Top 10 Custom App Ideas for Salesforce

Top 10 Custom App Ideas for Salesforce in 2024

In this digitally connected world, imagining a life without dependable software applications and programs is nearly impossible. It’s reported that more than 70% of consumers seek product details, customer support, or any other service through smart gadgets. 

Besides, businesses are learning that customized mobile applications provide an excellent way to connect with customers. And what platform can be best other than Salesforce for businesses to connect more innovatively and efficiently with their prospects and existing customers?   

However, companies can’t meet every business need with existing tools and software built by Salesforce. It’s why Salesforce allows anyone to create customized applications. Let’s explore some of the best custom app ideas for Salesforce in 2024. 

What are Custom Apps in Salesforce?

With Salesforce application development services, the platform allows anyone to build a custom app to meet a business’s internal and specific needs. But what are custom apps in Salesforce?  

Unlike traditional, mass-market software, a custom application is designed for specific use or group of users with an enterprise. The primary purpose of creating such an application is to suit an organization’s particular needs.   

A custom application in Salesforce consists of a label, description, logos, landing page, branding, and an ordered list of items or tabs that work together to solve a specific business problem. 

How Can You Create a Custom App in Salesforce?

You can follow the below-discussed steps to create a custom app in Salesforce:

> Determine your ideal user:

Building individual personas is the best way to determine your ideal user and their needs. This information will help you curate comprehensive profiles of target users and understand their preferred Salesforce admin functions. 

> Design the Salesforce custom app architecture:

Remember that a well-designed architecture will set the foundation for a maintainable, scalable, and efficient app. When designing the Salesforce custom app architecture:

  • Define its purpose
  • Identify data model and objects
  • Choose the appropriate custom application development solutions
  • Define security and access control
  • Plan integration points
  • Consider user experience
  • Implement error handling and logging                                                  

> Create a Prototype:

Leverage your ideas to build an interdependent prototype for testing purposes and certifying user experience before proceeding with the next launch stage.

> Build an MVP:

Before you launch the minimum viable product (MVP), release it to your target users for testing and getting feedback from real-world applications. 

> Determine the custom application development cost:

The Price points for custom application development depend on various elements such as development, testing, functionality, maintenance, and updating the app to advanced features.

> Building Salesforce custom app:

Salesforce applications can be categorized into two types- lightning and classic. Lightning Experience is leveraged to develop and manage lightning apps, while Salesforce Classic is leveraged to build and manage classic apps. A developer can customize both these applications to meet target users’ needs.

> Testing and quality assurance:

Testing and quality assurance (QA) are crucial to ensure a Salesforce custom app’s reliability, quality, and functionality. By implementing different app testing methods like functional, integration, performance, security, regression, or user acceptance testing, you can quickly identify issues with the application and fix them before the launch.

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What are the Benefits of Salesforce Apps?

benefits of salesforces app development services

Many businesses worldwide consider custom application development in Salesforce to deliver a plethora of benefits to their target users. Moreover, companies themselves are already leveraging the advantages of these advanced applications to improve their operations’ quality.

The following discussed are the benefits of Salesforce apps:

> Accessibility:

Any authorized individual can access and operate the Salesforce app from anywhere. For instance, if an organization designs a custom app, the employees, management, and other key stakeholders can access it on different devices and locations. 

> Productivity:

The app featuring the Salesforce integration solutions helps enhance the productivity of an organization’s specific department. For example, if the Salesforce app is developed for the marketing department, it can provide the company insights into their customers’ purchase behavior. All this data is collected in one location, enhancing the marketing team’s productivity.

> Customization:

Every company has unique needs that the existing Salesforce apps and software might not fulfill. So, the Salesforce application development platform allows developers to develop customized apps to meet specific business needs. You can hire a team of dedicated Salesforce developers to equip the application with features and competencies necessary for meeting users’ needs.

> Collaboration:

The apps built with Salesforce aim to collaborate with organizations, employees, and customers. With these apps, enterprises can easily share information in real time, improve communication, take customer reviews, resolve customers’ complaints, and meet customers’ demands.

> Insights:

Salesforce apps by leveraging professional salesforce integration solutions can make it easier for companies to gather insights about customers, their buying behavior, and purchasing habits. With these insights, businesses can take rational actions, increasing the chance of meeting customers’ demands and expectations. 

> Security:

The Salesforce customer data platform values the security of customers’ data and, thus, implements Secure Socket Layer technology to protect the information via server authentication and data encryption.

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Top 10 Custom App Ideas for Salesforce in 2024

custom  salesforces app development services

In this section, we will discuss the innovative ideas to develop an app with Salesforce and tailor them to meet the requirements of different niches:

> Marketing:

Salesforce is the ideal platform for custom application development leveraging which will ensure greater value through marketing operations.

  • Social media management app: This app can help manage your brand’s presence on different platforms. For instance, the social media management app will handle the targeted users; interactions with the brand on multiple platforms.
  • Campaign management app: These applications are ideal for managing diverse marketing activities and campaigns on different platforms.
  • Content management app: In today’s digitally connected world, content is the king. A content management app is an ideal solution to manage diverse content related to your company’s products and services and add information to help targeted customers make informed purchase decisions.

In addition to these applications, you can develop customer journey mapping, email marketing, marketing analytics, or lead scoring apps.

> Service:

The following are different apps you can develop by leveraging the best Salesforce application development services to deliver the utmost quality services:

  • Field service management apps: The app is excellent for helping businesses manage varied resources like processing job orders, keeping track of services, automating scheduling, etc., in field service management activities.
  • Customer service management apps: With this application, companies can collect customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints from multiple platforms and entertain them immediately.
  • Chatbot app: Chatbot is integrated into the application to address the inquiries and complaints of customers.  

In addition to these applications, you can develop appointment scheduling or mobile workforce management apps.

> Information Technology:

 Here listed are some types of applications that can streamline different tasks for an IT company:

  • Software development app: Such applications help developers build applications compatible with mobile phones and computers.
  • Quality control app: Your quality analysis team can streamline quality control inspection processes to ensure superior quality products and services.

In addition to these applications, you can develop licensing, IT asset security, or network performance management apps.

> Human Resource:

Organizations can overcome the challenges of hiring the right employees and retaining them with the following listed modern software solutions:

  • Recruiting app: A professional Salesforce app development company can help advance recruiting app providing you the fundamental framework to track job applicants, their information, performance, work experience, etc. 
  • Employee onboarding app: This software will help you to get new hires inside your enterprise before their first day of joining.
  • Performance management app: This app will help maintain a record of the annual and periodic performance of all your employees to make better incentive-related decisions. In addition to these applications, you can develop a social intranet, application tracking system, learning management, or compliance management app.

>  Operations:

 Developing the below-discussed Salesforce apps can help streamline business operations:

  • Inventory management app: With the inventory management app, companies can track the incoming and outgoing inventory and in-stock and out-of-the-stock inventory. 
  • Project management app: A project management app helps companies store all the information about specific projects in a single platform, improving accessibility. 
  • Supply chain management app: You can record all suppliers, their fleets, the number of products, and other related details in the supply chain management app.  

In addition to these applications, you can develop delivery management, procurement management, or maintenance management apps.

> Finance:

 You can manage your business finances better by developing the following customized apps:

  • Account onboarding app: With this app, you can create a new account from different devices and streamline the process of the finance and sales department.
  • Financial reporting app: This app will record all the business-related financial information such as transactions, expenses, or salaries. 
  • Tax management app: You can analyze the enormous amounts of data from your business monetary transactions to make better tax-related decisions.

In addition to these applications, you can develop commercial onboarding, budgeting & forecasting, or expense management apps.

> Sales:

 The following are some custom app development ideas to boost your company’s sales:

  • Sales forecasting app: The app developed by a reliable mobile application development company will help evaluate the demand for certain products, the past performance of products, and other related information to forecast the sales of the same product. 
  • Sales performance management app: You can record the performance of sales teams, initiatives taken, and results achieved in different periods with the sales performance management app.
  • Sales reporting app: Store all data related to sales and forecasts and share with the relevant stakeholders leveraging this app.

In addition to these applications, you can develop sales enablement or lead and assign task apps.

> Engineering:

The following Salesforce apps can be helping hands in the engineering sector:

  • Engineering change management app: You should hire the Salesforce certified platform developer to develop the app to help create, review, and gain approval for engineering change requests, notifications, and orders.
  • Product lifecycle management app: The PLM app allows engineers to manage the information and processes across the entire product or service lifecycle. 

In addition to these applications, you can develop design collaboration, resource management, or training management apps.

salesforce app development services

> Manufacturing:

The following Salesforce apps can help elevate the operations in the manufacturing industry:

  • Production management app: Track, manage, and organize the production process with the help of the production management app.
  • Order fulfillment app: This app is ideal for managing inventory and orders, controlling inventory, and fulfilling orders. 

In addition to these applications, you can develop equipment tracking, lean manufacturing, or safety management apps.

> Administration app:

Here listed are the examples of app ideas that can smoothen the company’s administrative tasks:

  • Data backup and recovery app: A professional Android app development company can help develop an application to back up and recover vital business data lost accidentally.
  • App for automation: You can automate repetitive tasks and increase the overall productivity of a company by deploying these applications. 

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Why Inventcolabs’ Salesforce App Development?

Pertinent is a leading Salesforce development company with a dedicated app development team of Salesforce that can help businesses develop cutting-edge technological solutions to address several business problems. The company provides advanced Salesforce consulting services, allowing companies to better tap their target customers and establish long-term relationships through effective Salesforce automation. 

salesforce app development services


The business landscape is evolving at a faster rate, all thanks to technological advancements. Salesforce is a cutting-edge platform that helps companies evolve with the changing business world by building and deploying customized applications. Whether catering to marketing, manufacturing, sales, IT, or engineering sectors, you should hire dedicated developers to develop Salesforce apps to meet business and users’ needs.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the significance of custom apps in Salesforce for businesses?

Ans: The goals and visions of a business vary from company to company, and thus, the technological requirements also differ. It’s not possible for random applications to satisfy these needs, and therefore, businesses need Salesforce-developed custom apps to meet unique business needs.

Q2. What factors to consider when building a Salesforce custom app?

Ans: Before starting developing a Salesforce custom app, you should consider the following factors:

  • Determine your organizational goals
  • Determine pre-existing solutions
  • Consider searchability, visibility, and security
  • Ensure the app aligns well with other existing applications
  • Avoid contaminated data
  • Consider user experience
  • Maintain simplicity
  • Have a cloud storage
Q3. How do you ensure the custom app is secure and complies with regulations?

Ans: You should deploy secure code practices, regular testing, adherence to Salesforce security guidelines, etc., to ensure your Salesforce-developed custom app is secure and complies with necessary regulations.

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