Top Reasons To Have A Mobile App For Your Business

For a business to attain enormous success, it requires a continuously growing client base. With new companies appearing out there every day to compete, it is not that easy a task. And owing to the fierce competition, organizations need to look for ways to enhance customer experience constantly. Mobile apps can offer immense help in attaining this goal. After all, mobile phones and their charm among people are known to everyone. Today people can hardly go ahead with their daily routine without the help of their mobile apps, and many apps are present there to make life easy for them.

Today people spend a large part of their lives moving between apps, and the more relatable and engaging the app content is, the more time users are likely to spend on them. A few research reports from 2019 suggest that more than 72% of the internet comes from mobile devices, and in the coming times, the number is only going to rise. In case you don’t know why your business needs a mobile app then read this blog. Here I will explain the top reasons to have a mobile app for your business.

What Is The Mobile App Market Size?

Over the last decade, we registered a substantial rise in the usage of smartphones, and a survey reveals that more than 68 percent population of the United States owns a smartphone. Mobile devices are referred to as smart due to the host of mobile apps. A common phrase says, “There is an app for that!” because now these mobile apps serve almost every business purpose.

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Around 81% of mobile device users look for a product or service online, and about 26% of them look for apps to find that particular product. So, it can be favorable for your business to have an online presence via the website or an app, as it leaves an excellent first impression.

Often, small businesses wonder whether even they need a mobile app to sell their products and services to their customers. If you want to be future-ready, you should waste no time and start your business’s mobile app development process today. You can contact a reputed mobile app development company offering iOS and Android app development services and hiring mobile app developers to get started. Most companies allow hiring Android App Developers and iPhone App developers to assist a business in creating its journey as an app business. Businesses across the globe have already started to migrate to mobile apps; regardless of whether your business is a B2B or B2C, having a mobile application is necessary. Mobile apps enable businesses to operate smoothly and offer convenience.

The total number of mobile apps downloaded in 2018 was 205.4 billion, and the figure has increased to 258.2 billion by 2022. These figures depict how customers are embracing the concept of mobile apps.

Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Business

Here we discuss reasons why to consider mobile app development as an integral part of your business plan:

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Increased Visibility

Statistics suggest that average Americans spend around 3 hours & 43 minutes on mobile devices. Even though they are spending the bulk of their time on a few apps, it doesn’t alter that each user requires unlocking, scrolling, and scanning their devices for apps they are searching for. And this, in a way, can be advantageous for your business, as our minds subconsciously record every image & text and even a well-crafted app icon it comes across.

Create Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps serve several functions they can offer general information, booking forms, prices, user accounts, search functionalities, news feeds, messengers, & much more. Mobile apps can benefit your business as they allow you to offer all information you desire to reach your customers, like promotions, coupons, and special offers, instantly via alerts & push notifications. You can use your app to remind customers regarding products & services whenever there is a need.

Include Loyalty Programs

If your business works with the motto “Once a customer, always a customer,” it is undoubtedly on the right path. You create customer and brand loyalty by retaining existing customers and giving them reasons to keep coming back to your app. Your business’ mobile app version facilitates and manages customer retention. When your business allots reward points to customers after every purchase via the app, it builds a sense of achievement in the users.

It inspires them to make more purchases in the future via the same app to get more points and use them to unlock other services. These unlockable services can be free delivery services, coupon codes, discounted prices, etc., that can be retrieved on the next purchase.

Mobile apps are even instrumental in influencing customers to invite their family & friends to install the app by offering desirable benefits to both parties. It results in a rapid increase in your customer base. Likewise, businesses can provide offers & additional benefits to customers approaching via mobile apps. It prompts customers to access your business via their respective mobile apps. Branded apps help in maintaining a give-and-take relationship with customers.

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Lesser Expenses

Mobile apps primarily help cut down costs businesses typically incur for brand promotion. It eliminates the business’ need to set an extra budget to print posters, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and billboards to be distributed to the target audience. There is a need to hire agencies to effectively distribute these physical materials, which is an added expense for the business. Instead, mobile app development firms use chatbots, push notifications, update notifications, pop-up messages, keyword assistance, etc., to spread promotional news.

Increased Customer Engagement

Whether you sell grocery or salon services, your customers need a way to reach you. A messaging feature integrated into the app can transform how you communicate with customers. Instead of calling the salon to book a beauty session, the app allows customers to book services directly from the app. After all, customers usually prefer to communicate via text instead of a phone.

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Building Brand Image

Marketing helps communicate and spread business across multiple demographics. It is vital to offer adept, adequate, quality services and maintain a market presence to build a brand image. This presence is majorly dependent on the availability & reachability of your organization. And mobile apps offer businesses just that by being available to the customers on their fingerprints and hence contribute to building brand image.

Get Customer Insights

Any business needs to know customer behaviors, sketch out their personas, and request feedback. However, this part of the business is considered time-consuming and tedious hence it must get eluded, or the company is required to make explicit efforts to get this done. However, mobile apps compile this feedback regularly; therefore, businesses can easily acquire customers’ search patterns, particular requirements, & feedback from a single avenue. When further combined with Machine Learning, apps can offer predictive analytics on a broader level of where the market is heading. It can suggest recommendations to clients based on their search patterns personally. All in all, these mobile apps are a robust tool for collecting end-user behaviors & trends.

Enhanced Customer Service

Every customer desires a prompt response to their queries and quick service. However, over helpdesks, call centers, or websites, the communication cycle gets extended, and efforts to reach the organization are usually driven from the customer’s end. Mobile apps are instrumental in considerably reducing this delay. Mobile app usage allows customers to connect with assistants and get a response to queries instantly. Moreover, based on FAQs of businesses, these processes are easily automated with Chatbots. Chatbots are communication apps that mimic a human while interacting with clients to resolve their queries. Mobile apps acting as helpdesk assistance offer better customer services by providing instant problem resolutions.

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How Can Your Business Suffer In The Absence Of A Mobile App?

If your business strategies still lack a mobile app, you are missing out on many users. Android and iOS app development are a vital part of growth strategies for businesses in 2022, and there are more than 50,000 popular brands that use mobile apps to target customers. Hence, it is not ideal to delay the decision to hire a mobile app development company or to hire Android app developer or an iOS developer for your business. If you look at your competitors, you will see that many of them are already using mobile app development services to grow their mobile user base and interact with their customers effectively. Below are a few outcomes of not having a mobile app for your business.

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  • Your business will fail to establish a global business
  • Your business will be unable to survive the cut-throat competition
  • Your business cannot effectively engage the customers
  • Your business fails to target more than 3 billion users
  • Your business cannot attain significant growth this way
  • Your business fails to gain a reputation as a modern business

Hence, your business must get Android App development services and iOS app development services from a reputed mobile app development company to climb the ladder.

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