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Trending Ideas to Develop Sports App in 2024

Sports has an exceptional craze across the globe, many sports personalities are more than just stars for people. Sports fans can go to any lengths for their favorite sports stars. Every country has its own sports craze such as Cricket in the Indian subcontinent, Football in Europe, Olympic games worldwide, etc. These are some of the key reasons that make sports a billion-dollar industry. However, not all can play games physically like their stars. So, sports apps give them a chance to play like and for them.

Apps like fantasy sports to earn money, sports games, etc are popular worldwide. Many people look for ideas to build sports apps to enter the market not as a user, but as a business. In addition, the industry is constantly growing and the popularity of sports is continuously rising. People from other parts of the world are looking forward to games popular on different continents. 

These sports apps with dedicated games are extremely popular. If you check the Google Play store or Apple store now, you will be surprised by endless sports apps. Therefore, developing a sports app is an amazing and flourishing idea. If you are planning for the same, this guide will help you with different ideas to build sports apps that you can implement. 

Sports App Market Size & Statistics

The global sports market is large beyond imagination; it can be stated by the fact that the revenue of the global sports apparel market is $191 billion and the sports equipment market is $143 billion. Under this immensely profitable, growing, and flourishing market sports apps have their own share. Though compared to apparel and equipment, the share is quite small around $3.6 billion in 2022. If you research and understand the sports app market, you can project it’s likely to reach heights in the coming years. According to Statista, the annual growth is projected at 5.58% and will reach $5.10 billion by 2027. 

If we talk about sports app revenue share by store, Apple stores clearly take the lead. As per Statista, the Apple store share was 71.5% compared to 37.3% by Google Store. If we talk about the key market players, ESPN tops the chart with a 16% share in the industry followed by other players. 

Trending Ideas to Develop Sports App 

Trending Ideas to Develop Sports App

The demand for sports apps is continuously increasing, there are many categories you can follow as a core idea for the development of the app. The popularity of sports apps has made many Android and iPhone app developers launch their apps to take advantage of rising demand. However, building an app needs a core idea, and selecting the right and trending idea is critical. So, if you are at the stage of a sports app development idea, we are shortlisting some for you. These are some of the trending sports app ideas you can try: 

Sports Streaming Apps

Streaming Apps are increasingly becoming popular with the increase in the use of mobile phones and Android TVs. People irrespective of where they are or what they are doing want to watch their favorite sport live. Streaming is not a new term in the sports industry globally, but initially, it was associated with Tv streaming. However, not it has shifted to digital media since the increase in the digital industry. Streaming apps are popular in most sports and different countries across the globe. According to Statista, sports mobile app users were more than 29% in the US in 2022. So, as a sports app development company, you can opt for a live-streaming app. In addition, there are different options for sports, countries you want to launch in, and other factors you can consider. 

Sports Streaming Apps Market and Statistics

Fantasy or Betting Sports Apps 

Have you ever used or heard about fantasy sports apps? Apps like Dream11, ESPN fantasy sports, CBS fantasy sports, etc., are one of the most used and popular apps. If you talk about market share, ESPN has the largest market share globally with a 16% capture in 2022. Generally, fantasy apps allow users to create their own fantasy team while a live sports match is going on. App users can place their money on different options you will provide such as players, teams, and other aspects of the game to earn money. 

These types of sports fantasy or betting apps that allow users to earn money are extremely attractive among sports fans worldwide. If you want to launch an app in the sports market, fantasy or betting is one of the trending ideas to build sports app. You can opt for different sports as a core of the app such as cricket, football, and Olympic fantasy apps or you can make a sports app including most sports. Depending on the audience and country you want to cater to, you can choose your category. 

Sports Training and Coaching Apps 

Sports training and coaching apps are another trending sports app ideas you can try. Under this app, sports app developers can add features like food choices of athletes, tracking their progress, scheduled sessions for training, sleeping patterns, and more. These features can help athletes and coaches to manage their training and overall health of athletes. These training and coaching apps will target athletes across the globe. There are some apps available in the market, but only a few are popular. As a mobile app development company, you can develop training and coaching-focused apps. In addition, you can integrate different sports by developing generic athletic apps or you can develop personalized apps for sports categories. 

Sports Ticket Booking Apps 

Sports Ticket Booking Apps are another one of the trending yet creative ideas you can opt for. Many would say it’s not trending or it will not work, but with the amount of sports fans around the world and the craze among them, it will work. If you will take the right approach and integrate ticket booking options for different sports in different stadiums, countries, etc.

You can cater to a large audience with a specialized sports ticket app. There are ticket booking apps with the integration of movies and other factors, but you will find few apps focusing only on sports. You can hire a dedicated team of developers to create a custom app for you. In addition, you can handle the business aspect of the app. There are many digital payment apps that integrate sports tickets with their features, providing more specialization to customers. 

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Sports Games Apps 

One of the most popular and attractive ideas is to develop sports apps. Online sports games are popular and also among the latest trends in the sports app field. From creating game characters from real-life sports stars like FIFA games with Messi and Ronaldo. Similarly, there are different sports where you can target your audience. Gamification of sports ads is one of the best you can create with features like points, betting, competition, and other encouraging elements. Many sports games are going to another level by integrating NFTs with them.

So, you can understand the craze of games and the gaming sector. Over the last few years, esports has increased immensely. Esports revenue is expected to reach 1,866.2 million dollars by 2025. In addition, you can also integrate social media platforms and other features that attract users. If you search on google play store or apple store, you will find a crazy amount of sports gamification apps. Therefore, if you are planning to develop a sports app, sports games apps can be great ideas to develop sports app.

Esports revenue

Sports League Management and Inventory Apps 

If you are a sports fan, you definitely heard about private leagues across the globe. Some leagues like IPL- Indian Premier League, Premier League, etc are extremely popular and bigger than ever. If you check their numbers and revenue, your mind will be blown. According to Statista, 2.3 billion pounds were generated as broadcasting fees in the 2019/2020 season for the premier league. The figures are multifold in 2024. This indicates the large cap and popularity of private leagues across the globe. These leagues operate on a large scale and have an immense need of managing operations. 

Sports Premier League Market and Statistics

You can develop sports league management and inventory management apps. In this app, you can add a mechanism to allow conversation between team members and sports staff at the same time. Moreover, you can hire dedicated developers to provide access to schedules, training, matches, points table, and other details. The app can also help in performance management, training sessions, and more. For management staff, you can add features like an inventory of foods, athletic equipment, and other supplies. It will not only help them but also help players to manage everything. They will stay informed and updated about everything in one place.  

Sports News and Analysis Apps 

Sports enthusiasts are crazy about their favorite star and favorite sport. They want to know everything about their favorite star, from basic practice info to what they are eating. So, they constantly look for news and social media platforms to know more. Similarly, there are fans who analyze their team’s performance, and competitors’ performance to check how their fav team can win. So, you can use custom mobile application development services to build apps that provide news and analysis of sports. 

You can either cater to particular sections of sports such as cricket or football. In addition, you can also develop an app with the integration of news and analysis of all sports categories. Either way, it’s going to be a trending idea to enter the sports app market. The apps generally include information like interviews, product launches, live stream information, team news, schedule announcements, and many more. These features help the audience to learn about their sports team, favorite players, how they are performing, and other information.

Sports AR/VR Apps 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is high-end technology developed to provide real-time experience to users about different activities. Developing an AR/VR area app can be a unique yet trending idea to build sports apps. Integrating AR/VR with sports will allow users to play games and experience real-time by sitting at home. The technology allows users to immerse themselves in sports with a perfect view, in-game training, and other aspects just like playing games physically. AR/VR technology is highly demanding and includes a lot of complexities, so it’s better to consult experts. Consult a sports app development company to create a quality Sports AR/VR app. 

Sports Quiz App 

Another great idea is to generate money from sports apps with basic app features. Sports Quiz can be an interesting yet simple sports app to develop. You can integrate different quizzes, offer points, competitions, and prizes, and allow ads to generate revenue. People of all ages enjoy playing quizzes, so it would be interesting and more open in terms of the target audience. If you have a limited budget, a sports quiz app is a great option as it does not need expensive technology like AR/VR. The sports app will not only enhance knowledge but also create interest and competition if you add prizes. 

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Sports Live Score Apps 

Not all people can watch live streams, there are high chances they are busy somewhere. However, being crazy sports fans, they still manage to take out time to check scores. So, developing a sports live score app is also one of the trending options. You can update the live score of sporting events happening in a country. In addition, you can focus on a particular sport or integrate all sports. You can also add features like player information and other basic details. 

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Sports Event Apps 

In sports event apps you can focus on dates, organizations, and other aspects of sports events taking place in an area. You can regularly update events, offer information about events, allow in-app purchases, sports event books, etc. These apps are trending as sports events are extremely popular among sports fans. So, you can cater to fans across the globe with a sports event app. 

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The Sports Apps Market is increasingly growing and if you read business research, they will continue to grow. So, developing a sports app is a great business idea, you can consult a sports mobile app development company with your idea. The above-stated ideas are trending in 2024 and might continue to be in the coming years. You can opt for either of these ideas and integrate your research to develop an app that will take the industry by storm. If you are planning to develop a sports app, the article has everything you might need to generate a good idea. Check out these ideas and plan accordingly to your business requirements. 


Q. How long will it take to develop a sports app?

Ans. Depends! There is no definite time to develop an app. Sometimes a basic app is developed in a month while some can take way longer than expected. So, it would depend on your app idea, its features, and other aspects of app development.

Q. How much budget do you need to develop a sports app?

Ans. Again, it depends on your app’s idea and features. Sometimes a basic app with a creative look can cost more, but as the features grow, the cost/budget of the app will increase. There are factors like the type of app and features, and it’s the complexity that will decide the cost. 

Q. Can I create an app myself?

Ans. Unless you are a tech professional with experience to develop apps, you will need to consult or hire dedicated sports app developers. You will need an expert to advise you to create a sports app. 

Q. What are the 4 stages of sports app development?

Ans. If we group app development into categories, they are idea generation, design, analysis, development of app, launch, and maintenance of the app. 

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