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Next generation on-demand app development services

It's no secret that the on-demand app development solutions trend is getting popular. Uber is leading the charge toward an on-demand economy. As a result, the average man's life has become a lot more convenient thanks to the availability of flexible services at the press of a button. People frequently choose on-demand app solutions because they provide the comfort and ease of being able to accomplish anything, at any time, from any location.

With Inventcolabs' assistance, you may establish your own on-demand company and provide your clients more comfort and flexibility by bringing your business to mobile devices. If you're looking for highly scalable, user-friendly on-demand app development services that can be tailored to your specific niche market needs, we've got you covered.

Our Top Notch On-Demand App Development Services

Taxi Booking App Development Services

Do you want to own an on-demand taxi booking application? We steer your company on the right track by providing a comprehensive technology platform for bookings and reservations.

FinTech App Development Services

Inventcolabs uses innovative IT solutions to tackle industry obstacles and increase client loyalty through sophisticated FinTech app development solutions.

Courier & Package Delivery App Services

Give your customers the ease of on-demand pickups and drop-offs using a basic app and advanced tracking and communication tools.

On-Demand Home Services App Development

Using our reliable on-demand application development services for home service, you may connect your business to customers who are in the market to avail such services.

Parking App Development Services

From scheduling a parking space to making valet parking requests such as car pickup and drop-off at the user's preferred location, On-Demand Parking provides a seamless experience.

Laundry App Development Services

Customers may have their laundry picked up, delivered, washed, and ironed at their convenience with Inventcolabs' on-demand laundry application solutions.

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Let Us Help You Refine Your On Demand-Related App Idea And Create A Custom On-demand app Solution That Will Allow You To Stand Out In Today's Competitive Market.

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On-Demand App Development Features

Booking Module

Allow app customers to make a reserving for the service whether a taxi, salon, courier provider or another service. With one easy-step, customers get to book any services as per the demand.

Scheduling a booking/ order

Give customers the choice of scheduling provider as in step with their preferred time and day. They are enabled to time table provider an afternoon or week earlier than via way of means of coming into the date and genuine time.

In-app payments

With a couple of payment methods like internet banking, E-wallets, credit/debit cards, permit customers to pay for the order the usage of safe, speedy and steady charge mode.

On-Demand App Development Features

Ordering on-the-go

With one or easy taps, customers vicinity the order for the preferred sevices or product. Choose from the variety of on-call for services/products, this option allows customers to reserve at the go, filling required detail.

Order tracking

Once customers vicinity the order for the service/product, permit them to tune the order popularity with real-time updates. In fact, customers can test the envisioned arrival time of the service.

Real-time calls and messages

Real-time messaging and contact characteristic makes it smooth for customers and delivery-drivers to speak in case in the event that they have any question or confusion.

Our On-Demand App Development Process

On-demand mobile apps are in high demand, thanks to the ever-evolving digital industry. Therefore, while following both agile and conventional app development methodologies end-to-end, our on-demand delivery app development company provides customized services to clients. Our whole development process, from conceptualization to launch, is done in-house, ensuring that all of your data is safe.

Understanding Your Requirements

In order to turn your business idea into the best possible technological solution, our business analysts have the necessary experience and training. We will work directly with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business and your users in order to develop an app that meets their requirements.

Designing the UI&UX

We'll start by creating an "avatar" for your Android app, and then we'll customize it to meet your exact requirements. We have first-hand knowledge of the value of good design and customer satisfaction. A UI isn't good enough if it requires an explanation to its users.


Now, our skilled team of developers will give life to your concept or vision. We build up the database, core logic, and screen behaviors so that you enjoy the most smooth and immersive experience possible.

QA Testing

According to research, customers' discontent with bugs is a common cause of low ranks in app stores. As soon as the app is ready for public use, we will continue testing and fixing any issues that may arise. Even after the launch, we're here to help!


After the application is out, we will not leave you in the lurch. A successful launch on the Google Play and App Store is crucial, but it's the outcomes that really matter. We'll be right there with you, gathering data on the ground and making iterations until we achieve your business objectives together.

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Feature-Rich On-Demand Experience For Users And Your Business

Live GPS Tracking

Users may keep track of their ordered items in real-time thanks to the live tracking tool.

Payment Gateway

Users may choose between debit/credit card, NFC, and mobile payment channels such as Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.


When a product is out of stock or unavailable, users can add it to their wish list.

Push Notification

In-app notifications, SMS, or email alerts are used to notify customers about the progress of their orders or special offers and discounts.

In-App Camera

Direct scanning and uploading of images are made possible via the in-app camera function.

Rating & Reviews

Your app's services and features can be improved by incorporating a feedback system.

Bug-Free Solutions

Performing Quality Assurance (QA) testing on your product before deploying it to app stores ensures that it is free of errors and bugs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Transparency in the product development process through regular and real-time communication with customers about the current state of the project.

IP Protection

Our workstations safeguard your product's IP with high-security standards, preventing it from being breached.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use the SSL certificate to encrypt your on-demand apps, preventing unauthorized access to your data.

Why Choose Inventcolabs For on-demand App Development Services?

Why Choose Inventcolabs For on-demand App Development Services?

Inventcolabs, a renowned on-demand application development solutions company, is well-known for meeting existing corporate demands and offering best-in-class solutions at a competitive price all over the world. Here's why leading companies choose us to create on-demand app for them

Customer Satisfaction

It is our goal to leverage cutting-edge frameworks and technologies in the development of business solutions that are simple to use while still being flexible, secure, and innovative.

Streamlined Method

We use the Agile approach and have frequent scrum meetings to improve our processes and procedures and offer the best possible outcomes.

Teams Committed to the Task

We have a team of on demand app developers who specialize in a wide range of frameworks and technologies, all of which they can use to provide high-quality business solutions.

Transparency and Integrity

We treat your ideas and vision with respect, offer you frequent updates on the project, and take into account your valuable input whenever necessary.

Flexible Business Models

We provide our clients with the option to choose from a variety of engagement and employment options, rather than operating under a set of restrictive limitations.


In order to maintain the lowest prices in our market, we provide the optimal blend of cost-effective rates and incredible quality.

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Frequently asked questions

On-demand service apps act as an intermediary between customers and many types of businesses. Many services may be ordered and delivered in a matter of minutes using an on-demand mobile app.
Connecting with a team of on-demand app developers that have the know-how to provide an effective on-demand solution is a necessary step in the development process. Inventcolabs's developers will be able to assist you in understanding your demands and then turning them into a functional application.
In many cases, on-demand applications are the ideal way to move forward. If you don't have a lot of time or money, on-demand app development services provided by Inventcolabs can take care of everything for you. An on-demand app's efficiency can't be questioned because more than 80% of entrepreneurs are using them to operate their firms.
The on-demand app development cost is dependent on a variety of variables, all of which can be determined only after we have thoroughly examined your company's needs. A free consultation with our staff may help you figure out a general estimate of how much it will cost.
Yes, we give comprehensive documentation for the on-demand apps and solutions we create for your company.
At Inventcolabs, we don't provide white label solutions, which means that all of the applications we design are completely personalized to match your company's image and ethics.
An on-demand app might take anywhere from 3-6 months to get completed, depending on its level of sophistication.
Yes, our customers may use the form to ask questions about any industry they'd like. Our staff will get back to them as soon as possible with a demo after assessing all the shared requirements.
Yes, confidentiality is a key factor in our decision-making process. According to industry standards, we sign a non-disclosure agreement and make every effort to protect sensitive information from being shared with any outsider or third party.
Yes, we offer post-development services, such as technical support and maintenance, for the contracted period to guarantee that on-demand apps function properly and are error-free.
For both individuals and companies, the on-demand economy is a boon. It's the future of fast business since it allows you to personalize the experience for your consumers. Many conventional sectors will benefit from the rise of on-demand applications in the near future.

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