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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App In 2024?

Mobile apps are an inseparable part of both personal and professional life. The launch of smartphones and the ease of use of mobile apps have resulted in an incredible rise in mobile application development. Businesses from different industries are adopting mobile apps as tools for enhanced customer engagement, operational efficiency and revenue generation. With this growing demand comes the inevitable question:  How much will it cost to make an app?

The application development cost may differ depending on many factors such as the level of complexity, platforms it will work on, and the level of customization required. The knowledge of the mobile app development cost is important for the businesses and entrepreneurs to do the budgeting right and make informed decisions about their mobile strategies. In this blog post, we will dive into the facets that determine the app development cost as well as the tips that can help you succeed in managing your budget appropriately.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

>Simple App: $5,000 – $40,000

Basic apps typically have simple user interfaces and limited functions. These could be simple games, informational apps, or utility apps. The low-end of the budget is dedicated to apps with very minimal functions while the high-end can cover apps with slightly more features. Such apps usually don’t require heavy backend development and are often created using templates or predefined frameworks.

>Medium Complexity App: $40,000-$100,000

Medium complexity apps have advanced functions, such as social media integration, payment gateways, and moderate backend services. These apps can be either chat apps, shopping apps or fitness apps. The wider range of price is due to the different ways of design, backend integration, and feature set. Such apps require a custom layout, more sophisticated user interfaces, and more complicated back-end infrastructure.

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>Complex App: $100,000-$300,000+

Sophisticated apps include those with the higher level capabilities such as live synchronization, augmented reality, or vast backend systems. For instance, it can be ride-sharing apps, large-scale e-commerce platforms, or multimedia streaming apps. Such kinds of apps need a lot of customization, top-quality security and usually built for multiple platforms. We can say that the complicated design, extensive tests, and maintenance lead to a higher price in this section.

Most Popular Apps in the Market and Their Cost

>Instagram: $100,000-$250,000

Instagram is a widely popular image-sharing app with features such as image filters, stories, and direct messaging. The costs of the app’s development reflect the high quality of the functionalities, efficient backend infrastructure, and straightforward user interface. The mobile app development cost of a platform like Instagram would be somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 given that scalability, performance optimization, and advanced design elements are included.

>Uber: $200,000-$400,000

Uber is a leading on-demand cab booking services app with great functions like real-time geolocation, fare calculation and online payment integration. The app development cost of a platform like this is high because of the intensive back-end services, real-time data synchronization, and multi-platform development. Generally, it costs from $200,000 to $400,000 to create an app that is similar to Uber, depending on the level of the app complexity and the choice of the mobile platform.

>Airbnb: $150,000-$300,000

Airbnb, one of the largest vacation rental platforms worldwide, is equipped with facilities such as property listings, reservations and reviews. Airbnb mobile development cost is high due to the fact that it needs a complex backend system, secure payment processing, and a user-friendly interface. Developing an app like this usually costs between $150,000 and $300,000 which depends on the platform used, features, and customization needed.

>TikTok: $150,000-$400,000

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to share their short videos having the features such as video editing, effects and live streaming. The cost in developing an app like TikTok is high because it requires sophisticated video processing, real-time engagement, and strong backend support. An app like TikTok usually costs $150,000-$400,000 including the platform choice and the feature complexity.

>Spotify: $100,000-$200,000

Spotify is a mainstream music streaming app with features like tailored playlists, offline listening, and social sharing. The cost of application development for a similar platform would be from $100,000 to $200,000, with high-quality audio streaming, large music libraries and user-centric design. Designing an app like Spotify requires one to devise an interface that is user-friendly and backend systems that are capable of managing huge amounts of data.

Factors That Impact the App Development Cost

Factor that impact the mobile app development cost

There are several factors that determine app development cost and knowing them helps businesses plan app development projects effectively:

>App Complexity

The complexity of an app hugely matters when it comes to mobile app development cost. A simple app with just basic features will cost less to develop. However, an app with a number of advanced features, such as geolocation, real-time data transfer or augmented reality, will take more time to develop and thus will be more expensive.

>Platform Choice

The choice of platform (iOS, Android, or both) is among the major factors that influence the mobile development cost. Development for a single platform is essentially cheaper, although cross-platform development can save money but at the expense of performance. The platform choice should match target audience needs and app functionality.

>Design Requirements

The development cost goes up with the complexity of interfaces and graphic designs. High-quality UI/UX design is of course required for user engagement, but it can also increase development costs. Employing standard design templates helps minimize the costs of app development, but it can also reduce the identity and uniqueness of the app. 

>Backend Development

The complexity of the backend system, incorporating servers, databases, and integrations, has an effect on the cost of mobile application development. Apps requiring heavy backend services may need large infrastructure, for example real-time data synchronization or cloud storage, and thus, the costs will increase as well.

>Development Team

The choice of development team is also among the key factors that determine the mobile app development cost. Hiring experienced mobile application developers or partnering with a reputable mobile app development company ensures quality but is usually more expensive. On the other hand, hiring freelancers may save money, but the quality may be inconsistent.

>Third-Party Integrations

Adding third-party services such as payment gateways, analytics tools or social media, increases the cost to build an app. Consequently, these integrations may improve the app functionality but will require more development time and resources which will make the cost to be higher.

>Testing and Quality Control

App testing and quality assurance are key to an app’s success, but also affect the cost to create an app. Testing involves the identification and fixing of bugs, ensuring compatibility across different devices and optimizing performance, which require both time and resources.

>Maintenance and Updates

Constant maintenance and upgrades result in the ongoing cost of the mobile phone application development. Continuous updates, bug fixes, and novel features make sure that the app works but also requires continuous expenses.

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>Marketing and Launch

The costs incurred in launching the app which include fees in app stores, marketing, and promotions contribute to the development budget of a mobile application. The creation of a powerful launch strategy that will drive the users to the platform should be budgeted.

>Geographic Location of Development Team

The location of the app developers plays a big role in the app development cost. Developers in North America or in Western Europe usually charge higher rates and, in contrast, developers in Eastern Europe or in Asia offer an acceptable price level for quality performance. The key factor in budget management is in choosing the right location for development.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile App Development

Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile App Development

>Conceptualization and Planning

In this first stage, identify the app’s purpose, target market, features, and monetization plan. First of all, it requires brainstorming as well as researching to come up with a project outline or roadmap. A good planning of projects ensures that the development process goes smoothly and objectives are not derailed while minimizing unreasonable costs.

>Design and Prototyping

During the design stage, developers build the UI and the UX of the app. Prototyping allows you to experiment with the app flow, so you can improve it before its development. These features are part of the process of improving the software application, making it more visually pleasing, and cheaper through feedback and iteration.


The development stage is when the front-end and the back-end is written. The decision of the development platform, programming stack and coding style all play an important role in determining the cost of mobile development. It is important to hire dedicated developers or work with a reliable mobile development company to create a seamless high-quality application that has all the features expected from the app.

mobile app development cost


The purpose of testing is to validate that the application works properly and its quality criteria are met. This stage includes functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, to name a few. Intensive testing improves application performance, helps to eliminate issues before they exceed the budget, and saves money that would normally be spent on expensive bug fixes.


The app can be made available by publishing it on platforms like App Store and Google Play. The deployment costs consist of app store fees, marketing expenses, and providing the required infrastructure. The appropriate deployment assures the smooth launch of the app, preparing it for a befitting user adoption which, in turn, minimizes mobile app development cost occasioned by post-launch problems or marketing inefficiencies.

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The continuous maintenance includes bug fixes, updates and feature additions. Regular maintenance is required in order to keep the app functional, and secure to meet the needs of the users. This consequently would be added to the long term mobile phone application development expenses. Frequent updates lead to user satisfaction and company profits, so maintenance is an integral part of this process.

How to Reduce Your Mobile App Development Cost?

how to reduce mobile app development cost

>Define Core Features

Figuring out what features are most important for the app launch saves cost on app development. The first step would be creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just the products the users need and nothing fancy and too expensive. In the further versions or as the app will be updated, more functions can be implemented.

>Choose Cross-Platform Development

The use of cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter or React Native allows developers to write the code once and deploy it on devices running either Android or iOS, saving cost and time. Using this strategy eliminates the need for separate codebases except one, which significantly reduces development and maintenance costs and allows to target a wider audience.

>Outsource Development

Partnering with mobile apps developers or an offshore app development company, which is cheaper than hiring in-house developers, is one of the ways to cut costs. Offshore businesses, especially in low-cost labor countries, can help you save on your investment costs in mobile phone app development.

>Use Ready-Made Solutions

The reuse of already existing solutions and frameworks like authentication, payment gateways or push notifications can considerably reduce the cost of application development in terms of time and money. As they already have proven and reliable functionality, the ready-more solutions eliminate the time-consuming development process and guarantee problems-free functionality, thus reducing total development costs.

>Continuous Testing

Ongoing testing throughout the development period lets us identify problems and address them as they occur, which in turn avoids the expensive rework and makes sure of the quality. From the continuous testing perspective, any bugs found in the application are corrected immediately, which eventually helps to reduce the overall development cost by avoiding the last-minute fixes.

mobile app development cost

In Conclusion

The initial step for the companies and individuals who want to take advantage of the gigantic opportunity that the mobile market gives is to estimate the cost for development of the app. Mobile app development cost is determined by various components that include the level of complexity, platform, design, and maintenance. With a proven track record of delivering the best app development services various mobile app development company in dubai are also looking to reduce the mobile app development cost. By looking at these factors and adopting a systematic way of working, companies will be able to come up with good plans that use their resources wisely.


Q1. What are the common mistakes that cause the mobile app development costs to rise?

ANS. Frequent mistakes happen to include unspecified requirements, bad project management, insufficient testing, and not planning for the post-launch updates.

Q2. How do I pick the best mobile development company?

ANS. Search for businesses with similar expertise, impressive work, and satisfactory feedback from clients. Also, take into account their development approach and communication style.

Q3. To what extent is the maintenance price included in the app development cost?

ANS. The maintenance cost ranges from 15% to 20% of the initial cost annually. This involves keeping the software updated, bug fixes as well as performance improvements.

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