Mobile App Strategies To Grow Customer Loyalty

Mobile App Strategies To Grow Customer Loyalty In 2024

As customers become increasingly demanding and fickle in today’s aggressive and cutthroat marketplace, customer retention becomes even more vital.

Yes, loyalty can be determined by various factors; however, satisfied customers tend to show greater dedication toward brands they’ve had positive experiences with and increase the odds they’ll return again and again. Let’s talk about loyalty! What, How, and Why?

Customer loyalty is one of retailers’ greatest challenges, going far beyond merely attracting and retaining customers. There are various approaches retailers can employ to foster it within their businesses: forging long-term partnerships with their customers, understanding their wants and requirements, and communicating. Customers feel appreciated when they feel valued—make your customers feel this way with loyalty app solutions, and you’ll be ahead of your rivals in this department!

Defining Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty in sales or marketing is the term used to describe customers who have had a positive experience with a business and are inclined to return because of their experience with the company’s brand. It’s the intention and desire of customers to return to purchase products or services from a particular company.

Okay, but what exactly does “customer loyalty” mean?

The concept is closely linked to customer retention, and keeping customers is the main objective of any loyalty program or action. It increases lifetime value, generates profits, and opens up opportunities for the longest time frame.

It’s really simple:

If the experience is positive, customers will be loyal and return to one organization over another, regardless of whether the competitor provides similar services or products. However, things can turn ugly fast when the experience can be improved.

Why Is Building Customer Loyalty Important?

In the business world, customer loyalty is akin to gold. It’s rare, difficult to find, and highly important. Here’s why:

Why Is Building Customer Loyalty Important?

>Spend More

The first and most important thing is that loyal customers perform exactly what you would expect them to do: make repeated purchases, thus increasing your business’s revenue without the additional cost of attracting more customers.

New customers are more expensive than marketers are aware of. Selling new customers costs five to ten percent more than selling an existing customer. Customers who are already customers spend 67% more than customers who are brand new to your company.

Furthermore, when customers build trust in a brand, they’re more likely to select it over competitors, even if it costs a little more. Over 50% of customers are loyal to a company simply due to their preferences, regardless of cost.

>New Customers

Loyal customers don’t just visit your business’s name; they promote your brand. They’re brand ambassadors who extol the virtues of your business, write online reviews, and endorse your products and services to family and friends.

Loyal customers’ impact on their friends is a tiny benefit to your business. More than 80% of customers are influenced by recommendations from friends and family members, more than any other type of advertisement.

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>Valuable Customer Feedback

Your loyal customers are more likely to be concerned about your company’s image and are more likely to give constructive feedback to aid in improving your products or services.

They are the ones who are eager to see your business be successful and will provide you with their opinion on ways to improve the experience for customers. Their opinions can provide useful insight into what is working best for your company but also what doesn’t work and how you can make improvements to satisfy the requirements of your most valued customers.

>Sensitive to Price Changes

If they’re loyal to the brand, they are less likely to be influenced by price fluctuations. They know what they’re getting and are prepared to spend the money.

Price is a crucial aspect in building brand loyalty. Once a customer is an avid customer, you can be sure that they will weather price fluctuations and remain loyal to your company. 59% of American customers say that once they’ve become loyal to a company, they’ll remain committed to it for the rest of their lives, which makes loyal customers a profitable market.

Perks of Customer Loyalty to Businesses

Customer loyalty is crucial for any business, regardless of size. So, let’s explore the wonderful advantages of customer loyalty!

Perks of Customer Loyalty to Businesses

>Reduces Marketing Costs

It’s no secret that it is more expensive to find new customers than to keep loyal ones.

With loyal customers, businesses do not have to invest so much in marketing and can concentrate on delighting their customers and selling them more products.

Additionally, keeping customers loyal is much easier than finding new ones. Businesses are guaranteed to have a steady stream of income and a more enjoyable life.

Don’t forget that customers who are loyal to a business are more likely to refer the business to others, which is beneficial over the long term!

>Generates More Profit

People who have loyal customers are more likely to buy products, services, and upgrades. A study has shown that:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention boosts the company’s earnings by 25 percent to 95 percent!
  • The chances of selling to customers already in the market are much greater than selling to new prospects, 60 % to 70% versus 5 to 20 5 to 20%.
  • Customers who are already customers are more likely to try new products and are more likely to spend on new ones (50 percent instead of 31 percent).

Implementing custom loyalty app development to improve your customers’ loyalty is an effective method of increasing revenues and expanding your business.

>Deeper Relationships with Customers

Inform your clients that you care for them by noting what they need and want. Being good will create better relationships and loyalty over the long haul.

>Increases ROI

Most companies don’t have the funds to find new customers. This is why it’s crucial to establish your customers’ trust and increase your customer base through returning customers.

Customers loyal to you are valuable. In addition to buying the products or services you offer, they’ll be able to spread the word and recommend your business to their family and friends. Customer loyalty can significantly impact the company’s revenues and overall performance.

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>Boosts Customer Lifetime Value

People who have a long-term relationship with businesses are likely to return for purchases, refer friends and family members, and leave positive feedback and reviews.

This could lead to higher sales and lifetime value over time. It also assists businesses in building relationships with their clients and an impression of trust, which could lead to higher sales in the near future.

Customers who are loyal to a company are more likely to remain with it even when competing with better products or deals. This type of loyalty helps companies retain customers and boost their lifetime value.

>Builds Brand Ambassadors

A loyal client base is a great chance to take your company to the next level!

Your customers are your greatest advocates, and they will help you promote your services and products. This is among the most effective ways to invest in your company.

>Returns Valuable Insights

Customer loyalty is an ideal method to gain valuable insight into your customers.

It’s the best method for gaining the most precise image of what your customers like and don’t like and how you can modify your offerings and services to provide them with the most enjoyable experience.

Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to show them you appreciate them!

>Boosts Workplace Morale

Employee loyalty is also a factor in increasing satisfaction. Employees want to work for brands that people love and are committed to. This shows up better on their resumes, and they feel a part of something good.

If there are regular customers, employees are proud of their work, knowing their clients admire the effort they put into it.

This can lead to more effective communication between customers and employees. If customers are loyal to their company, they’ll be more likely to give feedback and suggestions, which could help employees improve their performance.

In the end, rewards app development helps in building a strong corporate culture. When a person is committed to the brand, they are a spokesperson for the company and its principles. This can help create an atmosphere of friendship between employees with those values, beliefs, and objectives.

>Strengthens Employer Brand

Right now, it’s all about a company’s image, and that’s true of job applicants. In today’s highly competitive job market, employers require the most advantages they can.

Imagine two companies seeking the same applicant. One has a base of customers who praise their services, while the other can’t convince any of their customers to keep coming back. Which is more appealing for new hires? We’ll let you decide.

>Better Resistance to Competitors

When customers remain loyal to your company and your brand, you will receive increased customer attention and greater resistance to competition.

Customers who are loyal to your brand tend to stay with your brand and not accept other brands, resulting in greater repeat business and a greater chance to succeed for your business.

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3 R’s of Customer Loyalty

What is the reason why customer loyalty leads to greater profitability for businesses? The answer is to relate to what’s commonly referred to as the three Rs of loyalty to customers.


A relationship with a customer is an ongoing stream of revenue as the client continues to purchase goods. Marketing costs decrease, as do the expenses of actually serving the client, who is familiar with the business’s product offerings and methods of operation.

>Related Sales

The ability to sell new services and products to existing clients earns significant profits. By listening to its customers’ feedback, the innovative company creates new products.

Customers loyal to the company are more likely to buy because the product is specifically designed to meet their requirements and because they trust the business.

Additionally, loyal customers are often less sensitive to price than new customers.


Referrals from positive people are the most efficient marketing method —and they’re free! Growth and profit are contingent on referrals from positive customers.

Top Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

After you’ve mastered the fundamental information about customer loyalty, let’s now look at some of the strategies that you could implement to improve customer loyalty for your company:

Top Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

>Offer Discounts

With the most advanced analytics tools, retailers can offer customers discounts on the products they buy frequently and items that are compatible with previous purchases. Whether for veterans, college students, or seniors, providing a special discount is a fantastic method of identifying (and keeping) certain segments of your customers.

>Promote Rewards Program

There’s a lot to consider when you set up an incentive program, but you can’t think that people will join when they aren’t aware of it. Encourage sales representatives to speak about the program, promote incentives by displaying them in-store, make announcements via email, and so on—there are a variety of ways to promote the program.

>Create a Point System

Today’s loyalty programs allow retailers to offer various reward points for purchases, status levels, and other customer-related features.

Starbucks excels at this by using its mobile application; for every dollar spent, Starbucks rewards you with two stars in the Gold Level. Customers are rewarded at various intervals, 25 to 50, 150, 200, and 400 begins. There is also the possibility of earning bonus stars when you purchase a specific item multiple times on the same day.

Some retailers allow customers to earn points by partnering with businesses. One example is the airline reward program, where customers earn points through restaurants, rental cars, dining out, and other purchases made at certain establishments.

With your CRM system as a base, an experienced solution supplier can assist you in creating an effective loyalty management system tailored to your specific needs.

>Set Up a Subscription Service

A subscription-based plan not only retains customers for a set period of time but also provides incentives that might not be available elsewhere.

For instance, pet-related products provider offers a discount if you enrol in auto shipping. You can decide how often you would like your pet’s products delivered to your house and cancel at any time.

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>Ask for Reviews

Reviews are valuable because they’re genuine testimonials written by real people. If someone isn’t sure whether to purchase from you, you can look through reviews to find out about others’ reviews about your business and then decide to buy from you.

Reviewing your customers is a fantastic method for helping them become loyal customers. It’s also a chance to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors. It is possible to request Google and social media reviews via email and possibly provide an incentive to complete reviews.

Do not forget that if you receive a review from a client, it is your responsibility to respond positively or negatively. It shows you’re attentive to what people say about you and could use their feedback to improve your performance.

>Pay Attention to Social Sentiment

Another method of finding out what people think about your business is to look at social sentiment. As the name suggests, social sentiment is the people’s perception of your company’s brand as expressed through social media.

Social sentiment is an indicator of what you are attracting your customers towards, particularly for younger demographics -for example, Millennials, as well as Gen Z, spend more time online than the previous generations, and as such, they are more likely to be under the influence of social media. The social media world- as well as social media as a whole- can be an effective method of staying abreast of the latest developments and insights into your customers’ opinions, as well as ensuring long-term customer loyalty.

>Use a CRM for Loyalty Management

CRM software allows users to gather and save important customer information like significant milestones, purchases, transaction history, customer service records, and much more in one central area. Retailers can also use analytics to develop infinite rules and designs that allow them to develop reward programs that benefit certain segments of customers and generate sales and loyalty. This will allow you to understand your customers better, personalize their experience, and increase their likelihood of staying loyal to your company.

>Create Loyalty Tiers

It is possible to encourage purchases and provide more rewards by establishing a tiered program for customer loyalty.

The Hilton Honors Rewards Program includes four loyalty levels, each offering more advantages over the previous. Members earn points for every stay, and a certain number of points allows them to move up the loyalty ladder. All levels offer discounts on membership. The higher levels offer exclusive deals such as guaranteed room service for 48 hours and access to executive lounges.

>Make Yourself Available

We’ve already mentioned that customers have a variety of options for contacting you, and it’s vital to ensure that you have someone there to represent your company’s image.

If your customer leaves you a message via Facebook or email, an Instagram message, or a note through your chatbot online, you should have someone to respond quickly. To streamline communication, there should be scripts and a procedure in place to handle every type of interaction, regardless of whether it’s an easy question or a more complex issue.

It is possible to leverage an existing CRM program to aid this accessibility. With an entire view of your customer, the CRM system allows you to know which channels your customers are using and the channels on the social network they prefer, what methods they like to interact with, and so on, ensuring that you’re always available wherever they require.

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>Be Honest

It’s a fact of the human condition. Consider the numerous data breaches a few of the largest companies have had to contend with recently. What we have learned from this is that honesty is the best option.

How would the client feel after discovering the issue if a company failed to correct a minor error in an order or something more severe, such as a data breach? They’re likely unable to maintain trust in the company and would likely inform their family and friends about their negative experiences.

Whatever the issue you face, be transparent with your clients. Moving around with a problem or completely ignoring it isn’t a good way to make people feel comfortable. An easy email acknowledging the issue and explaining how to fix it could be all your customers need to stay loyal.

>Offer Wish Lists

Customers can track their most loved items and create wish lists, an additional aspect many successful loyalty programs have. This allows the customer to keep their list of items they would like to purchase, making it easy to reference for family members and friends planning to buy gifts. It also allows for personalized marketing. Since the data on wish lists is usually stored in the CRM system and accessible, you can access this information to send out in-stock and price reduction alerts and many more.

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The Key Takeaway

A loyal customer base starts with loyalty app development and then finding the most suitable customers. Since you share similar desires, the chances of building a strong connection are greater initially.

The key to long-term sustainability is demonstrating value to the customer while implementing an effective engagement strategy.

Customer loyalty is all about engaging with customers and helping to create relationships with them. It is essential to make every interaction memorable and meaningful.

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There are several options for doing this, but one crucial one is to offer something more than an ordinary product or service.

Your customers should feel loved, and they’re entitled to it. Then, reap the benefits of returning business.

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