Money Lending App Development Cost, Types, Tech Stack, And Features

Money Lending App Development Cost, Types, Tech Stack, And Features in 2024

Modern consumers want accessible services that they can access from their homes. That’s why there’s been a significant increase in the use of loan applications.

Traditionally, lending money was a slow-moving process for both consumers and businesses. With the advent of loan apps and lending apps, the process has been made simpler by offering loans and money-lending facilities that require minimal documents and faster approvals. This saves time and effort.

Companies that develop loan lending app solutions are easing the process because of the remarkable convergence of mobile phones and technology. There are various ways to lend money in the present digital age; however, the growth of lending apps seems to offer the greatest promise.

The ease at which P2P (peer-to-peer lending apps) lending platforms enable users to obtain loans has made life easier for everyone. The groundbreaking business approach of loan lending applications focuses on quick cash loans without lengthy forms. Business owners and customers have embraced this revolutionary business model with all the right motives.

While borrowers can avoid needing to go back for bank accounts, banks are more focused on keeping track of their books and collecting payments via their computers.

What is a Lending App?

Sometimes, we need to take out loans to cover different financial issues ranging from mortgages to auto loans.

The app for money lending is a digital solution that lets you borrow cash from banks within your country.

The app enables you to take out loans without hassle, without the need to visit lenders, banks, or other financial institutions, or borrow money from your family or friends.

It allows you to compare the various interest rates and determine which one is best for you. Then, you can determine whether you are eligible to receive the loan. The most beneficial part is that you can rest assured that your data is secure and that you can repay the loan with a similar application.

A lending application benefits more than just the users. It helps lenders lower their operational costs, speed up the KYC process, simultaneously provide many customers, and tap into new markets.

Money lending platforms permit lenders to register and gain access to funds.

If you’re a new business with the idea of creating an online product for money lending, it is essential to carefully study the various kinds of loan platforms you’d like to build. This is because the lending kind determines the design, layout, and cost of the application.

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How do Money-Lending Apps Work?

Businesses who wish to go with loan lending mobile application development to expand their business should first know how it operates. Lenders and borrowers alike can use the app without difficulty. The following instructions will describe how to make use of the application:

  • To access the lending platform or software, both loan seekers and lenders must sign up on the app.
  • App users must fill in their details to verify their account and then add their bank account.
  • The lender can also connect their bank account to carry out financial transactions.
  • Then, the borrowers can select among the loan options your preferred lender offers. To apply for a loan, the borrower must submit a loan application to the lender along with an explanation of why they want the loan.
  • The lender will accept the loan if he believes it to be appropriate, but he may decide to refuse the request. When comparing the various advantages and rates of interest, borrowers can choose from a vast selection of options.
  • After accepting all conditions and terms, both parties can complete the loan sectioning procedure online or in person. The loan funds will then be transferred from the lender’s account to the borrower’s account.

Market Statistics of Loan Lending Applications

The world’s market for digital lending platforms was estimated to be $7.04 billion in 2022.

By 2030, it’s predicted that the world FinTech credit market is expected to be $4,957.16 billion, with an expected CAGR (CAGR) in the range of 27.4% between 2021 and 2030.

In 2021, the mortgage lending market was estimated at $11,487.23 billion. The market is predicted to witness a CAGR 0f 9.5% from 2022 to 2031 and will reach $27,509.24 billion in 2031.

The world loan market for P2P was estimated to be $82.3 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at an annual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.1% and reach USD 804,200 in 2030.

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Types of Loan Lending Mobile Applications

Every loan application differs in the kind of loans they provide to their clients. Every person’s needs are different, and so is the loan ability of every application. So, how do you plan on lending money? It’s simple. Each application analyzes the financial status of any borrower before making a loan.

Types of Loan Lending Mobile Applications

>Payday Loans App

Also referred to as small loan applications or cash advance applications, these apps allow for immediate loans and permit the borrower to get a tiny amount of their next pay before they get it. Additionally, a few short-term cash loan apps can provide people in times of need.

>Quick Loans App

Also called an instant money app, these apps offer users cash advances they can pay back when the next payday comes around. Many instant loan applications do not charge additional interest for an advance. However, they could charge an additional fee for quick cash delivery, whereas normal delivery typically takes a few days.

>Home Loans App

People who wish to assist those with mortgages can create home loan applications. When you invest in user-friendly loan lending app development, you’ll see it expand globally.

>Student Loans App

A specific target market that’s most likely to need help with their expenses for education Apps for student loans are typically chosen. It’s a loan application that’s highly sought-after.

>Vehicle Loans App

You can assist the crowd in the field who needs cash to purchase a vehicle. You could give them a loan with interest and then a car loan.

>Personal Loan Mobile App

The apps allow borrowers to request loans without going to a bank. Additionally, individuals can take personal loans to consolidate debt, fund a major purchase, or pay the balance of a bill.

>Business Loan App

Mobile apps can be helpful, especially for start-ups and businesses. It is possible to bring business loans to market to aid individuals in establishing or establishing businesses.

>P2P Loan App

Another kind of Fintech application, a peer-to-peer loan lending application, was created to facilitate lending. It meets this requirement by connecting the borrower and lender without intermediaries, banks, or credit unions.

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>Bank Loan App

These are familiar loans since they are based on traditional lending techniques. Banks demand an explicit guarantee for loans.

>Credit Unions App

Most of the time, these apps offer low interest on loans. Users will find it more convenient to obtain a loan than banks with larger branches.

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Increased Demand for Money Lending Applications

The best thing about mobile applications is that they are available 24/7. A loan lending app is a bank that you carry in your pocket. With loan lending applications, getting or depositing money is easy, quick, and always feasible. The apps for money lending also offer customers a range of advantages, like:

Increased Demand for Money Lending Applications

>Maximum Security

Mobile money lending apps utilize a secure, encrypted network that can transmit details about customers and financial transactions. The only thing users need to do is create a secure password for their account.

>Different Loan Alternatives

These apps offer loans to their customers, ranging from payday loans to personal loans. Everybody requires a loan for various reasons, and the loan lending app is a great solution to this demand.


Most loan applications are made for homes or a brand new car, as certain people require loans to fund their needs covertly. Mobile loan apps could provide exceptional confidentiality and security in this scenario.

>Improved Logs

My experience with commercial banks includes transaction records. Similar to automated transaction records, they are generated by mobile lending applications, and it’s easy to view these records within the application. Customers can also pay on time due to better record management, which is further enhanced by timely alerts and notifications to the user.

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Top Money Lending Application in the Market

If you want to borrow money easily, numerous applications are available that give you rapid and simple access to cash. They offer a variety of benefits and features, which makes them a popular choice for those who require financial aid. 

Top Money Lending Application in the Market

Here are the top 10 applications for borrowing money:

>Earnin App

The Earnin application allows users to get up to $100 per day and up to $500 for a pay period. The app does not charge interest or fees to borrow money. Instead, users can give what they believe is fair to support the app. It’s important to note that Earnin operates using an honor system that relies on the information from users’ paychecks and the information about their employment to confirm.

>Dave App

  The Dave application allows users to take out up to $100 with no charges and without a credit check. The money borrowed will be immediately repaid when the user’s next paycheck is transferred, like Earnin, where users can donate to aid in the app’s service. It’s similar to Earnin, but the Dave app also offers tools for budgeting, cost tracking, and alerts to be aware of bills due.

>MoneyLion Plus

MoneyLion Plus offers users access to a $500 credit with a rate of 5.99 APR of 1% (Annual Percentage Rate) with no credit checks needed. In addition, the app offers different benefits like credit monitoring and cashback rewards. To avail of these benefits, users must subscribe to a MoneyLion Plus membership, which also comes with a managed investment account managed investment account.

>Possible Finance

Possible Finance This app offers small loans from $100 to $500, with no credit check needed. The app offers various flexible payment options, such as the option to extend payment due dates when needed. Possible Finance aims to help customers build credit histories by notifying loan payments in credit reports.

>Brigit App

With Brigit, the Brigit application, users can get up to $250 in credit without any late or interest charges. Brigit also comes with additional features, such as automatic budgeting and predictions for overdrafts, to assist users in managing their finances efficiently. Brigit also has a membership package with additional benefits such as credit monitoring and identity theft security.

>Empower App

The Empower application allows users to get cash advances as high as $250. It also comes with features such as personal financial planning, savings transfer, and spending tracking to ensure users control their financial situation. Users must connect banks to their accounts to verify their accounts and loan repayment.

>Chime App

Chime is an app for mobile banking that gives users access to their earnings via direct deposits. Payrolls are available up to two days before conventional banking options. Chime offers a variety of benefits, such as no hidden costs, automatic savings transfers, and the ability to use a Visa debit card, which can be used to make everyday purchases.

>Even App

The Even app lets users receive their wages before their next pay day. Users can request as much as 50% of the pay in advance. The app also comes with budgeting tools, automatic savings options, and bill management tools to aid users in keeping their finances well-organized.

>Branch App

The Branch app offers instant cash advances of up to $150. It also offers budgeting tools, automatic savings features, and financial insight to help users manage their money efficiently. Users can pay back the cash advance via their paycheck or bank account.

>PayActiv App

PayActiv’s app gives users access to their earned earnings prior to their next payday. The app allows users to access up to $500 per pay period and use the money for bill payments, purchases, or savings. PayActiv provides additional options such as goal-setting for savings, bill reminders, and financial wellness tools.

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Key Features to Be Included in Money Lending Application

To create a lending application with a clean and elegant interface that is easy to use and can attract clients, you have to select the features you want to include.      Key Features to Be Included in Money Lending Application

Here’s a list of loan lending app features you must include to simplify your users’ lives.


User registration is among the most important features of nearly every app. But, to make your lending application stand out, you must:

  • Users can explore the apps and test the essential features without signing up.
  • Allow users to sign up and log in to their accounts using an email ID, telephone number, or social handles like Google and Facebook.

At this point, an easy and seamless user experience can pave the way for greater user acceptance.

>Borrower’s Profile

This feature allows users to change and add the details of their profiles (name, address, location, etc.).

The best method to implement here is to conceal the user’s profile information by default. For the first-time user, you can include templates in every field to give an indication.

>Loan Application Form

This feature should be at the heart of your app for money lending.

With this feature, customers are expected to be able to create their loan request, select the approximate payback date, communicate with lenders, and check the status of their application.

To make it easier for users, consider splitting the loan application process into distinct steps and then guiding them through the procedure.

>Loan Calculator

This is a perfect feature for defining the user’s monthly instalments/payments, down payment, interest rate, amount of interest, and loan fees.

Instead of having the calculator separately, this feature handles the loan calculation.

>Payment & Billing

After a loan has been funded and repaid, customers will require an area to review all outstanding and complete EMIs. Also, they should verify the balance of their debt.

In addition, the payment gateways integrated into the app give users a range of payment options and platforms that enable fast and secure transactions.

>Transactions & EMI’s

To repay the loan, the borrower is required to pay EMIs that cover both interest and principal. After all EMIs are paid, the loan will be paid at the end of the day. All transactions stored here are used to make it easier for audits and future reference.


Your app should permit users to transfer money to a bank account.

>Credit Score

Linking your application with credit score services will allow users to determine their credit ability.


Push notifications are a fantastic way of informing users about upcoming payment schedules or due dates.

These additional features could make your money-lending app even more appealing to your clients:

  • Rewards points and ratings
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat help
  • Take control of discounts and promotions
  • Reports that can be customized for any party.
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Cost of Developing a Money Lending Application

The development costs of a loan lending app can vary from $48,000 to $84,000, depending on the features you want. However, if you’ve done your homework and thoroughly reviewed available SDKs, the costs are likely to go down.

The cost of creating an application for mobile loan lending is contingent upon various factors. While the mobile app development company that develops the loan app will have a major impact on the development cost, it is essential to consider the following elements.

  • The app’s complexity
  • App platform
  • UI/UX
  • The variety of features that are included in it
  • Application Architecture
  • The time of the app’s development

To build an app for mobile and the backend from concept to delivery, you must remember that you’ll need an entire stack of loan lending app developers. The amount of time required to build your app will differ based on several factors depending on the stage you’re in while developing your app and the features you’re looking for.

Tech Stack Required for Developing Loan Lending Mobile App

  • Framework: Java 8 +, Lagom, Play, Akka, Spring, Slick, Spring Boot, JSON
  • Front end: Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, JQuery
  • Mobile Platforms: React Native, Android, iOS
  • Web Services: SOAP, REST
  • Programming Language: JSON, Core JAVA
  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Every project’s success comes from the work of the team members who worked on its creation. The app’s owner must select the most competent team from one of the agencies for app development and freelance programmers. The best method is to evaluate the skills and experience of developers that you would like to work with. Check out the team that you will have to build an app for lending:

  • Project manager
  • Front end developer
  • Back End Developer
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Requirement Analyst
  • UI/UX Designers
  • QA Specialist
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The Key Takeaway

Money lending apps are thriving nowadays, and since there aren’t many of these applications, start-ups have an opportunity to invest their funds in them. If you plan to create a money lending application for your own, you might have an opportunity to beat other apps and the race as consumers move from bank loans to readily accessible loans through these apps.

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All you need to do is find an expert loan lending app development company to create your app. They will listen to your concept and come up with a plan that incorporates the latest technologies and features.

This is why numerous lenders are deciding to develop fintech-related apps, including a loan application that allows money lending on demand.

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