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How to Develop Bike Locker App – Complete Guide

“Breaking News! Another bike was stolen!”

In the U.S., a bike is stolen every 30 seconds, which accounts for around $350 million annually. Cycling Industry News article on bike theft reports that 7% of the population quit cycling because of a stolen bike. It is a big shock to the USD 59.33 billion – 2021 industry that is still growing at a CAGR rate of 8.2% (Source: Grand View Research).

So, what is the feasible solution for protecting bikes?

When the conventional wire locks are not enough people are constantly worried about the bikes, and then there arises a need for something that is more electronically enabled and provides a better environment for the bikes to stay safe. Bike Locker App is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows people to store and lock their bikes at different stations, unlike rail locks. These bike parking apps are created with a docking station that can be completely secure within the locker. 

What is a Bike Locker App?

A bike locker app can be defined through multiple segment needs. Some of the customers would say that it is an application that can remotely control the locking mechanism for the application, while others might define it as a locker for a bike to keep in at different places. Thus, you cannot define it from a standard point of view.

On the other hand, you can get a better idea if you categorize it according to the needs of the customers. It can be a bike parking application that provides the customers intrinsic control of the hot spots for parking their bikes, high visibility options, and other personalized solutions for locking and safekeeping. Or, you can say that it is a dedicated comprehensive bike service app that has locker capabilities for safe storage of the bike, and easy tracking of it.

In the bicycle parking industry of today, the application has a fluid meaning to it and can point to different types of applications. It is more about the demand and supply reference that would define the term for your business as well.

But how can you create a Bike Locker application similar to the Pedalocker for your brand? Let’s dive right into it.

What is a Pedalocker?

What is Pedalocker?

Pedalocker is an application and an innovative solution for bike locking that provides a smart locker solution. It allows anyone to access a locker in a selected area to securely store the bike. The application connects you and navigates you to the nearest station for your bike. It further provides access through a pin code and offers booking solutions as well. 

The innovative and inclusive application is a presentation of cutting-edge technology that brings a highly integrated solution to life. In addition, the brand offers a unique design for storage as well. The vertical storage facility offers better space efficiency and fewer chances of damage. The decrease in the damage is due to the fact that the stability quotient is much higher in the vertical storage options. 

Moreover, the application by the brand is an interactive and intuitive solution that brings ease of use and navigation for the users. The design and the walkthrough process of setting up are quick and hassle-free. Thus, people love the application over the market competition. However, if you want to develop an app like it for your own brand with some unique ideas, then you should probably understand the application’s working for general people.

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How does the Bike Locker App Works?

The Bike Locker App works through an integrated system that connects the user to access lockers for keeping and releasing their bikes. These lockers are spread over different locations that the application is capable of navigating the user across the city. It shows the directions to the nearest locker where one can put their bikes.

To Store the Bike

One can either book the locker before or upon reaching the location according to their requirements. One can add the date and time for the storage book to the locker accordingly. 

The app generates a passcode that the user has to put in for unlocking the storage unit.

The vertical storage unit will be opened up where the user needs to put the bike in and lock it by pushing the handle.

To close the cabinet, one needs to push the bike inside deeper for it to automatically close the door.

To Release the Bike

In order to remove the bike from the cabinet, the passcode has to be entered into the locking system which opens the door of the storage unit.

A slight pull of the bike will bring the vertical stand out to its full capacity.

To release the bike from the lock, the user needs to lightly push the handle that will open the lock from the front tire.

One can then remove the bike from the stand and close the door which marks the end process of the bike release.

The billing, invoicing, and payments happen over the application itself and the user can access all their previous, active, and upcoming bookings over there. It ensures that the customer has a detailed list of information to keep a track of for their bikes. The more transparent the information is, the more hassle-free it becomes for everyone. Therefore, Bike Locker application contains all the data under different tabs for the customers to understand the details of their bookings.

In addition to bike storage, Bike Locker App also offers a section to store gears and accessories. It allows users to keep their gears safe and ensure that they never lose their accessories anywhere. Thus, it becomes an all-around solution for the bikers creating a cohesive environment for the biking community.

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Features of Bike Locker App

Bike locker apps are a mighty tool in this modern era and it needs to precisely follow the current and upcoming trends. Therefore, the common features have to be well-integrated in addition to the major features that can make the application worth it for the users. 

If you want to develop a bike locker app at present times with 2023 around the corner, these features are going to be helpful for your creative process. Here is a list of the features that Bike Locker App has and those that people think are important to have in these applications.

Must-Have Features

1.       Simple, Quick, and Easy to Navigate

Navigation is the most basic need of every application. But, it becomes truly crucial in an application that is directed towards convenience and ease of living needs to be very intuitive. Clear navigation tabs and sections are an important part of the bike parking app.

2.        User Login

Dedicated accounts for every user are another feature that will keep this application alive. In other words, you need to provide easy control for every user to keep their account safe. There is going to be tons of information like booking and history and you cannot let the accounts mix and match. 

3.        Interactive Parking Spot Maps

Parking or locker spots are an intrinsic part of this dedicated application. Therefore, you need a google map integration to provide navigation to the users. Interactive features of the spots can make them more appealing and sell-worthy. It gives a unique look to your application as well.

4.        Locker Proximity From Your Desired Location

People want to know what is the closest locker to their preferred location. It gives them a good understanding of the aptness of the application as well as your brand. You can add a one-click feature that will steer them to the nearest locker location from their position. 

5.        Reviews/Comments

People want to know more about the feedback of other users. It is crucial from multiple points of view. It allows you to expand your marketing opportunities, gain loyal customers, and ensure that your services are worth the user’s time and money. 

6.        Map of Available Lockers

Nobody likes trial and error anymore and you cannot let them check out every locker after they get to the locker dock. A map of available lockers in the application itself will allow them to know the availability beforehand and plan out their safekeeping strategy accordingly.

7.         Location Pictures

To make the location accessible, safe, and clear, you can include pictures of the place. It will help the customers to understand whether they find it right for their bike or not. In other words, it will allow the customers to be more alert about the situation in general.

8.         Theft Hotspots

If you can create safe, cautious, and warning popups for the locations then it will be very helpful for the users. The idea is to incorporate as much information about safety as possible. At times, when people are becoming more concerned about privacy, this feature will come as a boon. 

9.          Capacity

Provide more information about the locker station. Let them know that you have a huge capacity for bikes so that they can understand that your company is working extensively in the market to provide more and more safety and parking solutions. Users love this information and your application will become more profound.

10.         Free and Paid Services

If you want to include the free services, then you can list them out, if not, then mention the premium service benefits and the pricing structure as well. It will give them enough information to choose and opt for your services. Today, it is all about options and providing them with the right set of information will bring them closer to your services.

11.      Alerts and Push Notifications

It is one feature that you can never miss out on in the application. Alerts and push notification about the status of the bike, gears and accessories is a must. The alerts option will keep them updated in case of any critical situation and the push notification will notify them about the services, bills, and other important news.

Nice-To-Have Features

1.        Sorting Feature

The sorting feature is a great utility for modern-day users who want to access locations that are nearest to them. Just one recommendation might not be enough, thus, allowing them to use those filters to sort out the locations according to their proximity is a great addition to the application.

2.           Event Parking Stations

In the future, if you want to expand your business and provide services during any event, then this feature can be of amazing value to the application. You can add a special tab for this integrated feature that will give them special access to the parking stations that are nearest to the events happening in the city.

3.          Bike Info Input

Though many brands argue that it is a must-have feature, it really isn’t. You can manufacture standard-sized lockers and create interior sections to fit different-sized bikes. However, if you want to make the application seamless, then you can add this feature for the users to put down their bike information like size, type, nickname, and so on. You can further provide them with specialized knowledge based upon that information.

4.          Video Surveillance

Creating a high-performance app requires top-grade features and video surveillance is one of them. It offers added security, customer satisfaction, and better operability. However, it does come with a price, you do need to expand your budget to incorporate a feature like this one but indeed it is worth it for your company.

5.          Charging Capabilities

A feature that you can add to your locker station is the charging capabilities inside the locker. In addition, you can allow the customers to control the charging capabilities remotely through the application itself. It will increase the worth of the app and station entirely.

6.          Bike registration with the App (How-To Guide)

Offering them the app is not enough, you need to tell them how to use it to th

eir advantage. Include a how-to guide in the application to let them know how easy it is for them to use the app for their purposes. The objective is to make their life easier and safe too. 

Future of Bike Locker App

In an article called ‘the power of bicycle parking,’ Transportation Alternatives talks about the serious disadvantage of bike parking space. They mention that there is more than one free parking spot for a car while there is just one bike parking space for 116 bikes. This huge difference in parking spots is giving rise to the market of bike locker applications, docks, stations, and spaces. 

What has worsened the situation for bikers around the world is the increasing theft of bikes. Thus, safety options are transforming into an important industry for companies. If you are seeking a market that can offer you low competition and a high customer base, then a bike locker app can bring those opportunities to you. 

As the bicycle market increases, so will the need for highly secure and state-of-the-art parking facilities will increase too. Thus, it is safe to say that the market is indeed ripe for you to invest in and reap the benefits of becoming an innovative brand in the industry.

How to Build a Bike Locker App Like Pedalocker?

Creating a Bike Locker app like Pedalocker requires a highly experienced and expert team of professionals who are aces in their respective fields. You need to start with research and steadily work your way toward testing and launching the app. It is a long process and you need to invest hours into it. Anyway, let’s get into the process.


Research the needs of the industry, and customer requirements and understand what the issue that you can resolve is. To make it clearer, divide the process of research into

1. Surveys: learn about the general requirements of the bikers through a survey report. You can use a team or work on it at an individual level. Surveys will help you get the data in bulk.

2. Polls: use the survey to create polls that will in turn narrow down the needs to specific requirements. Social media can be used for this purpose.

3. Personal Questionnaires: for the extra requirements in the area, sit with a set of questionnaires to hit it with the cyclists discussing their problems and effective solutions for them.

This stage of the app-building process requires you to understand what the industry really requires and what new things you can add to make the lives of people easier. In other words, what will be the unique selling point of your application and which community are you going to target with it?


Sit with the design team to understand how the application should look like. Wireframing is the stage of experimentation where you can test out how the application framework will look like. The features and its navigation.

Finalize the design that appeals the most and works like butter. The layout is one of the most essential parts of the application because your customers are the ones who are going to interact with your application on these pages. Thus, ensure you take as much time as you need in this process.

Backend Development

Here is where the hardcore work begins. You can hire dedicated developers to start the application-building process from scratch. In addition, you need to tell your team about the features they have to incorporate into the bike locker app. The backend development is the part where all the intricate process happens. Thus make sure that you choose the right people for the job. You can also opt for a full-house mobile app development company that can bring your application to life.

Frontend Development

After the functioning of the application is completed, the front end comes into play. It is where the designs, concepts and wireframes will be used in real life. The frontend development is not as critical as the backend but it is still a pivotal part of your application. It is because of the fact that the customers will be interacting with your application in the front end of the app. Ensure that the hi-fi wireframes are correctly incorporated and are ready to go before you start with the launching and the marketing.

Launch the App

After the development process, all you are left with is the launch of the application in the real-life market. Take your application to the customers and start noting the metrics from your application. In addition, you need to keep a keen eye on feedback, reviews, and ratings of your application. It is crucial for further changes and upgradation of the application.

Updates and Maintenance

The launch of the application marks the beginning of your journey towards marketing. Updates and maintenance of the application are lingering parts of the process. The new trend changes in the market or the news updates are some of the aspects that you need to keep in the back of your mind all the time. 

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How much does it cost to develop a Bike Locker App like Pedalocker?

The costs of development vary from region to region as well as the experience and expertise of the developer. You might encounter freelance developers who have a low hourly price but beware the quality you will get will also be sub-par. The prices that typically offer a top-grade solution for your app development requirement are penned below.

Region Rate
India $25 – $45 per hour
Australia $70 – $110 per hour
North America $80 – $150 per hour
Western Europe $60 – $130 per hour
Easter Europe $55- $95 per hour

These are the general charges according to the bike locker app development company’s region of origin and operation. Other than the conventional development of the application itself, you have to integrate the industry-leading features into the app. The preliminary and crucial features may need around 500 hours of development. On the other hand, specific features for bike locker app development require specific time frames like geolocation tagging requires 24+ hours, push notifications require 15+ hours, and so on.

To Conclude

So, this marks the end of the complete guide for creating a bike locker application for yourself. Now, it is safe to say that the massive market of bikes needs more and more locker parking systems. It is a solution for parking as well as safeguarding the bikes from theft. 

If you have an idea that can revolutionize the security of bikes and reduce the need for bike parking, then you should work on it right away seeking help from a bike locker app development services company. The biker community needs you now more than ever before. And the best part of it all, you already have a market to expand your business. Are you ready for the ride?


Q 1. How can I monetize the application?

Ans. There are multiple options you can use depending on your business model. Premium application download options, subscription plans, charges for additional features, and in-app purchases are some of the most common methods of monetization.

Q 2. Is it worth investing in the Bike Locker Application in 2023?

Ans. Of course yes, the biker market is expanding at a CAGR of 8.2% every year and it is already a huge marketplace. And to top it all there is a scarcity of parking solutions for bikes even in the most developed cities. Thus, a bike locker application can create multiple opportunities for you to yield benefits and at the same time offer better security to the customers.

Q 3. How much time will it possibly take to complete the development of the application?

Ans. The typical basic application can be created in an average of 2,200 hours. However, integrating specific features along with the basic ones will require additional time. Every feature has its unique requirement which increases the overall time required accordingly. 

Q 4. Why choose Appinop for Bike Locker App development?

Ans. Appinop has enormous years of broad experience in addition to a team of highly proficient and expert professionals. With a dedicated team, you will find it easier for you to get the app developed. Furthermore, you get a full in-house team that will not only provide you with a transparent solution but will also provide you with regular updates about the project.

Q 4. Can the users check the availability of lockers and pre-book them?

Ans. Yes, there are features that can provide the customers with specific information about the lockers’ availability and pre-booking option as well. They will get an integrated passcode generated for the locker that they can use when they reach the station. It will ensure that the customers are getting the right service in a hassle-free manner.

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