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How To Develop An Apartment Management Software – Features & Cost

Careless management of different properties can lead to twice booking, making it hard to maintain properties and bringing issues with user search.

The more properties you have, the trickier it becomes to manage them. If you are in such a situation Property Management System can help you at length.

The global Property Management market has grown greatly in recent years and is expected to be worth around $13 billion by 2025. Adopting a Property Management System is filled with alteration in client actions and choices and the need for efficient consumer aid and problem handling.

If you want to manage your real estate better, here you’ll find a guide on creating apartment management software. This article will give you a sense of the apartment property management software’s core features, how to build it, and what it will cost, among other important details.

What is Property Management Software?

Technology has been transforming the Property Management industry for some years. Many companies have developed software to help property managers with their daily jobs. The apartment management app enables firms to automate front and back office functions, including reservation guest checking, check-in/check-out systems, housekeeping care, and billings. In addition, it can be deployed in any type of property, from resorts to hotels to apartment complexes and office buildings.

The most noticeable benefit of Property Management software is that it can save much time on boring and ordinary tasks. Property managers can use housing management software to spend crucial time on other things, for example, in marketing or guest relations. Besides property development, apartment management software can also help in increasing revenues.

This strategy aims to simplify the reservation and check-in/check-out processes to increase occupancy rates in the hotel. Moreover, it can also help properties optimise their room rates, creating a unified system capable of offering complete control over the operations within the building. As a result, many property management companies use apartment property management software as part of their long-term strategy to improve customer attention and increase operational efficiency across their portfolios.

Market & Stats of Property Management Software

market and states of Property Management Software

In 2021, the global property management software market was valued at USD 3.04 billion and is forecast to grow by 5.6% by 2030. Property management software providers are expected to witness an incremental surge in demand for web-based services, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), owing rising demand for web-based services. A SaaS-enabled PMS allows you to track tenants, leases, building maintenance, and accounting, among other things. With this Software, you can view all the properties from one place and oversee other property-related tasks, such as maintenance and tenant requests.

What are the benefits of Apartment Management App Development?

benefits of Apartment Management Software

  • Monitoring maintenance is easy

A lot of people say that their landlord does not consider repairs at all. But poor maintenance also leads to the degradation of property in many circumstances. No property manager likes to face such kinds of issues. As it takes a lot of resources and money.

The real estate development management software can easily help in this scenario by offering access to their cloud integration. They will allow you to connect with the network and the cloud-based software will set the required alert for the problem. A lot of companies also help the tenant in generating tokens by using client spot portals and alerting them for any issue.

Today many real estate companies allow tenants to share pictures of the issues they are facing. It allows them to have a look at it virtually and not have to present physically to surface the issue. On combining repair services with cloud-based software real estate companies can help tenants in living peacefully and keeping up with their property too.

  • A more effective way of communication

Efficient communication is vital when there are multiple investors to consider. A good way to avoid delays, misconceptions, and mistakes is by contacting people and getting feedback promptly.

Apartment property management software allows managers to send messages, emails, and push notices to their tenants, property owners, and contractors. This can include reminders such as unpaid orders or rent payments and assuring everyone involved is on the same page about payments and deadlines.

Moreover, the tenant can also share with their property manager and tell them about any vital repairs. Both tenants and property managers benefit from this. If tenants have any issues, they can access all vital papers from their portal, such as certificates for the property, if they have a fixed contact structure.

All communication between the property manager and the renters is managed through the platform. In response to a request, a property manager can issue a work order to a servicer on the system, thus reducing the need to make calls or send emails. To ensure maximum transparency, the tenant is informed about the job and when it will be completed.

  • 24/7 client support

In most businesses, people cannot afford to work 24/7 to answer customers’ questions and requests. In contrast, any client can access residential rental Software 24/7, every day of the week. By building software chatbots or other forms of virtual assistants, you can assist clients with more common, simple questions and tasks.

This feature saves you time and money and frees up employees’ time for higher-priority tasks. Furthermore, the company offers excellent customer service and reliable support around the clock from around the globe.

What are the Key Features of Apartment Management Software?

Key Features of Apartment Management Software

  • App for mobile devices

Managing properties remotely shouldn’t be underestimated. Don’t let client meetings, open houses, or commuting get in the way of your work. You can access the property, manage reviews, respond to emails, and join with clients more easily if you have a Real Estate Mobile App. To get the most out of CRM, think about building a cross-platform app that works on everything.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance of a property is another component of property management. As a result, apartment management software should include this feature. From adding images of jobs to be completed to assigning jobs to your suppliers, you should be able to track jobs from start to end.

  • A multifunctional Front Desk

Smartly designed as a calendar, it lets you manage bookings, prices, and room status faster. This is where you can add or edit reservations, customize room details, track check-ins, and extend the length of the guest’s stay. The options are endless if it has cross-channel management tools since you can update data across all distribution channels directly from the front desk.

  • Document flow management

Much paperwork is involved with real estate administration, which can be a headache for everyone involved. The best Apartment Management App Development should integrate an automated and digitized document flow process to automate and digitize everything.

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How to Create Property Management Software?

How to Create Property Management Mobile App

If you’re building a custom solution, whether it’s in-house or outsourced, the process will take you 5 steps:

  • Define goal

Imagine the perfect solution you’d like to create. Take into account its most vital features, its look, and whether or not it will be available on mobile devices or desktop computers.

  • An inventive idea – market study

Look at the competition, and analyze the market. Determine your target market, research their problems, and give them solutions. Gain a competitive advantage by exploring the area.

  • Create your MVP

Build an MVP with basic features and a beautiful design that a small group of people can test. Implement changes according to their feedback.

  • Process of development

AI helps detect patterns, analyze data, and enhance security. You will be able to prepare a predictive analysis by leveraging big data.

Undoubtedly, blockchain will soon become a new standard in the real estate industry. Remember that apartment property management software may evolve into a blockchain-powered ecosystem that develops and manages entire real estate operations.

Want to develop mobile application?

  • Testing, optimization, and launch

Test your Software before the official release. As a result, errors and misbehaviors will be avoided. Make sure it is adaptable to mobile devices of various sizes and types and web browsers. If all goes well, launch it! Build your customer base by following a marketing strategy.

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How Much Does apartment management software development cost?

It’s time to know the cost of Apartment Management Software Development. A real estate app’s cost depends on various factors, including its complexity, type, platform, core and advanced features, location, third-party integrations, team structure, and technology stack. App development costs can vary if the process takes much longer than expected.

It is important to consider the cost per hour of the mobile app development company you are hiring or whether you are outsourcing the app development. Costs for app development can vary across nations due to the different costs developers charge.

The average cost of developing a real estate application can range anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 if you’re looking for hybrid app development with advanced features.

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The rental market is constantly seeking ways to normalize and optimize processes. With Property Management Software Development, they can easily follow and automate back-office roles, property-related operations, and functions. Thus, it is a wise idea to use the aid of a Real Estate App Development Company, which helps simplify the owner, tenant, and property-manager touch and offers a suitable channel of dealings. The experts will provide a perfect solution that eases your worries.


Q. What is apartment property management software?

Ans. It is a program that allows property managers to easily track and store tenant information, collect rent, and manage accounting tasks.

Q. Can property management software be integrated with other systems?

Ans. Yes, with property management software you get integration options available with different accounting software, marketing tools, and maintenance management software.

Q. What will the world’s property management software market look like in the future?

Ans. Property management software market is expected to adopt cloud computing solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

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