How To Develop An On Demand Flower Delivery App Like Ferns N Petals

How To Develop An On Demand Flower Delivery App Like Ferns N Petals in 2024

Flowers are the most beautiful and requested present for any occasion. On special occasions, walking through the numerous shops to find the perfect bouquet can be exhausting and take a lot of time. Thanks to technological advances, there’s an on-demand delivery solution for all occasions, and flower delivery software is just one of them.

Applications like Ferns N Petals, MyFlowerApp, FlowerAura, Interflora, and many more are already in business. They have also expanded their on-demand flower bouquet delivery service, allowing people to send flowers and gifts to loved relatives.

On-demand flower and bouquet delivery services are among the best ways to eliminate companies. They require no high expenditure but a little understanding of the technical aspects. Existing flower shop owners have noticed the changing market behavior. Therefore, they have used online bouquets and flower delivery to ensure their business runs smoothly.

When to Develop An On-Demand Gift and Flower Delivery App

We’ve all witnessed how severely the lockdown affected the retail market. While the offline market slowed so low simultaneously, online retail apps or stores captured consumers’ attention and attention.

In recent times, we’ve seen that during Diwali, apps like Amazon and eBay have made record-breaking revenue. We can, therefore, say that the festive season is the ideal time for any app development concepts. At this time, one can make the most value from one’s online company.

Imagine a person who lives far from his family during this holiday season or on the most memorable days of their lives and wishes to spend their special day with their loved ones in a different place. What is the most effective method to connect? The first option could be an online video chat application. The second option is for the user to place an order through an online gift or flower delivery service and spend the day with loved family members. There may be numerous occasions where users would like to express their joy through flowers and a gift delivery application.

The delivery of flowers and gift apps is crucial, so the demand for gift and flower delivery app development in the marketplace is so high. Many examples demonstrate the potential of the on-demand delivery of flowers and gift apps. Apps such as Ferns N Petals, Mizu, and Bloom and Wild are most well-known for their cake, flower gifts, chocolate, and gift delivery services. If you have one of these businesses, you can bring them up to speed with our innovative and affordable app development solutions.

What is Ferns N Petals App?

FNP (Ferns N Petals) is India’s most popular flower and gift on-demand retailer. It was founded in 1994 by Vikaas Gutgutia. FNP was able to expand its operations globally over a brief period of time. The first store that was part of Ferns N Petals was opened in the Delhi South extension; it took nine years before breaking its record in 2003. The flower shop has been able to expand into the online market and has also launched several online ventures, such as FNPcakes.

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Explore Ferns N Petals Success History Right Here!

Managing director and founder of Ferns N Petals started gifting and selling flowers with a small amount of Rs. 5000. In the following months, the investor raked in an additional Rs. 2.5 Lakhs from a business partner and established the first shop that employed 4 individuals within Delhi’s South Extension in a 200-square-foot space. The business is among the most prominent on-demand players in the gift and floral business. The company’s founder hopes to expand its operations globally and calls it the “world’s largest florist.’

Ferns N Petals is the best place to achieve the standards set by international flowers in terms of quality and style. The company has 194 locations in around 75 cities and provides services to over 150 countries. FNP is the biggest flower retailer worldwide, catering to the needs of the largest number of people.

Established in 1994, these online florists and gift shops offer a single source to purchase flowers and other gifts for all occasions. They also make it mandatory for traditional florists to use flower delivery services to meet the highest standards of business. By using Ferns and Petals, you can arrange for flowers to be delivered to events such as weddings and parties or just deliver fresh flowers to India and all over the world.

Market Size and Growth of Flower Delivery Mobile Apps

The online flower delivery program could be the most elegant startup because it’s simple to carry around and affordable for florists starting their own companies. Flower and plant delivery has experienced an impressive growth rate and the interest of customers as shown in the following figures:

The market for online floral gifts is growing. According to a report from Arizton, the U.S. floral gifting market will be $11.91 billion by 2021. It will likely hit $17.02 billion before 2027, with an annual rate of 6.13 percent.

According to a study conducted by the International Mass Retailers Association (IMRA), men are more likely to spend money on floral arrangements than women. Men spend around $95 to gift flowers, whereas women spend $60. The trend shows an increase in the average household expenditure of $94.50.Hire us to grow your florist business

This proves that online flower delivery services are changing the landscape and offering superior service to their clients, making their lives more enjoyable. Let’s look at the steps to making an order for an on-demand floral delivery service through your mobile application or website.

Types Of On Demand Flower Delivery App

The apps for flower delivery can be designed in two different ways, which are described in the following paragraphs:

>Dedicated to a Brand

Specific applications are designed for a particular company or brand. The goal of this arrangement is for the business to reach many more customers. This model lets customers receive support from the brand they are associated with.

>Aggregator Apps

Aggregator models function as an online platform on which all florist shops are gathered. Customers can browse the bouquets of flowers offered by various florists and select the one that best meets their preferences.

On-demand flower delivery app owners don’t have an inventory in this model. They take a certain amount of commission from florists who sign up on the app.

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Must-Have Features to Include in Flower Delivery Apps like Fern N Petals

Learn about some top features that should be added to your flower and gift delivery application. To ensure that your app is more relevant and user-friendly, you must include some essential features, which we will explore in this article:

Must-Have Features to Include in Flower Delivery Apps like Fern N Petals

>Different Categories (Flowers, Cake, Gifts)

Make each category distinct so users can understand and immediately access the appropriate category. Split your app into three main categories: exquisite flowers, captivating cakes, and top gifts. This allows users to easily look up the category based on their needs.

>Location Tracking

Let the delivery service keep track of the client’s location. In the event of a delay or late delivery, the customer can locate the delivery order using this feature. This is a great feature that will keep your customers informed of the delivery service you offer.

>Push Notification

The push notification feature lets users receive instant updates on your app and services. By using the feature, you can notify users of any updates or events coming to the app, keeping you in touch with them.

>24×7 Support

Customers appreciate it when you respond to their questions and concerns promptly. So, implementing a chatbot feature or 24-hour customer support is a great option if you want to increase your number of users and offer the best service.

>Simple and Quick Registration

Depending on your intended audience, ensure that logging in is quick and easy. If we’re talking about gift ideas and flower delivery apps, the intended users could be children, teenagers, or the elderly.

Consider the registration or login process with great care and ensure that everyone of all ages can quickly gain an account. Hire a flower delivery app development company to assist you in developing the most effective and secure user login procedure.


Enhance your app’s functionality with this new feature, which allows your app to recommend the most effective options based on users’ most recent searches and purchases. This makes your app more user-friendly and easy to use.

>Special Message

This feature allows customers to write personalized messages to loved ones. Sometimes, people want to express their feelings through flowers or gifts. This feature will increase the number of exigent users.

>On-demand Delivery

Be sure to get the order delivered in one day. Like Ferns N Petals, they can sometimes deliver your order on the same day, but they will charge an extra fee. This can be utilized as a strategy to market your product and a crucial aspect of your online gift or delivery application.

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>Different Payment Options

Let users pay with various payment options. It’s not required that the user be willing to pay via an app for e-wallets or cash. They can change their payment options and your app. So, users can pay using different payment methods at any time they require it by using the “multiple payment mode” feature.

Benefits of Developing an On-Demand App Like Fern N Petals

Consumers are more attracted to shopping online, and convenience for customers is the primary factor that determines the growth of online companies. For a retailer online, it is essential to follow certain marketing strategies that may prove advantageous. Making an app is a prerequisite to remain in the game and succeed online. Here are the advantages of creating apps for your company: Benefits of Developing an On-Demand App Like Fern N Petals

>Creating Brand Value

Every company strives to create excellent value for its brand in order to increase customer trust and build a good reputation in the marketplace. On-demand delivery can benefit your company and help grow your floral delivery business.

With these apps, you can provide 24/7 service availability and accept requests anytime. In addition, your customers will get notifications from the app informing them of the latest information about food delivery. These features will help you to provide an excellent experience for your customers that will ultimately create positive impressions of your business in their minds.

>Ease to Users

A top flower delivery application will deliver flowers on the same day to customers’ doorsteps. This is a great convenience for those looking for options to give to their closest friends or relatives at the last moment. These apps also offer fresh, natural bouquets and a variety of gift baskets that can give your loved ones a stunning gift.

>Seamless Business Management

The on-demand flower order and delivery software includes an all-inclusive Admin Panel, which allows you to manage your day-to-day business operations and inventory.

In addition, it is possible that the Admin Panel of online software for purchasing flowers can provide crucial information and stats to assist in smoothly managing your delivery service. Additionally, the software allows you to set up the notifications for stock to arrange them quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is easy to manage and arrange your products.

>Assess Buyer Behavior To Personalize Offers

To comprehend consumer behavior, you must first understand your clients’ purchasing decision-making process. Businesses employ various methods of making purchases influenced by cultural, personal, social, and psychological factors. An in-depth analysis of these variables could help you develop more efficient methods for personalizing your marketing.

On-demand delivery platforms let you easily offer attractive discounts and promotions to current and potential customers. It is possible to attract new customers and keep your existing ones.

Additionally, you can use notifications in-app to advertise your online flower business. You can also provide your app’s URL to current and potential customers. Employ third-party SMS services to spread the word about the services you offer to your customers. This will increase the popularity of your app and boost the number of downloads from app stores.

>Vast Product Catalog

You could offer your customers the ‘Smart Search’ option so that they can locate the item they want and then sort choices according to their preferences. If you offer these features to your customers, they can make purchasing easy and convenient for them. This will ultimately create an excellent impression of your business in their minds.

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Steps to Develop an On-Demand Flower Delivery App Like Fern N Petals

If you’re planning to go with flower delivery app development services for your company, it is recommended to follow these simple and efficient steps to ensure smoother operation of delivery services for flowers:

Steps to Develop an On-Demand Flower Delivery App Like Fern N Petals

>Planning and Research

The plan is probably the most crucial step in the development process since it defines the fundamental elements of your app. A well-planned and managed plan helps you determine your app’s objectives and create a competitive analysis and marketing strategies to integrate into your app.

Do some research on your app to understand its idea, its intended users, and technical feasibility, and identify the features of similar apps?

>Competitor Analysis and Market Trends

Understanding your competition and their marketing strategies is a crucial aspect of the mobile app development process. It can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of every competitor and establish them as a source of contrast with your company. Analyzing should also consider the most recent market trends to increase customers’ engagement and enthusiasm for the software that delivers flowers.

>Understand Your Target Audience

Through thorough research and analysis to identify your target audience, you can filter them to provide better marketing strategies and strategies. Your audience should be classified according to their interests, preferences, and values, as well as their age groups, etc.

>Designing UI and UX

The user interface design must be user-friendly and simple. UX/UI defines the fit ratio of your app to deliver flowers. Create your app from the user’s perspective. You can then review the app from beginning to end. It should be user-friendly for your clients.

>Enlist Your Must-Have Features

Create a list of features that should be added to your online flower delivery application and place them according to their function. List all the features and make plans to add them at no cost to your application. This will allow you to develop an MVP for your company.

>Start Actual Development

After completing the above steps, you are now prepared to begin the actual development of your application. Select the best based on their knowledge and experience to meet your needs and requirements.

After we’ve identified the different ways to go about it and the best business model for online flower delivery software solutions, it is time to pay attention to the features that should be added. With efficient and well-designed software, you will be able to have extremely technologically advanced and economically viable on-demand flower delivery software that can assist you in sending your flowers on demand hassle-free.

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Cost of Developing a Flower Delivery Application

The price of development of your flower delivery applications depends on the technical framework and various other factors. Below are a few significant factors that could affect the cost of developing your apps for flower delivery:

  • The framework for software development
  • Creation of UI / UX
  • The creation of frontend and backend
  • Integrated features and feature types
  • Integrations with third party
  • Development hours

Therefore, the price for flower delivery app development solutions will differ depending on the nature of your app and the app developer you choose. Based on the rates mentioned in the previous cards, developing a basic floral delivery application might cost between $15,000 and $50,000.

develop your flower delivery app  

The Key Takeaway

The demand for on-demand flower delivery is expanding into a billion-dollar business with a massive potential client base. Many changes have occurred regarding customers’ behavior in recent years, and they’re more accustomed to online ordering platforms. With the help of online floral delivery systems, you can reach a larger audience and stand a good probability of boosting sales.

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Flowers and plant delivery apps are among the latest trends. If you own a flower shop, you must put in extra effort to ensure your business is online to stand out in a crowded market. Inventcolabs is an effective solution that gives you an excellent online presence and features to help make your online flower shop more effective.

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