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Inventcolabs, a pioneering MEAN Stack Development company, has several years of relevant expertise in designing feature-rich, dynamic web applications and websites. Our MEAN Stack developers come up with lightweight, top-performance e-commerce websites and applications to suit your business requirements.


MongoDB Development

We offer access to end-to-end MongoDB development solutions –right from MongoDB consulting to architecture design and strategy, integration, and implementation.


ExpressJS Development

Our team of experienced Express JS developers has ample experience in designing dynamic APIs and web applications with the help of Express JS –a Node.js web application platform.


AngularJS Development

Inventcolabs specializes in data-driven, well-structured, highly interactive, and cross-platform mobile and web app MEAN STACK development services with the help of Angular JS.


NodeJS Development

Our team of skilled Node.js developers delivers access to Node.js consulting, migration, development, and team augmentation solutions with ultimate excellence.

Mean stack

MEAN Stack Development Benefits for Your Business

MEAN serves to be a highly efficient platform. It is the combination of high-performing platforms –including MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. At Inventcolabs, our team of experienced MEAN Stack web app developers and programmers work on projects of all sizes and scales for ensuring top-class development results.

Open-Source Framework

All MEAN Stack solutions and technologies are open source while being available for free. It helps with the development process with the help of public repositories and libraries for reducing the overall development cost.

Secure Solution

As far as security is concerned, MEAN Stack is a highly secure and stable platform. MongoDB –which is a non-relational database, is not vulnerable to SQL injection due to secure storage of data.

Single Page Application

One of the major benefits of MEAN Stack Development is that it only makes use of technologies based on JavaScript. Therefore, developers can easily create applications using a single-page format and structure.


MEAN allows web developers to do more with the help of a single platform. MongoDB is the database system of the MEAN Stack. It is dedicated for cloud operations. Therefore, MEAN Stack Development delivers improved flexibility throughout.

High Performance

One of the striking features of MEAN Stack Development is its improved speed. The platform has been based on the V8 Engine of Chrome. This allows in building high-performing and scalable web applications.

High Speed with Reusable Codes

Node.JS is ascendable and speedy. It is due to its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js serves to be an open-source framework in JavaScript for offering testability, maintenance, and reusability.


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Mean Stack Solution

Ultimate MEAN Stack Development Solutions

Backed by the powerful and feature-rich JavaScript framework, MEAN Stack Development is the preferred choice for developing applications or programming. MEAN Stack Development solutions that we offer are ideal for building mobile and web applications that are straightforward, reliable, and flexible.

At Inventcolabs, our MEAN Stack app Development team will look into all your specific business needs by including value to your mobile and web applications. Hire MEAN Stack Developers from our team and increase the success rate of your business to an unmatched level. With flexible and cutting-edge technology, our MEAN Stack Development team will make your website more relevant and productive.

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Comprehensive MEAN Stack Development Services

Inventcolabs is a renowned MEAN Stack web app development company. We take pride in our team of highly qualified and certified MEAN Stack experts delivering excellence throughout.

Customized CMS Solutions

Customized CMS Solutions

Our expertise as a professional MEAN Stack Development company leverages the technology in developing customized CMS solutions for your business. Build robust CMS solutions empowered by full-stack MEAN development solutions. We deliver access to end-to-end backend solutions for performing CRUD functions on the scale.

Interactive Website Solutions

Interactive Website Solutions

Kickstart your website development projects with our in-depth Mean expertise. We deliver the next level of scalability. Reduce the overall development time and streamline web production pipeline with our interactive website development solutions through MEAN Stack Development.

MEAN Stack API Solutions

MEAN Stack API Solutions

Design feature-rich APIs using MEAN. With us, you can also integrate the high-end APIs into legacy ecosystems for adding third-party apps. We render improved agility as well as speed to the web projects. Our dedicated MEAN Stack coders will help in designing customized APIs as per your needs.

MEAN Stack Migration Solutions

MEAN Stack Migration Solutions

Smooth out end-to-end migration processes from legacy web-based frameworks to open-source MEAN with the help of advanced JavaScript tools. With our reliable MEAN Stack migration solutions, you do not have to worry about compromising the data security of your system.

Mean Stack Solutions

Enterprise Mean Stack Solutions

Leverage the benefits of highly lightweight and speedy JavaScript-based MEAN web development framework for transforming your ERP systems into highly scalable and enterprise-grade applications. With our MEAN Stack Development services, we can help in synchronizing your business effectively for handling heavy workloads.

Why Choose Inventcolabs for MEAN Stack Development?

At Inventcolabs, we are well-versed with all possible components of MEAN Stack. Therefore, we deliver ample flexibility and ease of developing complicated applications with the help of the best-in-class JavaScript-based solutions. Our skilled and experienced team of MEAN Stack developers is capable of designing futuristic and interactive websites and web applications for delivering a winning advantage over competitors.

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Diverse clientele across different industry verticals
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, At Inventcolabs, we are committed to delivering the required support as well as upgrades for every MEAN Stack development project that we undertake.
MEAN Stack is an open-source, JavaScript-based framework for ensuring full-stack development of websites and web applications. The framework is extensively used for designing dynamic websites and applications. MEAN Stack is the combination of core technologies including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS
At Inventcolabs, we work under strict project development guidelines and principles. We follow formal processes for delivering the assurance of top-end quality control. Our topmost priority at all times it utmost satisfaction of the clients.
The MEAN Stack development platform is well-suited for both backend and front-end capabilities. This is because it allows developers to make the switch seamlessly from server side to client side and vice versa. This tends to benefit your business in several ways. It helps in adding a greater deal of flexibility with the assurance of high-speed performance.
Yes, Inventcolabs has a team of highly skilled and experienced coders or MEAN Stack experts. Our developers can build progressive and useful applications and websites based on MEAN. Our team of developers is capable of including the right features as well as functionalities in the JavaScript-based framework.
Yes, As a pioneering MEAN Stack Development company, we offer round-the-clock support services to our clients –even post-deployment. Our developers guide you through the right utilization of the website along with any potential issue.

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