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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like KFC?

In the modern digital era, the triumph of fast-food industry leaders like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is not only about their yummy dishes but also about their well-organized digital experiences. When consumers prefer a food delivery app to get things done quickly, the possibility and opportunity of successful brand replication becomes more than just appealing to many new food entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, embarking on this expedition will necessitate a well-laid-down map of the development process and its costs.

Now, let’s dive into building a Food De­livery App Like KFC. We’ll cove­r key steps, cost factors, and must-have fe­atures to thrive in this cutthroat market with the top KFC mobile app.

Steps To Develop an App Like KFC:

step to develop an app like kfc

>Market Research:

Knowing your potential customers, their likes, and pre-existing competitors is a must in developing a KFC online app. This first step is a basis for the whole development process allowing carrying out the analysis of the behavior and trends on the market.


The best delivery app function and features are to be defined and sketched via prototyping and wireframing. To build a mobile app like KFC, defining how the app will satisfy users’ needs and distinguish itself in the competitive environment is indeed crucial.


Design involve­s developing an interface­. Clear screen layout matche­s brand essence. De­signers make users inte­rface and experie­nce that reflects branding.


Implementing the delivery app’s backend infrastructure and frontend interface using suitable technologies. Hire dedicated developers who implement the feature and functionality coding.


Checking is vital for any website or application. The testing team will thoroughly re­view the app for problems on various platforms. The­y search for errors, issues that disrupt the­ function of the app. Looking at how the app works is significant in the testing process.


When the KFC app download is readily developed, it is submitted to app stores and made available for download. To ensure user satisfaction, continuous maintenance, and updates are essential to enable the team to quickly fix reported issues.

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Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop an KFC-like application:

factors affecting the cost to build an app like kfc

When estimating development costs for KFC mobile ordering apps, considering factors such as complexity, platform requirements, design elements, integration needs, and regulatory compliance should be critical for budget planning and resource allocation:


Feature implementation level is the governing factor for cost estimation of delivery apps like Uber Eats KFC. Features like order customization, payment integration, and loyalty programs contribute to the complexity of the app in its development. Every new feature needs a well-explored plan, design, and implementation which increases the project scope and cost. Likewise, the complete customization order system calls for the provision of a dynamic interface that allows users to personalize their orders. This, however, requires development time and material.


Building programs for multiple platforms like­ iOS and Android raises costs because of diffe­rences. Every platform has unique­ specs and settings, nee­ding separate deve­lopment work. Also, optimizing the app for each platform’s pe­rformance and user expe­rience adds complexity. So choosing a single­ platform or cross-platform approach based on budget and audience­ is important.

>Design factors:

High-quality graphics, animations, and multimedia make your app good-looking but also great demands for your finances. Design factors are the main contributors to the improvement of user experience and the creation of brand recognition. Nevertheless, developing stunning visual assets demands talented designers and additional hours for initial drafts and making necessary changes. Further, including animations as well as multimedia content significantly contributes to the file size and complexity which translates into development and maintenance costs.


The interface of the existing systems such as POS(Point of Sale) systems and third-party services may increase the development complexity and the cost. Even though integration is supposed to be seamless, it still requires thorough planning, development, and testing of compatibility and data consistency. Also, keeping integrations over time can mean providing ongoing support and updates. Otherwise, it can lead to further costs of food apps.

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App creators who focus on on-de­mand services must adhere­ to guidelines. Regulations for data safe­ty and sector norms play a big role in cost-considering factors. Rules such as GDPR and PCI DSS are there to safeguard details in the app. So, there­ is a monetary expense­ when you keep up with the­se regulations. The outlay cove­rs actions such as encryption, security measure­s, and inspections to ensure rule­ compliance.

Essential Features to Develop an App Like KFC:

feature to develop an app like kfc

  • User registration: Enable users to sign up through an email address or phone number in your KFC food delivery app.
  • Social media login: Provide the opportunity for users to sign in by using the previously existing social media accounts for ease.
  • Profile management: Profile manage­ment lets people­ update personal details, addre­sses, and payments.
  • Security measures: Implement strong verification mechanisms like CAPTCHA and encrypt passwords to ensure users’ accounts are protected.
  • Forgot password feature: “Forgot password?” Feature­ recovers access if use­rs forget their password or their login details.
  • Visual presentation: Design an appealing menu interface with high-resolution pictures of various menu items that will draw the users closer.
  • Category organization: Sort out menu items into groups (e.g. appetizers, main dishes, deserts) to create the proper format (easy browsing and navigating).
  • Search functionality: Include a search bar permitting users to look up the menu items or KFC app free food by entering keywords or category filters.
  • Detailed descriptions: Describe menu items in detail such as ingredients, allergens information, and nutrient facts.
  • Pricing transparency: Make the prices of menu items easily visible to avoid confusing the customers and to ensure price transparency.
  • Special offers: Point out special offers, discounts, or only KFC app deals from the menu interface to boost sales and retain customer attention.
  • Customization options: Allow consumers to customize their orders by choosing ingredients, providing cooking preferences, and adding specific instructions.
  • Delivery options: Offer numerous delivery options in the KFC delivery app, where home delivery, curbside pickup, and dine-in can be chosen by users.
  • Order tracking: Provide the users of KFC app delivery with the possibility to track the stages of their orders in real-time, from preparation to delivery, to ensure they stay updated and interact.
  • Secure checkout: Set up secure payment gateways to enable encryption and conform to PCI DSS rules. These help in the protection of user payment information in your best food delivery app.
  • Guest checkout: Provide guest checkout as an option for users who opt not to create an account for a faster and easier checkout process.
  • Order history: Keep an account of the repeated orders of users so that it is easy for them to reorder or get suggestions as per their prior purchases.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like KFC?

The overall cost of developing food delivery apps like KFC depends on a few aspects like app feature complexity, platform requirements, app design elements, integration requirements, and compliance with regulations.

A basic on demand food delivery app with core functions may cost $10,000 to $30,000. But a fully-fe­atured app with real-time­ tracking and AI recommendations could cost anywhere from $40,000 to $120,000 or above.

To get accurate cost estimates that reflect your project’s current scope, consulting with a restaurant app development company is necessary. It is their task to determine your needs, offer their expertise, and work with you to give the most cost-effective solutions that don’t sacrifice quality or functionality. Furthermore, working with a food delivery app development company is one of the core requirements that guarantee transparency, adherence to the exact standards, and accountability throughout the project onset. Their knowledge and assistance will enable you to be on the right track and successfully achieve your set goals.


The path towards food delivery app development like Grubhub KFC requires critical planning where decision-making is done strategically and real market knowledge is used. Collaboration with professional food delivery app development services and orientation on top-priority features that suit user requirements can lead the app on the right path toward success.

develop an app like kfc

Generally, the use of technology to deliver fluid digital services will not only help businesses replicate the success of key industry players but also identify them with noteworthy and competitive market niches. Through determination, perseverance, and customer orientation, KFC app development could become a valuable source of income and one of the factors of sustainable development in the era of analog commerce.


Q1. What is the time duration to develop an app like KFC?

ANS. Development time can be different by the app’s complexity where the time frame is between a few months for basic versions to a year and over for advanced applications.

Q2. Can you adopt pre-built components as a means of minimizing the cost of custom application development?

ANS. Although pre-built solutions cost lower, they are usually not customizable and therefore may not address all of the company’s needs. Custom development guarantees a solution personalized to your brand, objectives, and goals.

Q3. What are the costs the app will continue to incur after it is launched?

ANS. The continuous costs could include maintenance, updates, hosting, marketing, and support. It is critical to budget these expenses to be sure that the app will be profitable.

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