriate one as per their convenience.

  • Sharing Videos

    The end-users may share the video immediately thanks to our video-sharing software creation capabilities.

  • Streaming Video with Adaptive Formats

    Users may enjoy their favorite videos even if they have limited bandwidth due to our adaptive video streaming solutions.

  • Latest Content

    There is an area in the application where users can see all the new stuff we've added since their last visit.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Video Uploading

    Videos can be uploaded to the platforms by the admin. Aside from that, they have the option of deleting or editing already-posted videos on the OTT platform.

  • Subscription Management

    Subscription control is available to the administrator. They may control all of the app's subscriptions from one place.

  • The Help Desk

    In order to assist users, the administrator has access to the help center.

  • User Management

    It is possible to delete an inactive user account from the admin panel, as well as edit the person's profile information.

  • Ads and Promotions

    Admins get access to the video streaming platform's advertising and marketing campaigns.

Live Video Streaming App Development Process

Planning and Research

In the beginning, Inventcolabs professionals do extensive study and brainstorming. After that, they determine if your app's concept is workable or not.

The Conceptualization Stage

The design step begins as soon as the app's concept is finalized. To get a sense of the app's future potential, developers first document and wireframe it. After that, a working prototype is created.


The primary development of the application begins after it has been designed by the development team. After that, the backend team works to perfect the application. Finally, they'll begin with some preliminary testing and bug fixes.


The QA team conducts a comprehensive test when the application development process is complete. They do three levels of testing. This procedure ensures that your app will be free of bugs.


The deployment is the final step. Inventcolabs' professionals prepare the best possible product for submission. Afterward, the app is published and made available on the various app store platforms.

Continual Assistance

Inventcolabs continues to give assistance even after the deployment is complete. The continuous support for Inventcolabs's mobile app development consists of SLA and Maintenance, as well as rollout consulting and partner support.

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Why Choose Inventcolabs For Video Streaming Application Development

Why Choose Inventcolabs For Video Streaming Application Development?

With our extensive experience in live streaming solutions, we can offer a wide range of world-class functionalities. We've overcome every obstacle with cutting-edge technology that propels your business to new heights and positions you as a worldwide industry leader.

The Agile Methodology

Customer satisfaction is our first priority as we build live video streaming apps, and we work hard to give the finest solution in the shortest amount of time possible. Throughout the project, we use a secure agile development methodology.


Our video streaming mobile app development team follows a set of operational principles that promotes greater cooperation, higher software quality, and quicker time to market, and we guarantee that you will receive regular and dependable code modifications.

Dedicated Live Streaming App Development Company

Cross-functional teams with deep tech and creative processes will help create a live-streaming app for all devices. With the implementation of an attractive user interface, solid architectures, and dependable portals, we deliver live streaming solutions with superior features and capabilities that are comprehensive and well-organized.


In order to prevent eavesdropping, IP spoofing, and other forms of interception, we design secure end-to-end designs for live video streaming apps. We take care of every aspect of security, from the video encoder to the production requirements, while keeping the budget in mind. ECDNs, CDNs, firewalls, and more are all part of our comprehensive security strategy.

Customer Loyalty

To ensure that we meet the customers' requirements, we work closely with them throughout the creation process of a live streaming application. We are committed to providing you with the finest possible solution to help your business grow.

Solutions for Rich and Tangible Live Streaming

You may find our services in a wide range of industries throughout the world from sports to education to transportation to eCommerce. We work together with our clients from the beginning to the end of the project, from the development of a fully working HDR10 video streaming service to its deployment and maintenance.

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Frequently asked questions

Video streaming application development solutions serve as a bridge between streamers and audiences. Since users can ask questions and obtain answers quickly, it has become a popular platform. With high-quality videos, streamers are able to effortlessly attract a huge audience, while users have the opportunity to view their preferred content.
Our mobile app developers create custom-tailored live-streaming apps depending on your specifications. Your app will stand out from the crowd if the UI/UX is based on your personal ideas rather than a predetermined collection of options.
The cost of developing an app is influenced by a number of variables, including the distinctiveness of your streaming app and the features you intend to include. Video streaming app development cost estimates range from $15,000 to $50,000 for the total cost of the project. Request a quote from Inventcolabs to learn more about the possible cost of your application.
The length of time it takes to create live video streaming app development solutions is mostly determined by the platforms you intend to target and the degree of complexity of the app itself. Developing two different apps for each platform is more time-consuming than developing one app for both Android and iOS.
With the right programming language, CDN, hosting provider, and media processing tools, it is possible to include live streams in mobile apps.
If you are developing a live streaming application, you may use third-party adverts and sponsored ads to make additional revenue. In case you already have a monetization strategy in mind, we can assist you in implementing it.

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