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Inventcolabs is a leading eCommerce app development company delivering state-of-the-art eCommerce mobile app development solutions for startups and enterprises alike to leverage the power of mobile commerce. We deliver a comprehensive range of mCommerce app development services to suit your e-commerce business requirements.

Mobile Commerce App Development
Mobile Commerce App Development
Migration from eCommerce to mCommerce
Migration from eCommerce to mCommerce
mCommerce App Designb
mCommerce App Design
Mobile Wallet App Development
Mobile Wallet App Development
mCommerce Market Analysis & Assessment
mCommerce Market Analysis & Assessment
Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions
Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions
mCommerce App Solutions
mCommerce App Features

Innovative mCommerce App Features to Support Your Business

Bring your e-commerce to the mobile with the help of our innovative mCommerce app development solutions. Our completely synchronized systems for M-commerce will deliver improved efficiency, exceptional potential and immense success to the market. Inventcolabs delivers mCommerce mobile app development solutions to suit custom-made requirements of the clients. We support our mCommerce app solutions with innovative features to boost the outcomes.

Store locator
Store locator

Allow your customers to locate your store from any location on the globe. The Store Locator feature of our eCommerce mobile apps helps in redirecting traffic from the web to the mobile store and vice-versa.

Easy zoom in and out
Easy Zoom in & Zoom out

We deliver top-class eCommerce app interactions to enhance the user experience. Our apps are designed to deliver the ease of zooming in and zooming out, swiping, pinching, double-tapping, and much more for an enriched shopping experience.

Click and collect option
Click & collect option

The presence of attractive features on the mCommerce mobile app that we design allows users to get access to low-inventory items from the nearest offline store. All of these can be done via mobile app.

Loyalty programs
Loyalty programs

Online shoppers love organizing their goods. Our innovative apps allow them to share the respective shopping lists. We also maintain a track of our loyal customers while rewarding them from time to time.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple Payment Gateways

Our eCommerce mobile apps offer access to a wide range of payment gateways and systems including card payments, online banking, COD, and PayPal. Our payment options suit the needs of every shopper.

Click to call
Click to call

Our state-of-the-art mobile commerce apps feature the easy-to-use call button or icon to make it easier for users to shop through the app. Using the same, customers can contact the customer care team for any type of query.

Products Comparison
Products Comparison

Our apps allow customers to compare different products on the go. M-commerce apps feature a wide range of products that can be easily compared with the help of our comparison tool.

Mobile-based Input Forms
Mobile-based Input Forms

We present the innovative numeric keyboards for entering numeric fields and other interfaces. Users can easily forward data from the registration page to the checkout page.

Strategic Product Placement
Strategic Product Placement

Our team of experienced m-Commerce mobile app developers places the products and other advanced features across the app strategically for improved user experiences.

Strategic Product Placement
Price Label Verification

Scan the bar-codes on products in a real time manner and update the information about prices. This will reduce the ambiguity at the time of checkout & will help to improve sales decisions by customers by bringing latest offers and right price for them. Further integrating the output labels to a third party Portable Thermal Printer.

AR based Stock Information
AR based Stock Information

Offering a solution on the move which will tell the exact stock information about the product. This can include products in the shelves or stored in warehouses, shelf life of product and what not. Possibilities are endless with AR based Stock information.

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Frequently asked questions

There is no denying the importance of smartphones in the revolution of the IT industry. Just like every other industry, the e-commerce industry is also leveraging the immense potential of this cutting-edge technology. This is wherein mCommerce applications play a vital role. In the modern era, m-commerce is associated with shopping using the smartphones.
The concept of m-Commerce is gaining impetus as more customers are likely to do shopping with the help of their smartphones. While m-commerce development lies in its initial phases, a number of recognized mCommerce app development companies like Inventcolabs are delivering high-end solutions in the given industry.
At Inventcolabs, we are committed to helping e-commerce businesses across the world leverage the power of smartphones through pioneering mCommerce app development solutions. We offer a customized range of business-oriented mCommerce app solutions to help businesses with the mobile website or a mobile platform. We have a team of industry experts delivering high-end solutions in the most professional manner.
Our dedicated app developers are well-trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and trends to deliver optimum results. We have ample expertise in developing a consistent app based on m-Commerce solutions across all devices including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and iOS.
There are several benefits of mCommerce app development solutions. Some of these include 24/7 accessibility to customers, availability at the fingertips of the customers, getting an opportunity to convert from a local brand to a global business, and effective mobile marketing strategies.
Inventcolabs has several years of experience in the creation of highly versatile, interactive, and user-friendly mobile applications for m-commerce. We have a skilled team of designers as well as developers who are proficient in handling all aspects of eCommerce app development.
We deliver constant upgrades to the mobile applications that we develop. When you think that your ecommerce website requires an update, we can help with the transferring, updated version, and all the dependencies.
The total cost of developing a mCommerce app will depend on the type of project, the complexities involved, the features included, and the level of expertise of the mCommerce app development team.
The total time for developing an interactive and user-friendly mCommerce app will depend on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of the clients. At Inventcolabs, we are dedicated to delivering completed apps in the shortest span.
Yes, Your e-commerce website continues being functional when we are developing your m-Commerce solution. We will come up with the new app on the development server while deploying the same on the new server without disturbing your website.
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