How Much Does An App Like Airbnb Cost

How Much Does An App Like Airbnb Cost In 2024?

The global economy is undergoing change, and the freelancing economy is growing in recognition. Travelers require accommodation. At present, staying in a hotel isn’t the only option. Some people have begun renting their homes to tourists because it allows them to make extra money.

Airbnb is now one of the biggest booking websites. Users can post details about their properties on the site, and visitors can search for affordable, ideal accommodation based on their needs. This platform is a great option for landlords to offer their properties up for rental.

Airbnb has grown globally, with approximately 190 countries and 300,000 accommodations in 50000 cities. Anyone in the world can lease a room, apartment, or even an entire house with Airbnb.

The use of websites like Airbnb is increasing in popularity. Additionally, if you plan to launch an app similar to Airbnb, it is crucial to comprehend its fundamentals and the required budget for vacation rental app development like Airbnb.

In the current climate, convenience has contributed to the rising popularity of the travel market. According to a report from Global Newswire, the demand worldwide is projected to grow to $1,826 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 14.8%.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an internet-based platform and hospitality service provider offering vacation rentals and different travel options. It was established in 2008 and is now one of the most reputable companies in the hospitality industry. One interesting aspect of Airbnb is that the company has no hotels, inns, or other properties. It acts as a mediator and earns commissions for each booking.

If you go to the Airbnb website or app, you will find an inventory of vacation rentals. You can select a rental based on your needs, budget, and ease of use. It has 150 million active users around the world, according to Airbnb Key Statistics 2022, and is present in 100,000 cities as well as 167 countries and 4 million+ hosts. Furthermore, the app and website application allow users to talk with hosts to discuss the specifics of their accommodation.

Airbnb offers equal opportunities for hosts looking to lease their home or space and customers seeking affordable holiday rentals, apart from hotels. In a relatively short period of time, Airbnb has captured the market worldwide with its easy, flexible, and affordable services.

Airbnb Business Model

Airbnb lets people with houses or lofts make extra money by leasing the space. It is possible to lease an apartment, a property, or a royal residence in various locations worldwide.

There are apps available for major smartphones (iOS and Android) and web-based apps. Furthermore, Airbnb features work with smartwatches. This means that customers will receive alerts faster and stay up to date on any updates.

Airbnb’s business model for revenue Airbnb relies on reservation expenses.

  • The guest must pay a minimum of 6-12 percent of the booking cost, depending on the amount of the booking.
  • Airbnb alters the landowner’s name by 3% each exchange.

It is how apps such as Airbnb earn revenue by creating an app for mobile devices based on this model. The app charges in the range of 6% to 12 percent for guests based on the price of their reservation. Airbnb is also charged by Airbnb 3% of each visitor who has booked to handle Visa handling.

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Working Process of Airbnb Application!

What’s the process by which Airbnb operates for travelers/visitors? In most cases, the platform consists of two panels: hosts and landlords (host). It provides its users with various services, so it is important to understand how it functions before constructing an app similar to Airbnb as an on-demand app development company.

Working Process of Airbnb Application

>Airbnb Workflow for Hosts

  • Sign up to Airbnb by providing your phone number, email ID, or social account authorization.
  • Create a profile by submitting your details as well as accommodation information.
  • Please provide the details of your accommodation, including where to stay, what kind of accommodation, amenities available, guests allowed, and length of stay.
  • Upload professional photos of the property to provide an accurate view of the area and set price.
  • Contact guests online and reply promptly to reject or accept reservations.
  • The payment is due within 24 hours after guest check-in.
  • Hosts are protected from loss due to liability insurance, and protection against damage coverage is provided at no cost.

>Airbnb Workflow for Guests

  • You can sign up and log in to the Airbnb app using the numbers of your phone, email IDs, and social media accounts.
  • Create an account by filling in the personal details following approval.
  • Choose the location you want to stay at with an explicit goal that specifies the period. Also, include the possibility of extension days and dates for emergencies.
  • Include your guests’ names, including children, adults, elderly, pets, or adults.
  • Use direct search or filtering to find alternatives for the property you’re searching for within the specified price.
  • In addition, guests can look up the hotel’s location on the map along with its price and follow it with the list of accommodation options that cost per night or day.
  • Clicking on the property will display information, including address, photos of the host’s name, contact information, testimonials from guests who have stayed before, and other information.
  • Make a reservation and get confirmation by push notifications or an SMS.
  • Make the payment using the preferred payment method following confirmation of your booking.
  • Then, get to the place for the time and have a blast.

Reasons to Invest in Vacation Rental Application Like Airbnb!

A holiday rental app such as Airbnb has numerous reasons to consider it.

First, the vacation rental market continues to grow steadily, fueled by changing travel preferences and the growing popularity of sharing economies.

Through leveraging this trend, investors can profit from an increasingly profitable and lucrative market.

The second reason is that the success of Airbnb has demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency of the model of vacation rentals.

With estimates of Airbnb reaching millions of dollars, the company demonstrates the immense value that can be created in this area.

Airbnb’s profits rose by 40 percent in 2022. This was the second consecutive year of growth after a revenue decline of 31% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Airbnb quarterly earnings 2019 through 2023 ($mm)

In creating a well-designed, user-friendly application, users can capture market share and make substantial returns on their investment.

A holiday rental app offers a variety within the real estate market.

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As a substitute for traditional property investments such as rest houses and hotels, which can have expensive upfront costs and long-term commitments, mobile applications allow investors to enter the vacation rental market with significantly less capital requirements and greater quality and flexibility.

Utilizing the vacation rental apps allows you to contribute to developing the tourism and hospitality industry.

To provide only travelers with secure accommodation options, investors can shape how people view destinations and help support the growth of the sharing economy.

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Must Have Features to Include in the Holiday Rental Apps Like Airbnb

The app for Airbnb vacation rentals includes essential features that enhance users’ experience in the booking process.

Each feature is essential to ensure seamless interactions between hosts and guests, starting with sign-up and managing recompense.

Let’s look at the major attributes that make Airbnb a user-friendly and efficient platform.

Must Have Features to Include in the Holiday Rental Apps Like Airbnb

>Profile Management

The feature for managing profiles lets users create and maintain their profiles.

They may increase personal information and profile pictures and verify their character to build confidence within the community.

Hosts may also showcase their homes and provide information to attract potential guests.

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>Property Listing

Hosts can use their property listings feature to show their properties in greater detail.

They may also include photos and descriptions, facilities, home rules, comfort, and cost details to attract prospective guests.

A well-designed listing can help hosts advertise their homes effectively and increase the likelihood of getting reservations.

>In-App Chat

The chat feature in the app allows regular communication between guests and hosts.

It lets users discuss booking details, mark crucial information, and address issues.

Real-time messaging in the app improves communication and builds relationships and trust between users.

>Cancellation Feature

The cancellation feature lets customers manage their bookings and withdrawals when required.

The guests can review the cancellation policies for every listing and request cancellation within the stated time frames.

Hosts may also establish cancellation policies to clarify and ensure their rental availability.

>Booking History

The booking history feature allows users to look up their past and future reservations, as well as details such as dates, details about the property, and prices.

This feature assists users in tracking their travel plans by reviewing previous travel experiences and arranging important information about bookings according to the desired location.

>Coupons and Offers

The coupon and offers feature allows users to exchange promo codes for cash and take advantage of special discounts or other enticements Airbnb offers.

The offers are available in the booking process to save customers money and improve the app’s value proposition.

>Sign Up

The sign-up feature allows users to create their accounts via either email registration or social media integration.

Users can share personal data to set preferences and create secure login credentials to use the app’s features.

>Search Feature

The search feature lets users view hotels based on their preferred place, travel dates, and more detailed requirements.

Advanced filters let users improve their search results, such as cost range, property type, facilities, and so on, making sure they locate the most suitable rental for their family’s needs.

>Push Notifications

Push notifications alert users on important changes, like confirmation of booking messages from guests and hosts, imminent travel plans, or bids for individual bids.

This feature provides timely communications and improves user experience by providing real-time notifications and updates.

>Geolocation Feature

Geolocation lets users browse listings and locate accommodation in specific zones or neighborhoods.

It visualizes properties on a map, helping guests classify the most appropriate options based on preferred locations and proximity to amenities or other attractions.

>Ratings and Reviews Feature

The reviews and ratings feature lets guests comment on their stay and written reviews.

This feature benefits future guests who make informed decisions and gives hosts valuable feedback that can help them improve their services.

It also helps build trust and accountability within the Airbnb community.

>Payment Management

The feature for managing payments allows secure and unidirectional transactions within the application.

Users can also add payment options, make reservations, and even confidently process transactions.

Hosts receive their salary using the app’s secure pay system, easing the financial aspects of renting their property.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb

The expenses associated with launching an app for travel like Airbnb will fluctuate depending on various variables that influence the total costs. Let’s look at the factors that affect these to understand how they impact the cost of vacation rental app development solutions like Airbnb.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb

>Development Team Location

The total cost of developing an app such as Airbnb could also differ based on hours of development per hour across different areas of the world. For instance, hourly development rates for countries such as the UK or the UK are significantly more expensive than those in other regions.

One method to maximize the budget is outsourcing to Asian regions such as India, which have expert development staff who provide solutions that do not compromise quality. Utilizing the expertise of these regions’ technology and resources will significantly improve efficiency, reducing total cost-effectiveness.

>Quality Assurance

Extensive testing and quality control procedures are crucial to ensuring the app’s quality and reliability, which can help ensure an enjoyable user experience. Conducting thorough tests across different devices, operating systems, and network conditions can help find and correct any performance or bugs early in the mobile application development process. However, extensive testing and automated testing tools could raise the cost of developing apps that resemble Airbnb.

>Tech Stack Used

Technology advancement is an essential element in creating an app similar to Airbnb. Let’s explore the advanced technologies that are the foundation of this innovative platform.

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>App Platform

Choosing the best platform(s) to develop apps like iOS, Android, or cross-platform frameworks can impact the development cost. Making separate native apps for different platforms usually takes more time and resources than using cross-platform tools for development. In addition, regular platform updates and compatibility testing could be a source of maintenance costs following the launch.

>Compliance and Security Standards

Following industry and security regulations is essential to protecting the user’s data and ensuring confidence. Implementing robust security measures, such as data encryption, authentication, and other security protocols, will incur additional development costs.

Furthermore, obtaining compliance certifications or undergoing security audits to ensure that you meet regulatory agency requirements and comply with compliance rules could boost the development costs of Airbnb-like apps.


Support and maintenance after launch are crucial to running the app without a hitch and fixing any bugs or issues that arise over time. The budgeting process for ongoing maintenance activities like software updates and security patches, bug fixes, and feature enhancements is vital to ensure the app’s longevity. In addition, offering customer support and responding to user feedback could require dedicated resources, impacting the development cost of Vacation Rental Booking Software Services like Airbnb.

>Third-Party Integrations

Integrating third-party applications such as the mapping API, payment processors, and social media sites could increase an app’s usability and user experience. However, every integration adds complexity to the development process and may result in subscription or licensing fees.

Furthermore, ensuring seamless integration with third-party services could mean more development and testing, which could affect Airbnb’s development expenses.

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AI-powered chatbots can offer immediate assistance to users, respond to queries, make recommendations, or help with bookings. They can also provide individual assistance throughout the day, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

However, developing and training AI chatbots is a major investment in AI technology and natural language processing capabilities, which could impact the overall cost of developing an app similar to Airbnb.

Typically, basic Airbnb-like app development with basic features and a minimal layout takes about four months and costs between $30000 and $50000. The apps with the most sophisticated features and tech stack will differ based on the functions and features to be included, as skilled developers and specialists must be involved. A long time frame also extends the budget.

The development costs for apps are accurate based on the duration taken by vacation rental app development company to develop the various features included in an app for mobile devices, which is then followed by hourly charges.

The Key Takeaway

Traveling has never been as comfortable as it is now. Travelers can select from a range of hotels, modes of transportation, and facilities. Travel companies strive to develop new solutions and services that make travel simpler and more enjoyable.

Think of a brand new feature or function that could be valuable when creating a travel application like Airbnb. Be sure to think of the two main beneficiaries: Travelers and hosts. You must realize that you’ve only gained half the fight by simply maintaining their interests!

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Making an app that competes with Airbnb’s popularity isn’t easy. It’s a careful combination of the best features, a flawless design, and an experienced team that recognizes your vision and enhances the idea.

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